Louis Vuitton collaborates with Lego (R) Master Builder for the 2022 holiday season

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Louis Vuitton collaborates with Lego (R) Master Builder for the 2022 holiday season

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(C) Louis Vuitton Malletier
Louis Vuitton is pleased to announce a collaboration with Master Builder, a Lego (R) certified professional who decorates holiday season windows and store displays around the world. Until January 1, 2023 (Sunday/holiday), the iconic LEGO (R) block will be used to create a festive scene that celebrates the essence of imagination and creation.
A number of colorful three-dimensional scenes, conceived by Louis Vuitton’s visual image studio and realized by Lego (R) certified professionals, began with the trunk of the project “LOUIS 200” commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of founder Louis. The creative exchange–the LEGO (R) Group produced a huge birthday cake using 31,700 blocks as a visionary member–will evolve further. LEGO (R) Certified Pros are a group of inspiring LEGO (R) builders who have turned professionals with a passion for the “LEGO (R) System in Play”. He is often called a master builder because he is the creative brain behind the many large-scale LEGO (R) builds that excite people around the world.
On this occasion, which coincides with the 90th anniversary of the LEGO (R) Group, a collaboration that attracts people inside and outside the Louis Vuitton store will be developed on a global scale. The snow-covered Christmas tree immediately reminds us of winter, and the brightly colored Damier pattern emerges from the blocky
background. Trunk panels of various variations, such as trunks specially made for high jewelry, are set in LEGO (R) tiles, and there are also realistic hardware and handles. Some trunks are closed, others are open with blocks inside.
In addition, a magical dream scene reminiscent of Paris during the holiday season, which precisely reproduces the Arc de Triomphe and Pont Neuf, will appear. Inspired by archival photographs, the Eiffel Tower is reminiscent of a larger-than-life trunk piled up-this is a world full of fantasy that shows the infinite possibilities of LEGO (R) play.
On a gigantic scale, festive exterior designs ranging from 2-15m accented with blocks are added to the façades of some Maisons to further enhance their appeal. On a very small scale, the Lego (R) motif will appear in a special package for this period.
The collaboration with a LEGO (R) certified professional who interpreted the world of Louis Vuitton with imagination beyond the frame gives off a powerful and unwavering message to handmade creations. The intersection of the traditions of the two brands finds a joyful expression in just one block or in millions of blocks. The used blocks will be reused through local partners after demolition, providing a build-and-learn opportunity through play that inspires local school children.
Contact: Louis Vuitton Client Service T 0120 00 1854
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(C) Louis Vuitton Malletier
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