Logic Brain Co., Ltd. Collecting and using customer information in marketing More than 20% of the respondent s said that “age”, “gender” and “date of birth” were not fully utilized in customer information.

Logic Brain Co., Ltd.
[Collecting and using customer information in marketing] More than 20% of the respondents said that “age”, “gender” and “date of birth” were not fully utilized in customer information.
There are also voices that analysis of customer information and countermeasures cannot be done

Logic Brain Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Masato Hattori), which produces, sells, and supports cloud marketing tools [LBA], is a BtoC company / store sales promotion marketing staff. We conducted a survey on “collection and utilization of customer information”.
This time, we will announce the “collection and utilization of customer information in marketing” in it.
With the spread of the Internet and IT technology, the quality and diversity of products and services are becoming more and more important in today’s world.
Many companies are making various efforts to meet the wishes and demands of their customers.
It seems that each company is working hard to analyze and reflect the customer data it owns as an activity to understand customer needs, but how much information is being utilized?
Don’t you have a lot of information that hasn’t been fully analyzed or data that hasn’t been fully utilized?
Therefore, this time, Logic Brain Co., Ltd.
(https://logic-brain.co.jp/ ) conducted a survey on “collection and utilization of customer information” targeting those in charge of sales promotion and marketing.
This time, we will announce the “collection and utilization of customer information in marketing” in it.
Most companies obtain customer information for marketing from “member information”
First, we asked about the customer information that each company currently has. [Image 1

When asked, “What do you know about customer information? (multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “gender (73.5%),” followed by “age (64.9%)” and “year of birth.” Month and day (56.7%)” continued.
Many companies seem to have basic information.
How do you get that customer information?
[Image 2

When asked, “How do you obtain customer information? (Multiple answers allowed),” the most common response was “Registered member information (70.1%),” followed by “Questionnaire (51.7%).” )” and “Purchase history (31.9%)”.
[How to use customer information] The most common reason was for “analysis of purchaser characteristics and trends”
How are you using the customer information you actually obtained? [Image 3

Therefore, when asked, “What are you using the customer information you know for? (Multiple answers allowed),” those who answered “Analysis of purchaser characteristics and trends (57.9%)” was the most common, followed by “Sales promotion according to the
characteristics and trends of those who have purchased (46.3%)” and “Recommended products and services (44.1%)”.
In order to increase the number of customers and increase sales, it is important to analyze what kind of demographics your company’s products and services are appealing to, and to select accurate targets. It seems that you are using it for analysis and sales promotion, but is the information you have obtained fully utilized?
Therefore, when asked, “Which customer information do you want to be more useful (not fully utilized)? (Top 3)”, 23.1% of respondents answered “age”. The most common was followed by “gender (22.7%)” and “date of birth (20.3%)”.
■ Why is customer information not fully utilized?
・ I can’t narrow down the target well (20s/female/Kanagawa Prefecture) ・I don’t know how to make use of it (30s/female/Hokkaido)
・I wish I could analyze it in more detail, but I can’t get around to it (30s/male/Kanagawa Prefecture)
・ Analysis and measures are not in time (40s / female / Tokyo) ・I can’t put it all together because it’s so diverse
(40s/female/Toyama Prefecture)
I received a response like this.
There is a wide variety of information, and even if you try to use it for analysis and sales promotion, it seems to be quite difficult. There were also voices saying that even if they had the information, they did not know how to actually use it.
[Summary] Basic information in marketing is understood, but some information is not fully utilized
While many respondents answered that they have grasped basic information in marketing, it seems that they feel that basic information such as age, gender, date of birth, etc. is not fully utilized.
It seems that there are also factors such as not being able to handle it, and there are also voices saying that they are having trouble with how to use it in the first place, such as not being able to summarize it.
Utilizing customer information without waste may lead to stronger marketing that focuses on each individual customer and lead to customer acquisition.
It seems that it is necessary not only to collect and understand information, but also to consider how it can be used.
Cloud CRM system “LBA” that knows individuality by date of birth This time, Logic Brain Co., Ltd. (https://logic-brain.co.jp/), which conducted a survey on “collection and utilization of customer information,” launched the cloud marketing tool “LBA”
■What is LBA?
Optimize communication by deriving the customer’s individuality, personality, and decision-making tendency with AI.
It is a practical “cloud CRM system” that can really be used in the field. ■ What can be solved with “LBA”
・ Gain a deep understanding of the customer’s individuality and characteristics, leading to the building of trusting relationships – Ability to communicate with customers according to their characteristics ・Improve sales performance of employees
– Enables personalized marketing
・ It becomes possible to create advertisements that match the customer attributes of the company.
■ What “LBA” can do
-1-Compatibility analysis between the person in charge and the customer Based on the data, it is possible to predict what keywords will resonate with the customer’s “personality” and what kind of
presentation they will prefer.
This allows for effective closings and can make a dramatic difference in win rates.
-2- Build trust and improve LTV
By communicating according to the customer’s individuality, the relationship of trust can be strengthened, leading to up-selling, cross-selling, and ultimately LTV improvement.
-3-Customer segment analysis (age/type/trend)
Statistical data can be used to predict customer consumption behavior. Visualized and quantified by gender, age, and type, customer segments work to the advantage.
-4- Timing that is easy to contract
Predict the timing of purchasing decisions.
You can choose a proposal that matches the psychological state of the other party, so you can approach with a higher contract rate. -5-Smooth communication
Visualize the laws of opinion flow in relationships between people. Knowing which types of opinions are easy to pass from the perspective of the target audience, relationships with customers, and mutual relationships between teams are useful for smooth communication. -6-Customer analysis report
You can download the analysis results as a report.
In addition, LBA (https://cslp.logic-brain.co.jp/lba2103) continues to be developed to further evolve, and we plan to announce a completely renewed version in the spring of 2023.
-Personalized approach made possible only by date of birth-December 1st (Thursday) 14: 00-15: 00
[Image 4

