L’Oreal Professional “Scalp Superior” shampoo & treatment developed based on the voices of scalp care prof essionals in three Asian countries New release on Thursday, November 24, 2022

L’Oreal Professional
“Scalp Superior” shampoo & treatment developed based on the voices of scalp care professionals in three Asian countries New release on Thursday, November 24, 2022
The scalp care market for women is growing at about twice the rate of men’s after COVID-19 and is attracting attention

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Since its birth in Paris, France, L’Oreal Professional, a professional pioneer who has continued to support hairdressers, will launch a “Scalp Superior” shampoo and treatment that approaches scalp problems on November 24, 2022 (Thursday). will be released.
“Scalp Superior” was developed based on the voices of scalp care professionals representing three Asian countries in order to understand various scalp conditions. From Japan, Mr. Taku Orii, top stylist of “tricca”, is involved in the development.
■ Since Corona, the scalp care market for women is growing at about twice the speed of men
Since COVID-19, the scalp care market has grown at 6% for men and 11% for women, about twice as fast as for men*1. According to L’Oréal’s own survey, it was found that one in two women “feel that their scalp is sensitive * 1”, so we feel that women’s scalp care needs are increasing, and many people’s scalp and scalp While listening to the voices of beauticians facing each other, we decided to develop new scalp care products.
*1 Fuji Keizai “Cosmetics Marketing Directory 2022” Scalp care market size. *2 L’Oréal research. Based on a 2019 survey of 15,560 Japanese women aged 15 to 74 who answered that 53% of the women said their scalp was very sensitive or that their scalp was a little sensitive.
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■ The turnover rate of the scalp is about twice that of other parts – that’s why regular cleansing and care are important
The scalp has the highest amount of sebum secretion in the body *3, and the normal skin turnover is 26 days, but the scalp is short at 10 days, so regular cleansing and scalp care are important. On the other hand, the scalp has a more developed network of capillaries than other parts, and there are hundreds of receptors per square centimeter, so it is sensitive to discomfort and the relaxing effect of massage is also high. is important.
*3 Sebum secretion per square centimeter is 150-500μg/cm²
■Contains beauty ingredients such as the much-talked-about “niacinamide” -Niacinamide (skin conditioning ingredient-
Ingredients used in skin care. A type of B vitamins. Approaches dryness, skin barrier function (keratin), rough skin, and supports a healthy scalp.
-Glycerin (moisturizing ingredient*4)-
Replenishes moisture to dry scalp. Gently soothes rough scalp due to dryness. It softens the scalp and prevents moisture from evaporating. *4 Contains treatment only
-Aphanizomenon Floss Acue Extract (Healthy Ingredient)-
An extract obtained from a type of blue-green algae. Approach the scalp and support a healthy scalp.
■ Comments from professional scalp and dermatologists
“tricca” top stylist Mr. Taku Orii
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Scalp care is the foundation for healthy hair. If the foundation is not healthy, good hair design and beautiful hair will not be born, so I think that the industry as a whole needs to raise awareness of scalp care.
Dermatologist Tomoko Kobayashi
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We tend to think that the scalp and face are two different things, but since both are connected by a single piece of skin, the importance of care is the same. It is important to maintain just the right amount of moisture and sebum and take proper scalp care.
■ Product information
A scalp cleansing shampoo that gently cleanses the sensitive scalp. Approach the discomfort of the scalp. For soft and moisturized hair. [Image 5d43283-50-cebceaea01a607da7581-3.jpg&s3=43283-50-af9ad0af066670da8cf46fe3ebb04ef7-339x311.jpg
Product Name: Scalp Superior Shampoo
Suggested retail price: 300mL 2,530 yen (tax included) / 500mL 3,740 yen (tax included)
How to use: After wetting the hair and scalp sufficiently, take an appropriate amount and apply it to the entire hair and scalp. Wash so that the foam spreads over the entire hair and rinse well.
A treatment that moisturizes the hair while protecting the delicate scalp. Approach the discomfort of the scalp.
For soft, moisturized hair while providing a comfortable freshness to the scalp. [Image 6d43283-50-d4b0c757536cdceaae62-4.jpg&s3=43283-50-68f873933c716b4f96f90b102ef2951b-335x368.jpg
Product name: Scalp Superior Treatment
Name by type: Treatment
Suggested retail price: 200mL 2,090 yen (tax included)
How to use: After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount all over the hair and scalp and massage it in. Then rinse well.
-Fresh and clean Normandy blue scent with citrus notes-
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About L’Oreal Professional
Since its birth in Paris, France 111 years ago, L’Oreal Professional is a salon exclusive brand that continues to lead the beauty industry worldwide.
In 1907, a young chemist, Eugène Schoeller, succeeded in developing the world’s first safe synthetic hair coloring agent, Oreal. Two years later, in 1909, the company he founded was the predecessor of the L’Oréal Group, the world’s largest cosmetics company.
L’Oreal Professional, which draws on the roots of the L’Oreal Group, has been recognized as a leading global brand in the hair care industry since its birth, and is currently used by approximately 1 million hairdressers in 66 countries around the world. increase. The history of working with top hair artists around the world means a strong connection with fashion. As a backstage partner of collections held in major fashion cities such as Paris, New York, London, Milan and Tokyo, L’Oreal Professional continues to transmit trends from the cutting edge.
L’Oréal Professionnel will continue to contribute to the salon industry and artists by providing advanced technology and high-quality services, and to support the beauty of women all over the world. L’Oreal Professional Official Website: https://www.loreal-professionnel.jp L’Oreal Professional Japan Official Instagram: @lorealpro_education_japan L’Oreal Professional Japan Official Twitter: @lorealprojp
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