LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd. Released “Lodina”, a home that pursues rationalization

LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Launched “Lodina”, a home that pursues rationalization
A new flat-rate semi-order style product that pursues time performance and cost performance

aiful home company
LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd. Aiful Home Company pursues rationalization in design, etc. for those who are refraining from purchasing a home due to soaring housing prices and other prices, and for those who want to efficiently consider housing. We will release a flat-rate semi-order style house “Lodina” from November 19th. [Image 1

“Lodina” Appearance image (stylish modern) One-story
[Image 2

“Lodina” Appearance image (stylish modern) 2 stories
●Background of this initiative
Since its founding, AIFUL HOME has adopted the business concept of “better homes for more people, more rationally”, and “improves the living environment for customers”, “revitalizes the housing industry”, and “contributes to society through business.” With the aim of “contribution”, we are working on “creating a home that is friendly to dual-income families and families with children” that enriches the lives of the whole family. Recently, the wood shock and soaring material prices and labor costs have affected housing prices, and there is a tendency to refrain from purchasing housing. In response to these issues, we returned to the origins of AIFUL HOME and worked on the development of “a ‘good house’ that pursues rationalization.” Overview of Lodina
This new product is a new type of semi-order house that pursues streamlining by eliminating waste in newly built houses, and reflects the know-how and layout ideas for dual-income households that we have accumulated.
・As long as the size of the building is the same, the price will not change even if the floor plan is changed within a certain rule. ・High seismic performance and cost performance realized by the design of overlapping blocks of the same size on the upper and lower floors ・In order to make it easier for families with busy families to choose, standard specifications include equipment that improves housework efficiency, and a semi-order style that allows you to realize your ideal lifestyle simply by choosing the floor plan, exterior design, interior style, insulation grade, etc.

In the future, we will strengthen our cooperative system with LIXIL Corporation, streamline procurement, distribution, and material selection, and streamline construction and site management by promoting digitalization. We will recommend the development to ■ Features of “Lodina”
Semi-custom order that pursues time performance / cost performance that captures the needs of today’s double-income family
reasonable housing for
1. A semi-order house where busy dual-income families who value time performance can choose the house they want and consider the floor plan without spending time.
2. Equipped with standard equipment and specifications that are popular with mothers, such as a dishwasher with high housework efficiency and a bathroom ventilation dryer.
3. A busy dual-income family with children can choose their favorite floor plan, exterior, interior, equipment, and insulation performance in four steps. .
1. Decide the size and layout of the building 2. Decide the appearance 3. Decide the interior taste 4. Decide the grade of insulation performance
4, Realized high cost performance by reviewing the design method and adopting a rational block plan. With its simple shape, it is possible to reduce the amount of structural materials and outer walls, as well as reduce the labor involved in construction work.
5. Safe and secure seismic performance (equivalent to the highest grade 3*1) and insulation performance equivalent to the ZEH standard, which achieves high energy efficiency, are adopted as standard -For G-ZEH (outer skin) specifications- *1: Area and snow In some cases, it may not be possible to meet the requirements.
★ The G-ZEH (outer skin) specification of this product is the “Children’s Eco-House Support Project (Scheduled to be established in the 2022 supplementary budget)”.
It is expected to be eligible for support of 1 million yen.
*About block plan
[Image 3

(C) 2017 Yu Architectural Design Co., Ltd. *2: “Yu no Block Plan (R)” We have adopted a residential planning method*2 that applies the concept of a block plan, which is used in various architectural plans such as commercial facilities. A planning hand that creates a floor plan by overlapping “blocks” of the same size on the upper and lower floors
By law, the structure is stable with less waste and rational thinking, and the simple floor plan leads to a restraint on housing prices. ■Overview of new products
Sales price: Two-story building (27 tsubo): 14.85 million yen One-story house (21 tsubo): 13.2 million yen
・Two-story building: Total floor area 85.29 square meters, 3LDK, G specification One-story house: Total floor area 64.59 square meters, 2LDK, G specification ・The above reference price for the main body of the building is the tax-included price for the standard area.
Ancillary construction and various expenses other than the building itself, land price, etc. are not included.
・The price will change depending on the size of the building and the option change selected by the customer.
・Some prices may vary from area to area depending on the site conditions, climate and characteristics of the construction area. Construction Method/Structure: Wooden framework hardware construction method Product plan: Semi-order type
In addition to 6 plans, 3 two-story plans (27 tsubo, 30 tsubo, 33 tsubo) and 3 one-story plans (21 tsubo, 24 tsubo, 28 tsubo), A total of 20 plans are available, including 14 plan proposal examples (80 patterns of appearance combinations).
It is a semi-order type that allows you to freely change the size of the floor plan according to your preferred lifestyle.
*3: There are certain rules for changing the floor plan.
Sales target: 300 units (FY2022)
Sales period: November 19, 2022 to the end of March 2023
■ Product lineup of Aiful Home
FAVO: Custom-built homes that give shape to the lifestyles that customers want to achieve.
ISME: Fully standardized housing that realizes high-quality housing while keeping prices down
Lodina: A semi-order house that realizes cost/time performance while fulfilling your commitment
◆Overview of LIXIL Housing Research Institute
Company name: LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Representative Nobuhiko Kashima, President and Representative Director Head office location: 2-1-1 Oshima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-8535
URL [LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd.] ◆ Overview of design partner companies
Company name Yu Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Yoshinori Matsuura
Head office location: 8th floor, Beniya Building, 4-3 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083
URL [Yu Architectural Design Co., Ltd.] ◆ Overview of Aiful Home
Since our founding in 1984, we have set the mission of “Providing better homes to more people in a more rational manner.” A pioneer who developed and introduced a housing franchise chain system that allows anyone to purchase a home with peace of mind. By realizing high cost performance and uniform quality, we have continued to provide high-quality housing at reasonable prices, and have provided more than 170,000 houses to date. In recent years, we have been working to enrich the lives of the whole family by “creating a home that is friendly to dual-income families and families raising children”.

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