Limited Liability Company Midman Midman releases a new type of 2-on-2 matching app “Apomo”

Midman Limited Liability Company
Midman released a new type of 2-on-2 matching app “Apomo”
Reiwa version of joint party? Matching app to use with friends and colleagues
The limited liability company Midman (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yosuke Uno) has released the industry’s first two-to-two matching app “Apomo”.

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iPhone app: Android app: in preparation
Recently, dating apps have become mainstream, and in a survey, about 40% of people in their 20s and 30s answered that they have used matching apps.
among them
“It’s troublesome to exchange the same messages with many people.” “I’m scared of meeting people I don’t really know.”
“I quit because there were a lot of people just for fun.”
Some people have a negative impression of matching apps, such as. By limiting Apomo to 2-on-2 encounters, we have realized a user experience that combines a “safety feeling” that can be used with people you know well and a “smart encounter” that eliminates the hassle of meeting. did.

First, register your friends and colleagues as partners.
[Image 2d111929-1-3c30fc44c707abe84c1c-1.png&s3=111929-1-ea6c2e8eeb822174f6a0e172a746ac86-728x1471.png
Then find a pair you like.
[Image 3d111929-1-94a65de25209a48f61fe-2.png&s3=111929-1-07f2b0892c413ddfe799fc28a514f7c5-728x1471.png
Once you find it, just enter your desired date and time and place and make an offer.
[Image 4d111929-1-8a4a4ddb0dd9a6071d83-3.png&s3=111929-1-6493d9152c9e43ed05550660b64a4435-728x1471.png
If the offer is accepted by the other party, the meeting will be confirmed on the spot, so all you have to do is decide the detailed meeting place in the message.
Since Apomo is meant to meet on that day, all communication disappears at 6:00 in the morning.

We understand that dating apps are a great system that has created a new standard for dating, but they also have a dark side that encourages sexual activity and illegal commercial activities. Therefore, we will do our best to eliminate the negative parts as the responsibility of the platform.

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