LINE Corporation Pre-registration for the latest work “LINE: Monster Farm” starts today! Einstein Inada & Kawai’s new WEB commercial bursting with love

LINE Corporation
Pre-registration for the latest work “LINE: Monster Farm” starts today! Einstein Inada & Kawai’s new WEB commercial bursting with love To commemorate the start of pre-registration, SNS icons / headers and virtual backgrounds will be distributed free of charge on the official website, and a gift campaign will be held to win an original design Amazon gift card worth 2,000 yen!

LINE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Idezawa) is a monster breeding handled by Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Hisashi Koinuma, hereinafter: Koei Tecmo Games). We are pleased to inform you that pre-registration for the smartphone game app “LINE: Monster Farm”, which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023 as the latest work of the simulation game “Monster Farm”, has started today, November 21 (Monday).
[Image 1

-“LINE: Monster Farm” pre-registration now open-
[LINE Official Account] LINE ID: @line_monsterfarm ( [Official Twitter] @MonsterFarm_L ( “LINE: Monster Farm” is a system that creates monsters by loading music CDs. “Monster Farm” (released in 1997), “Monster Farm” (released in 1997), “Monster Farm” (released in 1997) and “Monster Farm 2” (released in 1999), while adding new elements unique to LINE, such as “Friend Regeneration”, which allows you to regenerate monsters from your LINE friends.
To commemorate the start of pre-registration, new web commercials featuring the comedy duo Einstein, “Ganbare Inadda”, “Cute Yuzu”, and “Ore ga Kawaii” will be released, and Amazon gift cards will be given to 50 people by lottery. We will start a Twitter follow & retweet campaign where you can win 2,000 yen.
In addition, the official website of “LINE: Monster Farm” has also opened today. On the official website, you can see the newly created promotional movie in addition to the free distribution of SNS icons / headers and virtual backgrounds using monsters and in-game
“LINE: Monster Farm”, pre-registration starts today!
From today, November 21st (Monday), pre-registration will start on the official LINE account (@line_monsterfarm) and official Twitter (@MonsterFarm_L) of “LINE: Monster Farm”. As a pre-registration benefit, we will present in-game items to all users according to the number of pre-registrations.
[Pre-registration method]
You can register from either the “LINE Official Account” or “Official Twitter” of “LINE: Monster Farm”.
・LINE official account-LINE ID: @line_monsterfarm ( ・ Official Twitter-@MonsterFarm_L ( [Period] From November 21, 2022 (Monday) to 23:59 the day before the release (the release date will be announced later)
[Pre-registration benefits]
Depending on the number of pre-registered users, all users will receive the following in-game items.
*In-game items will be distributed after release. Contents are subject to change without notice.
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The official website of “LINE: Monster Farm” is now open! Free distribution of new PVs and virtual backgrounds!
The official website of “LINE: Monster Farm” has been opened. On the official website, in addition to free distribution of SNS icons, headers, and virtual backgrounds using monsters and in-game
illustrations, we will release a newly created promotional movie. “LINE: Monster Farm” Official Website: “LINE: Monster Farm” new promotional movie: [Image 3

Commemorating the start of pre-registration! Twitter follow & retweet campaign to win an Amazon gift card!
To commemorate the start of pre-registration, follow the official LINE: Monster Farm Twitter (@MonsterFarm_L) and retweet the campaign tweet, 50 people will be selected by lottery to win a LINE: Monster Farm original design We will hold a Twitter follow & retweet campaign to win an Amazon gift card.
[Holding period] November 21, 2022 (Monday) 12:00 to November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 23:59
【Application method】
(1) Follow “LINE: Monster Farm” official Twitter (@MonsterFarm_L) (2) Retweet the target campaign tweet
・ Official Twitter-@MonsterFarm_L ( 【prize】
“LINE: Monster Farm” original design Amazon gift card worth 2,000 yen…50 people [Image 4

A new WEB commercial featuring the comedy duo Einstein has been released! From November 21st (Monday), the same day as pre-registration, the new WEB CM “Ganbare Inadda”, “Cute Yuzu”, and “I am cuter” featuring the comedy duo Einstein will be released. In the WEB commercial, Einstein’s Naoki Inada and Yuzuru Kawai use the “Friend Regeneration” function to regenerate monsters from each other, naming them “Inadder” and “Yudzu” and enjoying training them. is included. Please enjoy the new WEB CM where you can enjoy a good tempo dialogue like Mr. Inada and Mr. Kawai’s comedy. You can also watch the shooting site and interview videos on LINE GAME’s official YouTube channel from today. [Outline of new WEB CM]
Title: “Ganbare Inadda” “Cute Yuzu” “I’m cuter”
Cast: Einstein (Naoki Inada, Yuzuru Kawai)
Release date: From Monday, November 21, 2022
Video URL:
・Ganbare Inadda:
・Cute Yuzu:
・ I am cuter:
-Go for it Inadda-
[Image 5

