Limited company EXNOA A raid event “Anonymous Chase” will be held to receive a new unit “Trekking Hill L ilya Karelina” from “Grisaia Battlefield Barcarole”! “Trekking Hill Irisu Makina” Pickup Gacha Appears!

A raid event “Anonymous Chase” where you can get a new unit “Trekking Hill Lilya Karelina” from “Grisaia Battlefield Barcarole” will be held! “Trekking Hill Irisu Makina” Pickup Gacha Appears!

DMM GAMES operated by joint company EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL: is a full-fledged scenario RPG “Grisaia Battlefield Barcarole” with swirling conspiracies. We would like to inform you that a new raid event will be held from today.
■ Raid event “Anonymous Chase” is held!
[Image 1

▼Holding period
November 17, 2022 (Thursday) after maintenance to November 24, 2022 (Thursday) 16:00
The raid event “Anonymous Chase” will be held! Defeat the powerful boss in cooperative play and get the event-exclusive unit “Trekking Hill Lilya Karelina”!
By forming the following units into your party, you will increase the amount of “Large Beast Subjugation Proof” that can be obtained in battle.
▼ Bonus target unit
・★5 Trekking Hill Irisu Makina
・★5 Trekking Hill Lilya Karelina
・ 4 Slash Knight Irisu Makina
There is also an event-limited scenario where they are active and can only be read here, so please join us!
■ New unit appeared! ★ 5 Trekking Hill Irisu Makina pick-up gacha held! [Image 2

▼Holding period
November 17, 2022 (Thursday) after maintenance to November 24, 2022 (Thursday) 16:00
To commemorate the raid event, “Trekking Hill Irisu Makina” will appear in the commemorative pick-up gacha!
Makina’s new outfit is a flame healer type! While recovering the entire party, greatly power up the members of the fire attribute! In addition, the “New Unit Training Special Pack [Fire]”, which includes the unit cores of “Trekking Hill Irisu Makina” and items necessary for various training, is also on sale at the shop, so please purchase it.
▼ Pickup new unit
・Trekking Hill Irisu Makina
・★5 / Fire attribute / Healer
[Image 3

■ [Limited to one time! ] Raid event support step-up gacha held! [Image 4d32953-3762-25367cdacdc7a3c8d69e-4.jpg&s3=32953-3762-57d5b2c142b262854223c24a7ff53124-720x490.jpg
From November 17th, a raid event support step-up gacha is being held where you can get two guaranteed ★5 units, and one of them can be selected as a ★5 fire unit!
Let’s challenge the challenge battle with the fire attribute unit that will be advantageous in the raid event!
■ What is “Grisaia Battlefield Barcarole”?
The stage of adventure is the all-sensory VRMMO game “PANDORA”, which is rumored to be “any wish will come true if you clear it”.
Why was PANDORA created?
What is the shocking truth that Yuji and the others witness at the end of the battle against an unprecedented gigantic “threat”?
Once again, the great evil begins to move――
The latest work of the Grisaia series presented by the Grisaia series staff! A new Grisaia following fruit, labyrinth, and paradise, starting! [Image 5d32953-3762-572e6f6d5cd6d90da58b-5.jpg&s3=32953-3762-bc3562baf5aa856a80f3768a0c5ad9ee-640x480.jpg
[Image 6d32953-3762-98198e8c2c9b02d04412-6.jpg&s3=32953-3762-c43e0bd1b090e73b90e9fb02cd12cd9c-640x480.jpg
[Image 7d32953-3762-2ddf8ffa8cd76e14cda8-7.jpg&s3=32953-3762-f9c234ffb0a0250449958a9bd701706d-640x480.jpg
[Image 8d32953-3762-8252e68159b88ec5ff08-8.jpg&s3=32953-3762-045c33898f75a84fdffc5a9b2b41305c-640x480.jpg
[Image 9d32953-3762-cdf7b24a85d3166e4254-9.jpg&s3=32953-3762-78ac3178ef2c8b5dfbca64965077d807-640x480.jpg
■ What is the “Grisaia” series?
A general term for the series that continues from “Fruit of Grisaia”, which was announced as the 10th anniversary work of the Front Wing brand.
Among them, the so-called Grisaia trilogy in which the heroines appearing in this work are active.
“The Fruit of Grisaia”, “The Labyrinth of Grisaia”, which depicts the story of each heroine and the fierce past of the main character, and “Grisaia’s Paradise”, a solution edition that collects unsolved mysteries, became a big topic.
As for consumer game titles, we have partnered with Prototype to develop mainly for Nintendo Switch and PS Vita.
Akio Watanabe, who is familiar with the “Bakemonogatari” series, and Fumio, who is also a signboard artist, are appointed as character designs and original drawings with double names, and “Ryuta Fujisaki”, “Nachi Kio”, and “Yuichi Kuwashima”. A team of talented writers such as “Kazuya” and “Eiji Narumi” gathered together to write a heavy and dense story that was well received immediately after its release and quickly became popular around the world.
With industry-leading visuals and a thick scenario where you can even feel the characters breathing, this series succeeded in giving the heroines a realistic life. It is one of the series that represents the front wing.
■ Game overview
Title: “Grisaia Battlefield Barcarole”
Genre: Conspiracy swirling full-scale scenario RPG
Platform: PC (browser version)
Usage fee: Basic free play (with in-game charges)
Check the latest information on Twitter!
We will deliver the latest information from this official account. “Grisaia Battlefield Barcarole” Official Website:
“Grisaia Battlefield Barcarole” Official Twitter:
Details about this release:


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