Loft Hoshigaoka loft opens on 1/25 (Fri.)! Hoshigaoka Terrace EAST 2nd and 3rd floors will also feature limited-edition collaboration products to commemorate the opening

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[Loft] Hoshigaoka loft opens on 1/25 (Fri.)! Hoshigaoka Terrace EAST 2nd and 3rd floors will also feature limited-edition collaboration products to commemorate the opening

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Meitetsu Seikatsu Soken Co., Ltd. (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture / President Yohei Adachi) will open “Hoshigaoka Loft” on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Hoshigaoka Terrace (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) EAST on Friday, November 25, 2022. We will open. Following Loft Nagoya in 1996, Loft Gifu in 2000, Meieki Loft in 2015, and Sakae Loft in 2021, we will open “Hoshigaoka Loft”, the fifth store as a franchise store management company of the household goods specialty store “Loft”. [Image 2

Hoshigaoka Loft exterior image
The business area is about 191.7 tsubo (about 633 square meters), which is a standard store size, but it is a unique type consisting of two floors. There are about 17,300 types of products, stationery goods (8,800 types), health goods (6,000 types), market (seasonal) and storehouse (standard) products.
[Hoshigaoka Loft Opening Commemorative/Collaboration Project] “Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens x Loft”
In commemoration of the opening of Hoshigaoka Loft, stationery will be released in collaboration with the popular local spot “Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens” next to Hoshigaoka Terrace. Four types of stationery printed with cute animals from the zoo will be available only at Hoshigaoka Loft and lofts in Nagoya City (Hoshigaoka Loft, Loft Nagoya, Meieki Loft, Sakae Loft, Nagoya Minato Loft).
● Pochi bag … 308 yen
[Image 3

●Cotton purse・・・715 yen
[Image 4

●Masking tape・・・¥352
[Image 5

● Sticker … 308 yen
[Image 6

“Sugiyama Jogakuen University x Loft”
A collaboration product commemorating the opening of the store with Sugiyama Jogakuen University next to Hoshigaoka Terrace will appear. Many students commute to the university through Hoshigaoka Terrace. “Ecopos” designed by students of Sugiyama Jogakuen University with the theme of “connection” will be sold exclusively at Hoshigaoka Loft. *Ecopos: Eco-friendly postcards with recycled paper, makiba printing ink, and no outer wrapping
●Ecopos (10 patterns in total)・・・¥198
[Image 7

[Image 8

[“Loft Christmas” with everything from decoration goods to gifts] [Image 9

With the theme color of “GOLD & RED”, tabletop trees and ornaments are gorgeously developed. In addition to Christmas cards, wrapping items, and Christmas foods, Loft’s recommended gift items are also available. ・Christmas card three-dimensional heart tree…748 yen
[Image 10

We have a wide range of notebooks that can be used in a variety of ways with a high degree of freedom, as well as convenient items around the notebook that you will want to carry around with you. In addition, there are loft limited diaries such as the popular NOLTY series with limited covers.
[“Loft 2023 Calendar” such as calendars made of sustainable materials] [Image 13

A sustainable calendar using rice paper made from rice that can no longer be eaten, and next year’s sexagenary cycle
Introducing a calendar with a rabbit motif. In addition, it comes with a fragrance and a flower base that can be enjoyed as an interior decoration.
There are calendars, etc.
[Hoshigaoka Loft Opening Commemorative Campaign]
● “Loft original 2-way bag” as a gift!
The first 3,000 customers who purchase a total of 2,000 yen or more (including tax) at Hoshigaoka Loft will receive a “Loft Original 2WAY Bag” as a gift.
*Color cannot be selected. *It will end as soon as it runs out. [Image 14
◇Access: Get off at Nagoya City Subway Higashiyama Line “Hoshigaoka” station, 3 minutes walk from Exit 6

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