Lion Co., Ltd. Experience Airy in your laundry and every day. A new genre of fabric softener created by transparency! New release of laundry water “Soflan Airis”

Lion Corporation
Airy experience for laundry and every day. A new genre created by transparency – a new sensation – fabric softener! New release of laundry water “Soflan Airis”

Lion Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Masazumi Kikukawa) will release a new sensation-softener, laundry water “Soflan Aerith” that is created by a pure and transparent liquid like water on Thursday, April 6, 2023. We will release a new product.
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“Soflan Aerith” Patio / Balcony / Poolside
Creates a pure and transparent liquid like water-New
sensation-Softener, Laundry water “Soflan Aeris”
・Provide an “airy experience” that changes not only the finish but also the “feeling” and “air” during washing
◆ New sense: Smell – Scent –  Providing a continuous scent experience that changes the air of your laundry
◆ A new sensation: tactile sensation – comfortable to wear – Achieving a smooth feel and light comfort like air
◆ New sense: Vision – design – transparent and sophisticated bottle design ____________________________________
1. Aim of release
Our company’s purpose is to “create better habits and contribute to people’s everyday lives.”
The softening agent market, which was born in the 1960s, has continued to grow steadily over the long term, and currently approximately 80% of households use softening agents*1.
It has been. However, the market has become commoditized, polarizing into types that appeal to “deodorant” or “fragrance (high residual scent)”.
Under these circumstances, we proposed a new option that is different from “deodorization” and “fragrance (high lingering scent)”, and focused on changes in consumers’ minds and bodies in order to change the housework habit of washing into a better habit.
According to a survey conducted by our company, about 60% * 2 of “people who value feeling liberated from washing (housework)”, and about 77% * 2 of “people who value being natural/relaxed”. , It became clear that the mindset that seeks “liberation and freedom” is accelerating against the background of the recent sense of stagnation in society.
In addition, attention is focused not only on the results of housework, but also on the “process”, with about 65%*2 of those who “emphasize that laundry time can be more enjoyable”, and “even if the price is a little high It was found that about 43% * 3 of those who want to wash with good quality items.
Based on these latent desires of consumers, we have set and developed a new concept of “an airy experience that makes laundry and everyday life liberating and refreshing.” It’s Aerith. A clear, transparent liquid that is as pure and liberating as water, Soflan Aeris is designed to allow you to experience the airy experience with all your senses. In addition to the new visual sensations brought about by the transparent liquid agent, “a mellow ‘scent’ that spreads like a gentle breeze,” ‘a smooth ‘comfort’ like the air’, and ‘a design that colors the laundry room.’ “Soflan Aeris” brings a new sense of complexion, not only the finish, but also the feeling in the process of washing time, and even the air will change to a bright and positive one. *1: Laundry survey (September 2022, our research, n=2000)
* 2: Washing behavior survey (May 2022, our research, n = 201 things to focus on in fabric softener)
* 3: Washing behavior survey (May 2022, our research, n = 201 feelings about everyday washing)
2. Release date/region April 6, 2023 (Thursday) Nationwide
3. Product name/capacity/price
Product name: Fran Aeris Patio / Balcony / Poolside
  Capacity: Body      480ml
  Retail price (ko): open price
4. Product features
(1) A pure and transparent liquid agent like water creates a new sensation-softener, laundry water
Not only the finish, but also the “airy experience” that changes the “feeling” and “air” during washing, three new sensations,
We provide olfactory, scent, tactile, comfort, and visual design. [Image 2

[Image 3

Transparent liquid of “Soflan Aerith”
◆ New sense: Smell – Scent – Provides a continuous scent experience that changes the air of your laundry
・By using two manufacturing methods, a continuous fragrance experience that begins during washing is realized.
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[Image 5

・A variety of scents that you will want to use according to your mood of the day [Image 6

◆ New sensation: tactile sensation – comfortable to wear – achieves a smooth feel and light comfort like air
・Airy feel formula
We fundamentally reviewed the formulation of the liquid agent, and instead of using the cationic surfactant that was the main ingredient of our conventional products, we used Lion’s own
By newly adopting the development component “special silicone”, we have achieved “smooth comfort” that could not be achieved before. The difference is also evident in friction measurements and user experience studies.
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◆ New sense: Vision – design – transparent and sophisticated bottle design ・Overwhelming novelty by “transparent liquid” x “transparent container” We have adopted a transparent container that allows you to see the transparent liquid at a glance. Skeleton design that reveals the fragrance landscape
Just by placing the structure in the laundry room, you can feel as if a clear breeze is coming in.
・Square bottle shape that you want to use side by side
Most fabric softener packages have a rounded shape, but “Soflan Aeris” can be We wanted you to enjoy a variety of scents, so we made the square bottle shape easy to put side by side.
Did. Since the containers are lined up without gaps, the laundry room becomes a sophisticated space.
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(2) Promote initiatives for a sustainable global environment ・We suggest “one rinse” from softening agent
Not only is it suitable for rinsing once, but the liquid is as smooth as water, so there is no liquid left in the washing machine’s inlet. ・Biomass PET*4 is used for the main container
 Our company aims to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society and a resource recycling society in response to global environmental problems.
We are promoting the use of biomass PET for containers and packaging. *4 Bottle part only. Excluding nozzles, caps, etc.
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5. Developer comments
~ Questioning common sense leads to the evolution of Lion’s manufacturing ~ ●Lion Co., Ltd. Fabric Care Laboratory Ryo Hashimoto
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Shoko Katsugase, Research Institute of Perfume Science, Lion Corporation At the Perfume Science Laboratory, we have been researching the relationship between the historical background and scent trends. From the history of the repeated demand for heavy and fresh scents triggered by social and economic trends, recent social conditions such as the corona crisis and conflicts between nations have led to a shift to heavy scents. I assumed it would change. However, the actual signs showed an unprecedented movement to a “feeling of liberation” that surpassed the feeling of freshness. I feel that this expresses the strong desires of people living in today’s rapidly changing society. Therefore, in order to meet this desire, I focused on developing a pure and mellow scent that would make you want to take a deep breath. In order to utilize the natural fragrance of flowers blooming in nature and create a fragrance that gently spreads, we questioned conventional wisdom and repeated trial and error until we were satisfied with the result.
“In this era, I think many people feel burdened by doing laundry every day.” By providing a laundry time where “Soflan Aeris” can take a deep breath, I would be happy if you could say, “I want to change my mind. that’s all

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