LISUTO Co., Ltd. LISUTO, which operates the automated tagging AI tool “AI Tagger (R)” for EC, has raised f unds from Vector Inc.

LISUTO Co., Ltd.
LISUTO, which operates the automated tagging AI tool “AI Tagger (R)” for EC, has raised funds from Vector Inc.
Accelerating business growth and strengthening recruiting with a view to global expansion

LISUTO Co., Ltd., which develops “AI Tagger (R)” that automatically registers tags that are essential for SEO in EC malls. We are pleased to announce that we have completed financing for a third-party allotment to the following Vector (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hajime Nishie). In the future, we will further accelerate the development and adoption of “AI Tugger (R)” with a view to business expansion and global expansion, while receiving support that makes use of Vector’s strengths in the communication field. .
[About LISUTO]
LISUTO has its head office and sales base in Japan, and a development base in Israel. With the mission of “creating encounters between products and users”, LISUTO is a proprietary development that can classify, extract, map, and convert a large amount of information into multiple languages ​​through high-precision automatic processing. We are developing “AI Tagger (R)” by combining these with deep expertise in product catalogs and product data structuring. The number of users of “AI Tagger (R)” has increased by more than 500% in about 1.5 years from March 2021, partly due to the effect of the capital and business alliance with Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. It is used by more than 400 users, ranging from catalog mail-order businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises, and has received high praise.
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[About AI Tugger (R)]
“AI Tagger (R)” is a tool that automates product tagging when listing products on EC malls such as Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo! Shopping. When you input a product CSV file, AI can determine the characteristics of the product from the text information contained in the file and output the appropriate tags as much as possible.
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Originally, in the EC mall, if the product is not tagged in advance, the product will not be hit in the refined search. As a result, buyers could not find the products they wanted, and EC businesses faced the problem of losing sales opportunities due to unregistered tags. However, tagging has to be done manually and requires a lot of manpower and man-hours, so many e-commerce businesses can only do partial tagging. In addition, since the types of tags that can be registered by EC malls are regularly updated, it is necessary to perform maintenance work to re-register tags with the latest version, which imposes a heavy burden on EC operators. In fact, it takes 100 hours to tag 1,000 products manually (calculated as 6 minutes for 8 tags per product), but “AI Tagger (R)” can complete the maximum tagging process in 5 minutes. Done.
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In addition, Rakuten Ichiba will start a major renovation called SKU Project in April 2023. This will change the search logic so that not only the refined search but also the keyword search and suggestion search refer to the tag. It is no exaggeration to say that the conventional common sense of SEO countermeasures, which used to enter related keywords in order to obtain search hits, has been overturned, and that thorough registration of tags is the new common sense of SEO countermeasures in Rakuten Ichiba. Furthermore, until now, all tag registration was voluntary, but in the future, minimum tag
registration will be required for all products, and tag registration will be required for each SKU product, and store owners will be required to manually handle this. There is no other. Yahoo Shopping also strongly promotes tag registration, claiming that tag
registration will increase the purchase rate by 2.5 times.
The introduction of “AI Tagger (R)” does not require any complicated collaboration work, and you can start using it immediately. The simple feeling of use, the reduction of human costs, and the search hits narrowed down by tagging are expected to raise the level of access and sales. In some cases, the average sales increased by 43%, and in some cases up to 173%. Users of “AI Tagger (R)” cover a wide range of categories such as fashion, interior, beauty cosmetics, home appliances, and food, and recently the number of local government users of hometown tax is increasing.
LISUTO corporate website:
“AI Tugger (R)” service site: [Background and purpose of funding]
The global market for AI solutions for EC and retail is a large market that is expected to expand to approximately 2 trillion yen by 2025. In the future, we will further enhance the product power of “AI Tagger (R)” and promote a further increase in the number of users in the domestic market accompanying the Rakuten SKU management project. We are focusing on solutions for malls and making great strides in tackling the huge global market.
[About vectors]
Vector Group is Asia’s No. 1 PR company, consisting of 41 operating companies and 14 overseas bases centered on Asia such as China, South Korea, and ASEAN. At Vector, with the strength of solutions that utilize group synergies, we have developed a communication strategy for “spreading good things around the world” that goes beyond the traditional strategic PR area, and uses SNS and ad technology to create videos, web sites, and manage media. While incorporating the latest marketing methods, we provide one-stop services to companies. [Comment from Mr. Nishie, President of Vector]
I found the automatic tagging service of the EC mall with the team members centered on Mr. Neil, the representative, interesting, so I invested. Through this investment, we would like to help spread this excellent business model to the world.
[Company Information]
Name: Vector Inc.
Address: Akasaka Garden City 18F, 4-15-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Hajime Nishie
Established: March 30, 1993
Capital: 2,880 million yen (as of February 28, 2022)
Business: PR business, press release distribution business, video release distribution business, direct marketing business, media business, HRTech business, digital marketing business, investment venture business, etc.
[Company Information]
Name: LISUTO Co., Ltd.
Address: 2-2-8-9F Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Neil Platek
Established: November 2016
Capital: 511 million yen (as of November 2022)
Business: EC specialized AI system business, EC consulting business URL:
Details about this release:


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