Limited company EXNOA DMM GAMES tower defense game “Monster Musume TD-I’m in trouble because I’m doted on by Monmusumes on an isolated island in the sea” The 3rd official live broadcast will be held!

DMM GAMES Tower defense game “Monster Musume TD-I’m in trouble because I’m doted on by monster girls on an isolated island in the distant sea-” The 3rd official live broadcast will be held!

DMM GAMES operated by joint company EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL: is a tower defense game “Monster Musume TD-I am an isolated island in the sea. I’m in trouble because I’m doted on by monster girls ~ (hereinafter “Monster Musume TD”)”, the third official live broadcast “Monster Musume TV vol.3 Winter Official Live Broadcast SP” will be held on December 9, 2022 ( We have decided to hold it on Friday.
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[The 3rd official live broadcast will be held! ]
The third official live broadcast of “Monster Musume TD” has been decided. Following the 1st and 2nd MC, American crayfish Yoshiyuki Hirai is in charge. The assistant will be Vivivace, also known as “3D Bibi God”, and the guest will be cosplayer Saki Miyamoto, who will be cosplaying as Monster Musume. Furthermore, as the representative of the “Monster Musume TD” management team, Hase-P will participate again this time as the voice of Heaven.
In addition to delivering the latest information on the game, the program will be full of questions from users, game challenges with rewards, and more. In addition, we have prepared a “special event notice” that will be released for the first time in this live broadcast. Do not miss!
[Program name]
Monster Musume TV vol.3 Winter Official Live SP
December 9, 2022 (Friday) 20:00-
[Distribution media]
niconico live
YouTube Live
▼ Nico Nico Channel
▼ Monster Musume TD Official Channel
* Detailed information on the program viewing page will be announced on the official Twitter etc. at a later date.
MC: Yoshiyuki Hirai (American crayfish)
Assistant: Vivivace
Guest: Ayaki Miyamoto
Voice of Heaven: Hase P (“Monster Musume TD” Producer)
* Regarding this distribution, in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, we will take measures to avoid the risk of infection in consideration of the health of the performers and staff. Also, depending on the situation, the content of the broadcast may be changed or canceled. Thank you in advance for your understanding. ▼Yoshiyuki Hirai (American crayfish)
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▼Ayaki Miyamoto
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[“Monster Musume TD” user survey conducted! ]
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We will conduct a user survey on “Monster Musume TD”. Some of the responses to this questionnaire will be released on the official live broadcast on Friday, December 9th. Please send us your requests for the game, questions about management, and other hot messages. ▼Questionnaire page [Recruitment period: November 18, 2022 (Friday) to November 23, 2022 (Wednesday) 23:59]
[Premium Dungeon Additional Commemorative Campaign]
After the maintenance on November 14, 2022 (Monday), “Premium 8” has been added to the Premium Dungeon in Dungeon Defense. To commemorate this, we are holding a “Premium Dungeon Addition Commemorative Campaign”.
[Holding period: November 14, 2022 (Monday) after maintenance to November 28 (Monday) maintenance]
■Premium Dungeon Addition Commemorative Login Bonus
Log in for 3 days during the period to receive a total of “Premium Key x 3”! ■Premium Dungeon Additional Commemorative Pack
Special pack products that can be purchased only once during the period will appear in the shop! In this pack, you can not only purchase “Phantom Beast Stone” at a great price, but also get “Premium Key x 20”.
*This pack product may be sold again in the future.
[New costume appearance! ]
A new costume “Maid Outfit” for “[Minotaur Girl] Silva” is now available! This costume is an “X costume” with a limited scenario, and you can enjoy a special story in addition to changing clothes. *X costumes can only be purchased on PC (browser version) or DMM GAMES store (Android) version.
[Sales period: November 14, 2022 (Monday) after maintenance-end date undecided] ・[Minotaur Musume] Silva’s Maid Outfit *X Costume
[Image 6d32953-3766-a10fb295cee2188dbe6e-5.jpg&s3=32953-3766-183128d6b14df07d01631f6640f2c090-600x600.jpg
What is “Monster Musume TD ~I’m in trouble because I’m doted on by monster girls on an isolated island in the distant sea~”
Following “Mist Train Girls ~From the Car Window of the World of Fog~”, the second work by “Creative Team Kuma-san”! “Monster Musume TD” is a tower defense game that even light users can enjoy. A lot of unique and naughty monster girls have appeared, and it is a game that satisfies the character and eroticism, such as punishing human enemies. It’s a flashy and exhilarating tower defense that even light users can enjoy, but it’s also packed with a lot of replay elements, so it’s a work that everyone can enjoy.
[Image 7d32953-3766-29c8871d0c491dc0ee98-6.jpg&s3=32953-3766-61336287985298bcfd7da41f110e5482-713x403.jpg
[Image 8d32953-3766-7ad8b81d77547a942bbe-7.jpg&s3=32953-3766-1c4d735fc2df4dba8c5b2b2631d52eef-713x403.jpg
[Image 9d32953-3766-82fe7b8b2ce4980f67ec-8.jpg&s3=32953-3766-29cfe64e3bfa8c01b8d1904dfaf28147-713x403.jpg
*The screen is under development.
■ What is “Creative Team Kuma-san”?
An IP production team established in 2019, led by Hase-P and other DMM GAMES designers. The “Creative Team Kuma-san” has a large number of well-known illustrators and designers, and creates a system of cooperation with both inside and outside the company to take charge of the overall creative work for various titles of DMM GAMES.
[Image 10d32953-3766-69e7af6c021abae27360-9.jpg&s3=32953-3766-7f0cb9b277c3c31dbe338ccea5eeb601-848x440.jpg
▼Product information
・Title: Monster Musume TD ~I’m Troubled by Being Doted on by Monster Girls on a Solitary Island in the Distant Sea~
・ Genre: Tower Defense RPG
・Platform: PC (browser version) / DMM GAMES Store / App Store / Google Play ・ Sales price: Basic play free (some charges apply)
・ Rights notation: (C) 2021 EXNOA LLC
・ Official website:
・ App Store version: ・Google Play version: ・ Official Twitter:
・ Official channel: *Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Details about this release:

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