Limited company wellty New release chocolate! For Christmas reward gifts. Sustainable low chocolate “wellty chocolate” that is good for beauty, health and the environment will be on sale from November 12th (Sat)

wellty limited liability company
Newly released chocolate! For Christmas reward gifts. Sustainable low chocolate “wellty chocolate” that is good for beauty, health and the environment will be on sale from November 12th (Sat)
-There is a fixed-price plan with a community to make you beautiful both physically and mentally-

Wellty Limited Liability Company (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representatives: Chiharu Deki, Yuko Hirano) will launch “wellty chocolate”, a reward chocolate that focuses on beauty, health and the environment, in 2022. General sales will start on Saturday, November 12th.
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Crowdfunding achieved 536%! Reward chocolate for becoming beautiful Wellty chocolate is raw chocolate that has been roasted to the minimum necessary to maximize the nutrients and enzymes such as vitamins and minerals contained in cacao beans. By using raw honey or date syrup as a sweetener without using emulsifiers, flavorings, dairy products, etc., we aim to create chocolate that is positive for beauty and health. In addition, we use fair trade cacao beans that pay fair wages to cacao farmers. The package box is made from FSC-certified paper that uses 70% recycled paper, making it an environmentally friendly initiative.
In the crowdfunding conducted in June 2022, we achieved 536% of the target amount and received support from 121 people. With everyone’s support, we have made it even more delicious, and we have started selling it at the online shop today, November 12th (Sat). A reward that can be taken in a little time in everyday life. A reward chocolate “wellty chocolate” created with the aim of creating such a chocolate that will make you beautiful both physically and mentally. You can enjoy it as a Christmas present for yourself and your loved ones.
【Product Summary】
Product name: wellty chocolate
Release date: Saturday, November 12, 2022
Online shop:
There is a regular set with a community that makes you beautiful together We want to use wellty chocolate to create an environment and connections that will make you feel beautiful both physically and mentally. Therefore, we will sell not only single items but also regular sets with community. In the community, we will not only deliver food information and mind-up methods that please the body, but also invite guests to seminars and workshops, online and offline exchange meetings, retreat tours, etc. Through connections through wellty chocolate, the number of people who are beautiful both physically and mentally will increase, and we will create an environment where every day can be happy.
[Sales plan]
Regular: 2 piece set, 6 piece set, 10 piece set
2 piece set (4,320 yen (tax included)): With community, 2 out of 6 types will be delivered
Set of 6 (12,312 yen (tax included)): Comes with a community, 5% off every month, 6 to 3 types delivered
Set of 10 (20,520 yen (tax included)): Community included, 5% off every month, 6 to 3 types delivered
Single item: 1 piece (2,160 yen (tax included))
Features of all 6 types of wellty chocolate
[Image 2d102426-4-e450173a8e597438d75d-7.jpg&s3=102426-4-5d805f12d417b18626b90ab3c6f722a2-640x426.jpg
1. uruoi honey
Chocolate made with honey that contains nutrients and enzymes that are sensitive to heat without spoiling. For the topping, we use
raspberries made with the freeze-dried method.
It is a chocolate that allows you to enjoy the change in taste, with the gentle sweetness of honey followed by the sourness of cranberries.

[Image 3d102426-4-81706128e599c95d2bd9-4.jpg&s3=102426-4-cae70c22988157724625d9a631a7b78c-640x426.jpg
2. nagomi -CBD-
CBD-infused chocolate recommended for when you want to take a break or relax. wellty chocolate uses CBD products that are licensed for all items such as manufacturing processes and ingredients.

[Image 4d102426-4-9482735846a862b6f6ca-2.jpg&s3=102426-4-26d595ad1a3d4575ab4c3134619bc850-640x426.jpg
3. kiyoraka ー hemp charcoal ー
Chocolate made with hemp charcoal made by Asaya, which boasts a history of 480 years in Tochigi Prefecture. Hemp has a very strong vitality and does not require pesticides for cultivation, so it is an environmentally friendly plant.
For the topping, we use raw cacao nibs (cocoa beans crushed and peeled) that have been heat-treated to a minimum, and the bitterness of cacao is accented.

[Image 5d102426-4-dffd8a3f5b73eb70ad09-5.jpg&s3=102426-4-151a1437d8bed38be8db2999f22a0910-640x426.jpg
4. totonoi – Bamboo –
Chocolate made with bamboo powder made by processing bamboo from Shizuoka Prefecture. Because it is processed at room temperature, it is possible to take in the nutrients of bamboo without destroying heat-sensitive vitamins and amino acids.

[Image 6d102426-4-3f392288dfee835ef24c-3.jpg&s3=102426-4-834f4b6772ffaf7906723e212f4779ca-640x426.jpg
5. kiso – hemp protein –
Chocolate made with hemp protein powder made only from organic hemp seeds. In addition to protein, it can also supplement essential fatty acids omega 3 and minerals such as iron and zinc, which tend to be deficient.
Organic sprouted nuts are used for toppings.
It is a state-of-the-art nuts that is neither raw nor unglazed. [Image 7d102426-4-e0db25c7504de4b64d8c-6.jpg&s3=102426-4-8e92041cfdd58a9cee3c3c99aee74290-640x426.jpg
6. sakusaku – brown rice puffs and quinoa puffs
Chocolate with a crunchy texture that uses puffs of Sasanishiki (brown rice) grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers from Miyagi Prefecture and puffs made from organic quinoa.
By puffing brown rice as it is, you can take in abundant nutrients such as vitamin B1, which is essential for metabolism of minerals and carbohydrates.
the future we aim for
[Image 8d102426-4-b515cc31965ed28c52c2-1.png&s3=102426-4-1889fdb43293c13cb6750a7f6ad76090-640x513.png
We aim to “increase the number of people who like themselves and create a world full of compassion”. Among them, first of all, I wanted to deliver an opportunity to love myself, so I developed a reward chocolate “wellty chocolate” for becoming beautiful. “It’s wonderful that I choose chocolate packed with nutrients that are good for beauty and health!” “Eating chocolate leads to solving environmental and social problems.” I would like to increase the number of people who love themselves more than now by delivering chocolate that makes me feel that way. By enriching oneself, more people will pay attention to not only their own wealth but also social and environmental problems. 【Company Profile】
・Company name: wellty limited liability company
・Location of head office: 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo ・Representatives: Chiharu Deki, Yuko Hirano
・Business description: Planning and sales of raw chocolate, online salon management
・Established: January 18, 2022
・Company HP:

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