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[LINE Research] About 90% of people know about “Black Friday”, more than 30% have used it
LINE Research conducts survey on “Black Friday” targeting men and women nationwide

LINE Corporation operates LINE Research, a research platform dedicated to smartphones, based on the company’s largest active research panel of approximately 6.16 million people in Japan.
LINE Research has recently conducted a survey of men and women across Japan regarding their awareness of Black Friday and their intentions to use it.
*Details of the survey results can be found on LINE Research’s survey media “Research Note”:
*For the graph images in this release, please check the “Press release material download”.
■ The recognition rate of “Black Friday” is about 90%, and more than 30% have used it
I asked if they knew about “Black Friday” and had used it.
Overall, more than 30% of the respondents answered that they “know and have used”, and about 60% answered that they “know but have never used”. It was found that about 90% of people know “Black Friday” regardless of whether they use it or not.
The graph below shows Tableau’s aggregate results* by gender and age group. [Image 1

By gender, the proportion of women who answered that they “know and have used” tends to be slightly higher, and only about 6% of women answered that they “do not know at all.” rice field.
By age group, the percentage of people in their 30s and 40s who answered “I know and have used” was high, in the late 30% range. ■ More than 60% of people have/will want to shop on Black Friday I asked him if he wanted to shop on “Black Friday” this year. Even those who answered that they did not know “Black Friday” were asked to answer after seeing the explanation of “Black Friday”.
Overall, about 10% of the respondents answered that they “plan to shop/already shopped”, and more than 50% answered that they would like to shop if given the chance, for a combined total of more than 60%. has shopped on Black Friday and wants to try it.
On the other hand, the percentage of those who do not intend to use the service, including those who answered “I do not want to shop much” or “I do not want to shop at all”, is just over 10%.
The graph below shows Tableau’s aggregate results* by gender and age group. [Image 2

By gender, women are more likely than men to say they want to shop on Black Friday this year.
By age group, around 70% of people in their teens to 50s answered that they wanted to shop.
In addition, we looked at the usage intention on this year’s “Black Friday” by cross tabulation for each recognition and usage experience. Among those who answered that they “know about and have used” “Black Friday,” less than 30% answered that they “plan to shop/already shopped.” was higher than those who had no experience of using The graph below shows the Tableau aggregation results* for the cross between questions.
[Image 3

* Utilize the web tabulation “Tableau” provided in LINE Research’s light course that allows easy and speedy data analysis and
visualization work column/tableau/ ■ Partial introduction to what you want to buy / what you bought on “Black Friday”
We asked people who have/want to shop on this year’s “Black Friday” what they want/want to buy.
People who “plan to shop/already shopped” answered home appliances, daily necessities, clothes, and Christmas gifts.
Many of those who said, “I would like to shop if I had the chance,” said that they would like daily necessities, food, and cheaper products. There was also a comment that I would like to go to a store that actually carries out Black Friday.
By age group, many respondents in their teens and twenties answered cosmetics, clothing, and sweets. For those in their 30s and 40s, gifts for children, gifts for family members, and home appliances tended to be more common.
[Image 4

LINE Research will continue to conduct various surveys on a regular basis based on one of the largest active survey panels in Japan. [About the survey]
Smartphone web survey targeting LINE users
Survey target: Men and women aged 15 to 69 all over Japan
Implementation period: November 16-17, 2022
Valid collection number: 1,054 samples
*Collected according to the sex and age composition ratio of the market *Numbers in tables/graphs are rounded off to the first or second decimal place, so the total may not add up to 100%, and the same percentage may appear different.
This survey was conducted with LINE Research’s self-type questionnaire “Light Course”.
Light course: [About “LINE Research”]
“LINE Research” is a research platform for the smartphone era with the aim of maximizing business development and marketing activities in companies. Of the approximately 6.16 million active monitors, 50%* are 10 to 29 years old, making it possible to conduct surveys for students and young people with a low appearance rate. In addition, unlike conventional research panels, it is possible to contact people who have little interest in research, so it is possible to collect more general opinions. Since it is delivered by LINE push notification, it is not only easy for users to respond in real time, but it is also possible to conduct surveys effectively by designing a screen that makes it easy to respond on smartphones.
* As of October 2022
“LINE Research” official website:
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