Live2D Co., Ltd. Free to join Event “alive 2022” hosted by Live2D will be held online! This year’s theme is “Community” Starting at 13:00 on Saturday, December 3, 2022!

Live2D Inc.
[Free to join] Event “alive 2022” hosted by Live2D will be held online! This year’s theme is “Community” [Starting at 13:00 on Saturday, December 3, 2022! ]
Meet the new “Live2D”!

Live2D Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tetsuya Nakajo, hereinafter Live2D), which develops and sells software “Live2D Cubism” that moves 2D illustrations three-dimensionally, will open in 2022. The conference event “alive 2022” hosted by Live2D will be held on Saturday, December 3, 2020.
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This year’s theme is “Community”! Get creative tips from companies and professionals!
“alive” is an event where creators involved in 2D expression gather to share their skills and passion.
In addition to the latest information on Live2D, we have prepared a wide range of content such as roundtable discussions with leading companies and top runners in the 2D industry!
Check the special website for details on the content and information on participating companies and creators!
Special website:
Content information and recommended points
Published at 2 online venues! Enjoy rich content!
“Alive 2022” will be held at two venues: “Premium Session (Vimeo Venue)” and “General Session (YouTube Venue)”.
In addition, you can see the “advertisement booth” developed on the special website.
◆Features of premium sessions (Vimeo venues)◆
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[Content list]
▼ Connect with the world with Live2D! Introducing the global Live2D community (Japanese subtitles)
Brian Tsui: Iron Vertex Studios Ltd./Denchi: DenchiSoft / VTube Studio/小剑 (Xiao Jian): Shanghai Luyan Network Technology Co., Ltd./ 하즈란 (Hazran): Korea Live2D Forum
▼ What is the work that supports VTuber -Production process- ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd. / Cover Co., Ltd.
▼Must-see for students! How to get a job and be active in society with “Live2D”? f4samurai Co., Ltd. / Red Lantern Limited Liability Company
▼ Character design for the latest IP game title
f4samurai Inc.
[Recommended points]
・Distribute limited content that can only be seen on the day of the event! ・ Learn about Live2D in the world by overseas creators!
・Listen to stories about Live2D production by companies!
* A free participation ticket is required to watch “Premium Session (Vimeo Venue)”.
◆Features of general sessions (YouTube venue)◆
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[Content list]
▼Keynote speech
Live2D Inc.
▼ Live2D Creative Awards 2022 Award Ceremony
Live2D Inc.
▼ How was the video for TR3 STEP1 realized?
Live2D Inc./Live2D Creative Studio
▼Let’s use Live2D Cubism 4 AE Plugin!
Live2D Inc./Cubism Group
▼ Ask a professional creator who earns with nizima! What you can do now to succeed as a Live2D modeler
Yoruhachi / Komainu Shuwa
▼Live2D JUKU presents alive2022 Creator Roundtable -Live2D Lecturer Edition- Grilled Cocoon / Deep Blizzard / Dried Fish String
[Recommended points]
・The latest Live2D information from Live2D!
・ The world’s best Live2D work is decided! “Live2D Creative Awards 2022 Award Ceremony” has been released!
・ Many gorgeous creator guests! Let’s absorb the know-how!
Archive available! Missing or reviewing is OK!
* You can watch it without a participation ticket.
◆Features of advertising booths◆
You can see information such as advertisements and announcements by companies and creators related to “alive 2022”.
Information updated at any time! Don’t miss the additional information! *You can see it without a participation ticket.
Participation information
Venue: Online (Vimeo/YouTube)
Date: Saturday, December 03, 2022
Time: 13:00-17:40
Participation fee: Free
Capacity: about 1500 people
*For those who have purchased tickets, we will inform you of the online venue URL on the day.
* We will update each information as needed and post it on the special site. * Participation tickets are free, but the number of offers is limited. It is on a first-come, first-served basis, so please purchase as soon as possible.
Check the event contents on the special website
Click here to apply for free participation
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