Local live distribution plan for “Honolulu Marathon 2022” sponsored by JAL has been decided!

17LIVE Inc.
Local live distribution plan for “Honolulu Marathon 2022” sponsored by JAL has been decided!
-With the concept of “JAL, go to Hawaii.”, Liver “Naoki Kishida Naoking” who represents 17LIVE participates-

In Japan’s No. 1 (* 1) live distribution app “17LIVE” operated by 17LIVE Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takaaki Nagano, URL: https://jp.17.live/), As the first initiative with Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuji Akasaka, URL:
https://www.jal.com/en/, hereinafter referred to as “JAL”), JAL sponsors “Honolulu Marathon” 2022″ will be live streamed.
The popular “Honolulu Marathon 2022”, which will be held for the 50th time this year, will be attended by “Naoki Kishida Naoking”, a live broadcaster who represents “17LIVE”. We will deliver a live broadcast that tells the situation in real time.
[Image 1

Photo courtesy of: Honolulu Marathon Japan Secretariat
The Honolulu Marathon, which has been loved by people from all over the world, including Japan, has participated in many Japanese people, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the event. The Honolulu Marathon, which is also called “the world’s leading citizen marathon”, does not have a time limit as it is a competition aimed at completing the race. As a result, even if it is your first marathon attempt, you can aim for the goal at your own pace, and the completion rate is over 90%. At its peak, more than 30,000 runners gathered from all over the world to participate in the race while feeling the atmosphere of Hawaii.
This time’s distribution project is “Naoki Kishida Naoking”, one of the representatives of “17LIVE” who likes Hawaii and has visited Hawaii many times so far. & Walk”, and the state of the tournament will be broadcast live from the site in real time. In addition, we will report on the situation in Hawaii before and after the tournament so that those who have difficulty going abroad due to the corona crisis and those who have never been to Hawaii can enjoy it. We plan to fully deliver the attractions of Hawaii, such as sightseeing, gourmet food, and shopping, to listeners (live broadcast viewers), so please watch the broadcast.
Applications for participation in the “Honolulu Marathon 2022” will be accepted until Monday, November 14th. For details, please check the entry site below.
■River Profile/Tournament Streaming Account/Comments
[Image 2

[Profile] Naoki Kishida Naoking
From July 2017, 17LIVE started distribution as the first and only male official live streamer in Japan. For four and a half years, he has been streaming without a day off, and has over 760,000 followers, making him the number one male in Japan (as of October 2022). At the “Super Live Delivery Festival 2022 ~ 5th Anniversary ~” held in 2022, he won the first place in the super festival male model category, and has many achievements at 17LIVE events. KING” and “Pioneer of the LIVE distribution world”. Also active as an SNS consultant.
[“Naoki Kishida Naoking in Honolulu Marathon” Special Delivery] Delivery time:
12/11 (Sun) 23:00-24:00 Before the start (* Japan time)
Experience the many hospitality and services that JAL provides at the race from a runner’s perspective! Please enjoy the real-time tournaments and events unique to live distribution.
Delivery account:
Additional plan:
“Get souvenirs from Hawaii! ~Let’s support the river with full ale! Campaign~” On December 11th (Sunday) (* Japan time) in the distribution, after watching the distribution with the above account of “Naoki Kishida Naoking”, send “Yell” to the river to support the completion, “Full Yell” 3 winners will be selected by lottery from among those who have achieved the above, and will be presented with souvenirs selected by “Naoki Kishida Naoking” in Hawaii.
How to announce winners:
Winners will be announced by in-app message by December 26th (Monday). Please reply to the application form of the in-app message by the designated date (deadline is stated in the form). Souvenirs are expected to be delivered from the end of December to around January. If you cannot confirm that you have filled out the application form within the deadline, your rights will be invalidated, so please be sure to respond within the deadline.
*You cannot select or specify the type of souvenir.
* Depending on the weather conditions and distribution environment on the day, distribution and planning may not be carried out.
*In consideration of the safety of the course and the congestion situation at the site, it may not be possible to broadcast during the race.
*Depending on local conditions, the contents of this press release may be changed or canceled without prior notice.
[Comment from Naoki Kishida Naoking]
I love Hawaii and have been there about 10 times so far. I always wanted to participate in the famous Honolulu Marathon. On this occasion, I would like to deliver my own tournament report to the listeners.
I’m looking forward to going to Hawaii with JAL after a long time, and the Honolulu Marathon!
■ “Honolulu Marathon 2022” Tournament Overview
[Date and time]
・Full Marathon Wheelchair Division: Scheduled to start at 4:55 on Sunday, December 11, 2022 (local time)
・Full Marathon / 10K Run & Walk: Scheduled to start at 5:00 on Sunday, December 11, 2022 (local time)
[Entry period]
Until November 14, 2022 (Monday)
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
[Start/finish point]
Ala Moana Park / Kapiolani Park
*Please check the following site for entry details such as
participation qualifications.
How to watch “17LIVE”
Please download the free “17LIVE” app below and register an account. (*2) App download: https://17apps.onelink.me/i7CY/17LivePR
[Image 3d30133-372-47aeeaef88ed2a4913fb-2.png&s3=30133-372-a2a47b943f8ba1cd8107ec08b68cecee-270x270.png
*1 Quoted from data.ai (formerly App Annie) data. Number of downloads and sales (January to December 2021)
*2 There are some paid menus and contents in the app. Please note that communication charges will be borne by the customer.
About “17LIVE”
“Enriching human connections through “live” technology. “17LIVE”, which has a mission of “, is Japan’s No.1 (* 1) live distribution platform. We aim to create a world where you can enjoy every moment under one sky, on seven continents. We have achieved over 50 million registered users worldwide (as of September 2021). In January 2022, it was selected as “BEST 100 Apps” in the “App Ape Award 2021”, which recognizes smartphone apps that have achieved remarkable growth. [Image 4d30133-372-de80c6ef73e14fa1953a-3.png&s3=30133-372-0185bdbbf62ddeebd7f0d99a59243329-300x150.png
“17LIVE” official website: https://jp.17.live/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/17livejp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/17LIVEJP/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/17livejp/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFf5qroAMTQ6x32YVjOcQBw

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