Can the customer information collected by many companies through various efforts be utilized for better customer service?
As you can see from the survey result that “age”, “gender”, and “date of birth” are the top 3 most useful (underutilized) customer information, the list contains detailed customer information. Despite this, you may feel that it is difficult to use it in the actual field. In this seminar, Mr. Matsukuma, who has increased the contract rate from 30% to 70% by using our cloud marketing tool “LBA”, will talk about how to use it and success stories. Our representative, Mr. Hattori, will introduce “LBA”, which can identify the individuality of customers based on their date of birth.
With just one piece of information, the date of birth, sales preparation, approach, closing and follow-up will change greatly. Please confirm the credibility in the content of the success story. ■ Participation Target: General
■ Date: Thursday, December 1, 2022
■ Hours: 14:00-15:00
■ Location: Online
■ Lecturer: Yasuhiro Matsukuma / Life Meister Co., Ltd. Saga branch office manager (scheduled to assume office in January 2023)
Masato Hattori / Logic Brain Co., Ltd. President and CEO
■ Participation fee: Free
Details: https://www.logic-brain.jp/4FWFA5G0
Click here to participate in the seminar: https://ws.formzu.net/dist/S18338529/ About Logic Brain Inc.
[Image 5

1: System provision
Customer analysis and organizational analysis can be understood numerically. ・Internal management
・New target analysis
・Relationship with existing customers
Logic Brain provides analysis results narrowed down from 34.56 million trends based on the results of our own long-term research. By making appropriate decisions with AI, we support staff placement, capture of new targets, and existing customer relationships.
■ We will provide an analysis system that meets your purpose. ・Personality diagnosis application that makes full use of AI for management TOiTOi: https://cslp.logic-brain.co.jp/toitoi2103
・Personality diagnosis application using AI for marketing
Logic Brain Application (LBA): https://cslp.logic-brain.co.jp/lba2103 We offer systems that are suitable for both management and marketing. 2: Education
You can educate human resources who can use the logic brain engine from the basics to practice, and use it for in-house training. “What is personality like?”
From its structure to its characteristics and habits, learn from the basics in an easy-to-understand curriculum course.
By doing so, you will be able to understand the differences between yourself and others, and reflect and practice the logic brain engine. For example, you can expect the following results.
・You will be able to conduct business negotiations smoothly
・In dealing with subordinates, you can know the role of work that should be given to members
・You will be able to understand how to raise the motivation of each person 3: Consulting
Recruitment, marketing, management… We will follow up with consulting until you understand each area covered by “Logic Brain Engine” and until you can use it.
In addition to the basics such as how to use the application, we will follow up until the Logic Brain Engine permeates the company and produces results, including how to use the system in recruitment, marketing, and management.
■ Logic Brain Co., Ltd.: https://www.logic-brain.jp/
■ Cloud marketing tool [LBA]: https://cslp.logic-brain.co.jp/lba2103 ■ Contact: https://www.logic-brain.jp/contact
■ TEL: 092-287-9378 (10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays)
Survey outline: Survey on “collection and utilization of customer information” [Survey period] November 4, 2022 (Friday) to November 7, 2022 (Monday) [Survey method] Internet survey
[Number of people surveyed] 1,037 people
[Survey target] Sales promotion marketing staff of BtoC companies or stores [Monitor provider] General Research

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