Limited to 20 people/recruiting participants A startup school will be held to learn from entrepreneurs the power to earn in the region. Full cooperation from the economic magazine “Forbes JAPAN”

Koyu Foundation
[Limited to 20 people/recruiting participants] A startup school will be held to learn from entrepreneurs the power to earn in the region. Full cooperation from the economic magazine “Forbes JAPAN”
The editor-in-chief of Forbes JAPAN, representative of Yamagata Design, and other gorgeous instructors will be on stage, and a total of 7 ultra-practical programs will open. A successful method based on the region

Koyu Regional Development Promotion Organization (Shintomi-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, Representative Director: Junichi Saito, hereinafter referred to as Koyu Foundation) is entitled “Startup School to Learn Earning Power from Entrepreneurs”. In November 2022, we will open a practical business school for those who want to learn about local businesses, such as those who aim to start a business, and those who want to accelerate their own business.
The school will be held seven times until March 2023, and will offer online and offline hybrid practical courses. We are looking for participants with a limit of 20 people.
With the full cooperation of the economic magazine “Forbes JAPAN”, which is known for its annual “Entrepreneur Ranking” and special features such as “Small Giants”, a small but great company rooted in the region, many domestic and overseas business contests are held. Coordinated by Junichi Saito, representative director of the award-winning Koyu Foundation and representative of AGRIST.
We offer a program that combines the three points of “learning earning power,” “meeting friends,” and “continuing to grow” as a mechanism to sustainably accelerate your business.
[Image 1

◆ Gorgeous instructors generously share know-how and support growth through discussions
In addition to Saito, the representative director, the gorgeous lecturers are also attractive. Mr. Masaharu Fujiyoshi, editor-in-chief of Forbes JAPAN, Mr. Daisuke Yamanaka of Yamagata Design, who is challenging local issues and urban development, such as the wooden hotel “SUIDEN TERRASSE” floating in the rice field, from the entertainment field as a job of “planning of words” Kotaro Abe, a copywriter who works while crossing the border even in the social field, will support the growth by generously presenting know-how while thoroughly discussing with the participants. Ms. Yuka Shimada, co-founder of YeeY, who is working to realize well-being management for Japanese companies through corporate management support and personnel consulting, and Ms. Miki Oikawa, President and CEO of POLA Inc., were among the final judges.
Through small-group classes and the formation of a highly
psychologically safe community, you will be able to make friends with whom you can work hard even after graduation. You can relearn again and again with archived videos. In addition to input, we will improve the output power necessary for business growth.
◆Course outline/application
Early bird deadline: Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Application deadline: Sunday, December 18, 2022
◆ Instructors
Representative Director, Koyu Regional Development Promotion Organization / Representative Director, AGRIST Co., Ltd.
Junichi Saito
[Image 2

“Forbes JAPAN” editor-in-chief
Mr. Masaharu Fujiyoshi
[Image 3

Representative Director of Yamagata Design Co., Ltd.
Mr. Daisuke Yamanaka
[Image 4

Mr. Hirotaro Abe
[Image 5

YeeY co-founder
Yuka Shimada
[Image 6

President and Representative Director of POLA INC.
Miki Oikawa
[Image 7

community manager
Koyu Regional Development Promotion Organization Momoko Hidaka (Community Manager and Director)
[Image 8

Mami Onose (Community Manager and Public Relations), Koyu Regional Development Promotion Organization
[Image 9

◆ Program
1st January 11th (Wednesday) 20:00-21:30 Online
Orientation, self-introduction, community building
2nd meeting January 20th (Friday) 20:00-21:30 Scheduled to be held at the Forbes JAPAN office in Tokyo
Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking “Don’t Judge – Ideas have no value” Junichi Saito
3rd February 4th (Sat) – 5th (Sun)
Advanced Case Study: Fieldwork in Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, which was selected as an excellent example of regional revitalization 4th February 16th (Thursday) 19:30-21:30 Online
Planning Copywriting Course Copywriter Kotaro Abe
5th March 2 (Thursday) 19:30-21:30 Online
Branding Overview Mr. Daisuke Yamanaka, President of Yamagata Design 6th March 16th (Thursday) 19:30-21:30 Online
Mutual Criticism & Feedback
7th March 25th (Sat) 13:30-17:00 Scheduled to be held at the Forbes JAPAN office in Tokyo
Final presentation (exchange meeting and social gathering are planned after the end)
guest lecturer
Forbes Japan Editor-in-Chief Masaharu Fujiyoshi
Yuka Shimada, co-founder of YeeY
Miki Oikawa, President and CEO of POLA Inc.
*On-site inspection may be changed or canceled depending on the situation of coronavirus.
*Instructors are subject to change without notice.
The final presentation will be held at the Forbes JAPAN office, and fieldwork will be held in Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture. The final presentation will be held at the Forbes JAPAN office in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Facilitated by Mr. Fujiyoshi, editor-in-chief of Forbes JAPAN, Mr. Shimada, Mr. Oikawa, and Mr. Saito will hold a special talk session, exchange meeting, and social gathering. [Image 10

[Image 12d28395-410-9d6130b60555b2450cd6-14.jpg&s3=28395-410-af44da6c86a152780eb3b1e2af49d921-890x561.jpg
◆ “The region is a blue ocean. It is full of opportunities.” Message from Junichi Saito, Representative Director of Koyu Regional Development Promotion Organization
Our business school emphasizes learning from practitioners. I founded the company by making full use of the “knowledge” and “connections” that I have cultivated through my own experience. We aim to be a super practical school that creates businesses by finding opportunities in complexly intertwined regional issues and converting them into value. You can learn all the elements necessary for business, such as business creation know-how, entrepreneurship, the secrets of business growth, branding, and marketing, and continue to grow with like-minded colleagues.
Now, the region is a blue ocean. In Tokyo, where there are many challengers, many startups can start new initiatives with low hurdles by making use of their own abilities if they choose a rural area as their field.
By repeating the three PDCA cycles of “discovery,” “polishing,” and “dissemination” at high speed, you can create local businesses. However, 90% of people don’t do it, quit at some phase, or just do it once and it’s over. The important thing is to keep improving and repeating these three until you get results. In this course, we will practice this method.
[Image 13d28395-410-0f36fb403cd01b24da34-3.png&s3=28395-410-2d4b7705f3c07dbf0ae87f6f302cd69e-890x789.png
◆ What is Koyu Community Development Promotion Organization (Koyu Foundation)? A regional trading company established in April 2017 by Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, with the aim of realizing a sustainable region. Based on the vision of “the world’s most challenging city”, we earn from branding and product development centered on agricultural products such as 1,000 yen lychee, and reinvest the profits earned in human resource development. In the Shintomicho Furusato Nozei operation, which is our core business, we have recorded a total of 7 billion yen in donations over the five years from 2017 to 2021. It is helpful for improvement.
▶︎Koyu Foundation website
▶︎Koyu Foundation Facebook ▶︎ Shintomi town hometown tax portal site
・Furusato Choice ・Rakuten
・ Furunavi
▶︎ Examples of media coverage
Nikkei Shimbun / Nikkei MJ / Forbes JAPAN / Business Concept / Sotokoto / TURNS / Nihon Agricultural Newspaper / Zenkoku Agricultural Newspaper, etc.

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