Limited time BMAX I10 Pro, a high-performance 10.1-inch tablet. Get “TC8PFQL9” coupon code, buy for 14490 yen!!

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[Limited time] BMAX I10 Pro, a high-performance 10.1-inch tablet. Get “TC8PFQL9” coupon code, buy for 14490 yen!!
Amazon sale 4,270 yen discount, now get the coupon code “TC8PFQL9”, plus 2,230 yen discount.

↓ Click the link below to get a high-performance tablet with 4GB of memory and UNISOC T310, a 10.1-inch tablet with a 6600mAh
high-capacity battery, and 4G LTE and GPS support. The lowest price is only 14 4 90 yen!! (Heart) 2022/11/08 (22:00) – 2022/11/13 (23:00)
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The BMAX MaxPad I10 Pro is a tablet with a 10.1 inch FHD display. Equipped with UNISOC T310 SoC, it is a high-performance terminal equipped with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, MicroSD card support, SIM card, LTE communication, and GPS. It also has the Technical Conformity Mark and PSE Mark, so you can use it with confidence even in Japan. The price is 20,990 yen (reference price) on Amazon, and 14,490 yen if you apply a coupon from there. It will be a very affordable price. Specifications of BMAX I10 Pro
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In the image above, the UNISOC T310 AnTuTu bench score for the CPU (SoC) is specified as 147,763.
[Table 2: ]

High performance 2.0GHz CPU
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The BMAX I10 Pro tablet is equipped with a UNISOC T310 processor. UNISOC T310 is equipped with one high-performance “A75 (2.0Ghz)” core and three high-efficiency “A55” cores. This achieves both high performance and high power efficiency. It supports AI intelligent acceleration and also features ultra power saving to maximize your enjoyment in powerful learning, entertainment and work.
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Equipped with 4GB of RAM (memory) and 64GB of ROM (high-speed storage), it can be expanded up to 1TB of storage with a TF card. With 64GB of massive storage space, music, photos, movies, the I10 Pro tablet allows you to install everything you want. Stop worrying about running out of memory. At the same time, the i10 Pro also supports a TF card with a capacity of up to 1TB to expand your storage space to meet more needs.
4G LTE SIM+5G Wi-Fi model
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Supports 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, supports high-speed and uninterrupted Wi-Fi dual-band, and has stable communication and high-speed transfer functions. Support TDD+FDD 4G network
call/Internet, also support VoLTE and carrier aggregation to achieve simultaneous access to call and Internet. The smart split screen feature allows you to split the large screen of the i10 Pro into a dual window display. The left and right split screen function quickly improves work efficiency.
6600mAh large capacity battery
[Image 6

BMAX I10 Pro Android11 ​​Tablet PC Equipped with 6600mAh eco-friendly long-term battery, the tablet computer can be used for a long time. Up to 7 hours of use on a single charge. The tablet has a built-in GPS system that can provide more intuitive guidance. Downloading offline maps can help you find your destination, locate your destination, and plan your route when no Wi-Fi signal is available.
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Pricing information
▼Sales information on Amazon
AMAZON sale price: 16,720 yen
Limited time coupon: 2,230 yen [added] 2022/11/08――2022/11/13 Limited Coupon: Please enter the code “JOHL9A83”.
Finally only 14,490 Yen!!
Amazon product link:

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