-Cute Yuzu-
[Image 6

-I’m cuter than you-
[Image 7

[Shooting episode]
Mr. Inada and Mr. Kawai appeared in costume suits at the shooting site that imagined the dressing room before the performance. The two of them seriously listened to the explanation of the game with
smartphones in hand, but in the actual scene, they showed a harmonious dialogue like a comedy, and the shooting progressed smoothly. During the filming of “Kawaii Yuzu-hen”, Mr. Kawai said, “What kind of monster will be born if I do it from you?” There is also a scene where Mr. Kawai burst out laughing. Also, in an interview, Mr. Inada answered the question, “What would you liken yourself to be a monster?” To. You can see the making-of and interview video of the peaceful shooting scene with laughter from beginning to end and the love of the combination.
[Interview and making video]
・ Making & interview:
・Interview Full Ver.:
[Image 8

[Einstein Interview]
―Please tell us your impressions of the shooting.
Mr. Kawai: The director kindly said, “It was good!” even for a take that was definitely not good. But I had a lot of fun shooting it. Mr. Inada: I had a little trouble making the role, but I think I was able to do a good performance myself.
Kawai: Eh, eh? Making a role? ?
Inada: Noisy (lol) I tried putting various roles into my body Kawai: Eh? Have you tried putting it in your body? Something like “octopus”? What do you mean? (smile)
Mr. Inada: I put myself in the role of “Inada” and let me play in actor mode (laughs)
―If you were to raise monsters regenerated from each other’s LINE accounts, how would you raise them?
Mr. Kawai: I want to seriously raise him so that he doesn’t turn into a crooked monster.
Mr. Inada: If something happens that makes Mr. Kawai angry, he stops feeding him…
Kawai: It’s not good, it’s not good! I want you to enjoy that kind of thing in the virtual world (laughs) purely!
Mr. Inada: Well, maybe I should train a little more…
Mr. Kawai: Well, yeah, I wish I could do it all together (laughs) ―If you were to compare yourself to a monster, what would it be? Mr. Kawai: I say this myself, but as I get older, I get prettier, so I tried doing things like beauty, cooking rice in an earthenware pot, and arranging flowers. .
Inada: Well, I can’t go because of work, so I go to dermatologists, ophthalmologists and chiropractors on my days off, so I guess I’m an “insurance card monster” (laughs).
Kawai: What the hell is that monster! (Laughs) I wish I could put in subtitles. What is “Insurance card monster”? (smile)
Mr. Inada: They give out health insurance cards at random (laughs). Mr. Kawai: Monster thanking the country? (smile)
Mr. Inada: Thank you monster for the country (laughs)
―To everyone watching the CM
Mr. Kawai: I think there are many people of all generations who can start with mobile phones and smartphones, but I think that it is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all generations, so please look forward to the commercials as an entrance to that. I would like to have it.
Mr. Inada: I’m sorry for those who don’t, but please listen! “Hello, don’t be late!”
Kawai: Eh? What are you talking about? What’s not? (smile)
Mr. Inada: Those who don’t have anything to do (laughs) I’m sorry for those who have nothing to do.
Kawai: I tried to concentrate with all my nerves, but I didn’t really understand what it meant (laughs).
Inada: Excuse me, I was too adventurous (laughs).
[Einstein Profile]
[Image 9d1594-4091-1da7a7c9b48d77b12a99-11.jpg&s3=1594-4091-7ce02111dfaf1325641e250c8944b5de-420x315.jpg
Left: Naoki Inada Right: Yuzuru Kawai
A comedy duo formed in April 2011 by Naoki Inada and Yuzuru Kawai. In 2011 and 2014, he won “All That’s Manzai”. A talented comedy duo who have won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize of the 2016 “1st Kamigata Manzai Association Grand Prize” and the 2018 “48th NHK Kamigata Manzai Contest” winner. Currently, he is active in a wide range of fields such as live performances, television, and radio. ■ Features of “LINE: Monster Farm”
(1) The days of nostalgic monster training are revived!
As a rookie breeder, let’s grow unique monsters through training and training and aim for victory in the tournament. If you spoil it too much, it will cheat in training, and if you raise it too strictly, it will run away! As a breeder, you can enjoy breeding your own monster while grasping the aptitude and situation of the monster.
(2) Those monsters appear in the latest graphics!
Monsters raised in “Monster Farm” and “Monster Farm 2” will appear in the latest graphics, and you can enjoy training and battle. In addition, new races will also appear from this work!
(3) New features that appear from this work!
New features will be added, such as a function to send the raised monsters on an expedition to various places, and a battle between breeders in which teams are formed with multiple monsters and compete for promotion.
(4) “Monster regeneration” where monsters are born from LINE friends! As a new playback system unique to LINE, we implemented “friend playback” that creates monsters from the “connections” of LINE friends. By linking your LINE account with the game, “Friend Play” will display your LINE friends in the in-game friends list, and you can play monsters by selecting them. The playback result is not notified to the other party. In addition to LINE friends, characters from the game will appear on the friends list every day, so you can play from there.


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