Loan Deal A serious business discussion between entrepreneurs and 100 employees of large companies, “Blanket, ninpath, Nudge, CHEERS” will be on stage in December and January!

loan deal
A serious business discussion between entrepreneurs and 100 employees of large companies, “Blanket, ninpath, Nudge, CHEERS” will be on stage in December and January!

At the practical training “outsight” provided by Loan Deal Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mirai Harada), where entrepreneurs and business issues are seriously discussed, two venture companies will be on stage each month. I’m here. We are pleased to announce that the companies that will be on stage from December to January have been decided.
“outsight” provided by Loan Deal allows 100 large company employees (maximum) to seriously think about solutions to the strategic issues faced by various venture managers and have direct discussions with the managers. It is an online cross-border program.
Participants will not only be exposed to new business models and real business issues on a regular and continuous basis, but will also be able to receive direct feedback on their proposals from venture managers. By continuing weekly input and output, we aim to train the imagination and business sense necessary for launching a new business. [Image 1d15387-82-843fbf2b6bea80b099d0-0.png&s3=15387-82-36f6c8776b0dae2bc2504be53de93ecf-2036x600.png
how outsight works
December and January Venture Ventures
In this program, managers of various venture companies in different industries and phases will take the podium. Companies that offer new business models and services are selected from over 500 companies registered for Loan Deal.
Venture companies have the advantage of being able to freely use their proposals for business development, and they can also expect to build relationships with selected human resources from large companies. In December and January, the following four companies will be on stage. ・Blanket Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Kawai Akimoto) [Image 2d15387-82-af6ea7d8aaf599e349a4-2.png&s3=15387-82-53f93e659c9d751f2a8c8b7a92276702-1923x948.png
Business description: Aiming for a “society where everyone can talk about their hopes”, we support people and organizations who continue to take on challenges in various fields such as nursing care and welfare. We are developing a recruitment and training support business that specializes in nursing care and welfare operators.
・ ninpath Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Daisuke Kanda)
[Image 3d15387-82-200a443cf45340227664-3.png&s3=15387-82-43a90e5aaa600f2fa3bbf46d2441ce50-1920x1000.png
Business description: Development and provision of the fertility treatment visualization app “ninpath”, and provision and operation of “ninpath care”, which provides mental care and online counseling during fertility treatment.

・Nudge Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Takashi Okita) [Image 4d15387-82-71ee0f98291d2dd375e4-4.png&s3=15387-82-ad0a6bd37cfdf51a154664bee14d1b05-1917x1000.png
Business description: With the mission of “creating future financial experiences through individual actions”, we aim to realize financial inclusion in Japan through the challenger bank business.
・CHEERS Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Tomoko Shirai) [Image 5d15387-82-cff3e9931b7ef0f05515-1.png&s3=15387-82-80698dbf2a4302e7c44e06cd97d40bd6-1918x947.png
Business description: With the mission of “100 will, 100 cheers! 100 excitement, 100 cheers.” From program planning and development to customer attraction and operation, we carry it out in one go. HP:
*Please see the website for the order of presentation/detailed schedule. outsight:
Outsight is a training program in which human resources from large companies acquire “unprecedented creativity” by thinking about and proposing ideas to solve the problems faced by entrepreneurs, and receiving feedback.
In the future, as AI and robotics develop further, I believe that the source of work that only humans can do is “creativity”. We will continue to do our best to ensure that individuals can work
independently and enjoy themselves through this training, and that this will create a cycle that will trigger business creation and organizational transformation.
Notice of related events
[Image 6d15387-82-d4fb9c6ed3d69c3a5b5c-5.png&s3=15387-82-38118e1fb15a1684e0fe8006feae0637-1999x977.png
Contrary to large companies where it is difficult to create new businesses, there are serial entrepreneurs who launch multiple businesses. Are their skills and senses something they are born with? Is it something that everyone can learn through training? Based on this theme, we are holding an event series that delves into the true nature of the “business sense” of serial entrepreneurs and approaches how they have acquired it.
This is the 3rd time, and this time, it is Mr. Atsuya Takase, a former Fuji TV producer who planned hit programs such as “Escape”. We will ask you how to explore universal needs that motivate people and how to refine your ideas, from thinking methods to practical methods. The interviewer will be Loan Deal Hosono.
-Recommended for those who-
・ Those who want hints on how to think about projects and businesses that move people
・ Those who want to know what kind of points of view professionals usually pay attention to in their lives
・Those who want to learn how to think about new businesses
Date: Friday, December 2, 2022 14:00~15:30
Location: Online (distributed via zoom)
Participation fee: Free
▶︎ Click here to apply
About Loan Deal Co., Ltd.
Provides “LoanDEAL”, an inter-company rental transfer platform. “Rental transfer” is realized by matching large companies that are working to develop innovative human resources and next-generation leaders and venture companies that want to strengthen their business development capabilities, based on inter-company contracts for training and secondment. The service started in September 2015, and as of November 2022, 225 people from 65 large companies, including Toyota Motor Corporation, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and NTT West Japan, have introduced the service. 543 venture companies are registered as accepting companies. It is also attracting attention as a mechanism for open innovation, and in 2019 won the “Selection Committee Special Award” at the 1st Japan Open Innovation Awards sponsored by the Cabinet Office. Received the 2020 Good Design Award (Business Model Category). In addition, we are developing multiple cross-border human resource development programs, such as “outsight,” a real case study that trains creativity.
・Loan DEAL

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