Linkties Group Hare Biz, a scout service for high-class human resources under development by LUF Co., Ltd. Pre-entry for job seekers started!

Linkties Group
LUF Co., Ltd. is developing a scout service for high-class human resources “Harebiz”. Pre-entry for job seekers started!

A joint venture between Linkties Group (Representative Director and CEO and Forbes JAPAN Founder: Makoto Takano), which publishes the global business magazine “Forbes JAPAN”, and All Personal Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO: Tsukasa Horio), which develops a platform business specializing in HR. The company “LUF Co., Ltd.” (President Akika Yoshimoto) has started pre-entry for job seekers on November 24, 2022 at the scout service “Hare Biz” for high-class human resources under development.
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■ Harebizu overview
By making the most of the network of the Linkties Group, which publishes the global business magazine “Forbes JAPAN,” this product matches active human resources with companies.
Linkties’ business domains are publishing, digital media, and events, and its main clients include leading Japanese companies and
up-and-coming startups, regardless of industry.
In Hare Biz, we will utilize the network of the Linkties Group to encourage business partners and other companies that are actively recruiting high-career workers to post.
Through this service, LUF will provide valuable opportunities to job seekers who do not compromise on being active, who do not compromise on their way of life, and will increase the number of people who are happily active.
■ Features
1. High-class scouts, including CxOs and executive officers, will arrive from major companies and startups
2. You can meet an organization where you can demonstrate your strengths and contribute
3. Recommendations according to your career direction
The official release is scheduled for January 2023. If you pre-enter, we will send you information at the time of release. We are looking forward to registration from professionals such as those who want to become CxO in the future and women who aim to become executives! * Free for pre-entry and for individual members who registered at the time of official release.
100 people will be selected by lottery from those who have
pre-entered, and we will present Forbes JAPAN December issue separate volume “MAKE A NEW STORY FROM CONSULTING”! Please check the following for the campaign period and details.
Click here for details:
-Contact information-
-LUF corporate site-
* We also accept applications for job change consultations for individuals:
■Company Profile
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-Company Profile-
Company name: LUF Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-9-15 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044
Established: July 4, 2022
Capital: 20 million yen
board member:
· Representative Director and Chairman Tsukasa Horio (CEO of All Personal Co., Ltd.)
· Representative Director Akika Yoshimoto (Executive Officer of All Personal Co., Ltd.)
・Director Yutaro Tsunoda (President of Linkties Co., Ltd.)
・Director Kento Ueno (Director and CRO of Linkties Co., Ltd.) ・ Director Tetsuya Maeda (Director of All Personal Co., Ltd.) HP:
■ Representative Director and President Profile
[Image 3d17289-143-e1b25e36345053864c9c-2.jpg&s3=17289-143-17434156f8c9c4ae57e5767d09301142-3900x3829.jpg
LUF Representative Director and President Haruka Yoshimoto
Giving birth while attending Waseda University, graduating in 4 years, new member of society.
After experiencing various occupations such as personnel affairs, secretary, and sales at group companies at three SoftBank
telecommunications companies, participated in the launch of a personnel consulting company that mainly hires excellent university students from Asia and introduces them to Japanese companies. In Japan, he is in charge of the recruitment business and the manager of the administrative department.
After changing jobs to the Parco Group, he created a corporate culture through diversity management across the four Group companies, promoted women’s participation in the workplace, responded to work style reforms, and launched personnel consulting for apparel companies as a new business manager. Transferred the business in charge and changed jobs. Supporting the employment of about 1,000 companies such as retailers, restaurants, hotels, etc. as a customer success officer. Joined All Personal Co., Ltd. in February 2022 and assumed the position of Executive Officer.
Received the leader award for “innovation” in the individual category of “JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2016” sponsored by Forbes JAPAN. Received the 3rd Working Mom of the Year Grand Prize (an official side event of the International Women’s Conference “WAW! 2016” sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
Details about this release:


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