“Linen Living Tool Award 2022” All 117 items selected by living professionals will be announced in the Janua ry issue of “Linen”!

Takarajimasha Co., Ltd.
“Linen Living Tool Award 2022” All 117 items selected by living professionals will be announced in the January issue of “Linen”!
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Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; president: Seiichi Hasumi) will announce the “Living Tools Award 2022” sponsored by the fashion magazine “Linen” in the January 2023 issue of “Linen” released on November 18, 2022 (Friday).
(*) From the Japan ABC Association magazine publisher report for the first half of 2022 (January to June)
This award is held with the desire to let people know about valuable daily necessities that enrich their lives, and has been selected from the unique perspective of “Linen”, which is not found in conventional hit product rankings. This year, connoisseurs such as cooking researcher Tetsu Kouken and consumer electronics life producer Sally Kanbara and the “Linen” editorial department recommend their own recommended products, “kitchen utensils”, “kitchen appliances”, “cleaning”, ” Grand prize items were decided in six categories: laundry, interior, and home beauty care. Continuing from last year, time-saving items that make household chores such as cooking and cleaning easier, which have increased due to the corona crisis, have become popular again this year. In addition to the grand prize, we introduce a total of 117 items that will make your home time richer and more enjoyable, such as goods that allow you to comfortably work remotely, items recommended for “home drinking”, and tableware that makes you feel better.
Takarajimasha, based on the corporate philosophy of “Make people and society happy and energetic”, makes use of its unique women’s marketing and editorial skills.
We will continue to provide content that will please more people. [Image 2d5069-1671-57c574f992abbefca198-1.png&s3=5069-1671-8ab541ce3c50cbbdc2a1a3ec8a5e5421-1063x418.png
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[Image 4d5069-1671-f417f302b88912664664-3.png&s3=5069-1671-b674ee8f34f45f116693f33ec500aaf4-1040x337.png
[Image 5d5069-1671-3ea6d7e80b7873cd771a-4.png&s3=5069-1671-38b503e88fe64c93b2df2c5f91f6aff4-1063x500.png

Editor’s comment
This time, reflecting the social conditions of home demand that has continued for the past few years, we have added departments such as “home beauty care”. It is characterized by introducing seasonings and useful items for parties at home. In the popular “Trial Team” project, you can actually experience home bakeries, coffee makers, beauty care appliances, and more. The commentary full of realism is a sight to behold. This year’s tool grand prize project was selected from a questionnaire by connoisseurs who have a good reputation for choosing items. Please expect by all means.
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“Linen” January issue
Release date: November 18, 2022
Special price: 1100 yen (tax included)
Linen is based on the concept of “comfortable living and clothing”, and since its launch in 2010, it has continued to focus on “valuing everyday life”.
Think, create and develop a new layer of “living system”. It is supported by readers of a wide range of ages from teens to 60s. When we conducted a lifestyle questionnaire targeting linen readers, we found that about 70% of them thought that “housing and living are important.” Various companies plan and develop products targeting “lifestyle”,
The linen-style living market is booming.
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