Local government DX overall procedure manual 2.0 version compatible Municipal dX study group 3rd regular meeting report and video released. Mr. Hiroaki Ono, Director of Bandai Town’s Digital Transformation Strategy Office, took the stage as a guest

Japan Management Association (NOMA)
[Local government DX overall procedure manual 2.0 version compatible] Municipal dX study group 3rd regular meeting report and video released. Mr. Hiroaki Ono, Director of Bandai Town’s Digital Transformation Strategy Office, took the stage as a guest. He talks about the trial and error of the staff for unprecedented efforts. Member-only (no participation fee) Study group for practitioners working on local government DX

The Japan Management Association (headquarters secretariat:
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, chairman: Takahisa Takahara) is an event report of the 3rd regular meeting (10/25) of the “Local government dX study group (scheduled to be held 6 times)” The video of the lecture part has been released.
Event Report: https://www.noma.or.jp/gyosei/dx/tabid/934/Default.aspx [Image 1

Recruitment of participants for the local government dX study group 3rd archive release

[Video 3: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o0ySJU99a8&t=4s]
[Video 4: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cte9nK82fw]

Overview of the 3rd Regular Meeting
(1) Read and understand the Municipality DX Overall Procedure Manual [Version 2.0]. what was updated?
(2) [Guest presentation] Mr. Hiroaki Ono (Bandai Town Digital Transformation Strategy Office Manager) “Trial and error of staff for unprecedented efforts”
(3) [Discussion] Discussion among chairpersons, guests, and participants In the first half, Chairman Sugawara gave a lecture and commentary on the “Municipal DX Overall Procedure Manual [Version 2.0]” updated in September 2022. As a notable change from [Version 1.0], we covered the handling of human resources related to the local government DX promotion system, especially the expansion of descriptions on external human resources. In the second half, Mr. Hiroaki Ono (Bandai Town Digital Transformation Strategy Office Manager) will take the stage as a guest on the theme of “staff’s trial and error for unprecedented efforts”. He presented on the efforts that have been made since the launch of the Digital Transformation Strategy Office, as well as future efforts.
Event report https://www.noma.or.jp/gyosei/dx/tabid/934/Default.aspx Holding method: Online (Zoom)
Participation qualifications: DX promotion department of a local government that is a member of the Japan Management Association or a person in charge of DX promotion
* Click here for information on Japan Management Association member search and enrollment.
*Uncut version archives including discussion parts of past meetings are available only to participants.
Participation fee: Free
Application for participation:
Next theme/schedule
Chair: Naotoshi Sugawara Municipality DX White Paper Joint
Editor-in-Chief, Bandai Town CDO
[Part 4] Local government DX overall procedure manual Step 3-Practice of DX efforts 1.
Theme: History of the realization of Japan’s first local government cloud system in-house
Date: 12/20 (Tue) 9:00-12:00
Guest: Mr. Mitsunobu Okubo (Bandai Town Digital Transformation Strategy Office CDO Assistant)
Application deadline for the 4th regular meeting: Thursday, December 15, 2022 What is the local government dX study group?
This study group will be held as one of the NOMA Municipality DX Support Project “Reference books for Municipality DX” based on the concept of “learning”, “connecting” and “trying”.
At a study group for local government DX personnel who have concerns such as “I’m working on local government DX from now on” and “I’m wondering how to promote it”, if you participate, you will be able to understand what local government DX is and how it is. It is possible to form connections with study group members who can share the same purpose as well as learn if there are any similar cases.
In fiscal 2022, we plan to hold a total of six times, and the process from step 0 to step 3 stipulated by the “Municipal DX overall procedure manual [version 1.0]” (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) It is based on the case of Bandai Town, which is also featured in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ “Municipal DX Promotion Procedure Manual Reference Case Collection [Version 1.0]”.
Detailed URL: https://www.noma.or.jp/gyosei/dx/tabid/915/Default.aspx About NOMA Municipality DX Support Project “Reference Book for Municipality DX” In response to the establishment of laws such as the Digital Procedure Act promulgated in May 2019, local governments nationwide have begun efforts to promote DX. Among them, in response to the current situation where many local governments have problems and worries in promoting local government DX, the Japan Management Association, which has been developing projects to improve public affairs efficiency nationwide for more than 60 years, We have launched a local government DX support project “Municipal DX reference book” with the concept of “trying”. In the “Local Government DX Reference Book”, we will develop a service like a “reference book” that emphasizes “what you can do” instead of uniform content like a textbook.
Detailed URL: https://www.noma.or.jp/gyosei/dx/tabid/899/Default.aspx About Municipality DX White Paper
[Image 2d78820-101-94ca69ba8c66f0d26451-1.jpg&s3=78820-101-92b9fa9b35843f5a78cde42c50d21776-426x240.jpg
In order to promote local government DX (digital transformation) as a means to realize a symbiotic society where everyone can live in their own way, we will provide all basic information, knowledge (including know-how), case studies, surveys, and on-site information related to local government DX. It is a committee composed of companies, organizations, etc. that have agreed to create a white paper using an agile method to make voices commons that can be freely used by people involved in local government DX.
HP: https://dxhakusho.com/
About Japan Management Association (NOMA)
Since its founding in 1949 as the Japan Business Management
Association, the pillar of its activities has consistently been the promotion of enlightenment for the modernization and efficiency of management in Japan.
The purpose of the association is to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy and the realization of a prosperous society through innovation in management and office management, creation of social assets, and promotion of new value creation.
Japan Management Association website: https://www.noma.or.jp/ Contact information
General Incorporated Association Japan Management Association Headquarters Secretariat Membership
TEL: 03-3403-1330 Email: noma-dx-sg@noma.or.jp
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