LOVE FM Fukuoka Ropponmatsu “Ajipon (R)” NO.1 Championship “”Ajipon (R)” Matsu” starts tomorrow!

Fukuoka Ropponmatsu “Ajipon (R)” NO.1 Championship ““Ajipon (R)” Matsu” starts tomorrow!

Love FM planned and produced the “Ajipon (R)” NO. In Fukuoka, a place related to “Ajipon (R)”, we will collaborate with Mizkan to
commemorate the birthday of “Ajipon (R)” on Thursday, November 10th. In addition to planning and producing events, Love FM will develop radio such as radio 1DAY jack.
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15 popular restaurants offer original “Ajipon (R)” dishes ““Ajipon (R)” Matsu” Event Overview
Period: November 10th (Thursday) to December 4th (Sunday)
Participating stores: (in alphabetical order)
(1) Asian Food Imu Kitchen
(2) Izakaya Tokuya
(3) Oshima Ramen Azumaya
(4) Smash fish with magnolia leaves
(5) Food dream workshop SAIBEI
(6) Public Bar Ropponmatsu Goen
(7) Tristand Bar NiCE
(8) Tonkatsu Pork Bonpei Ropponmatsu
(9) Hormone Tavern Roppeko
(10) Yakitori Hotarujaya
(11) Yakiniku Specialty Tanaka Meat Shop Ropponmatsu
(12) Yamamoto Hamburg Ropponmatsu
(13) Ropponmatsu Pikaichi
(14) Ropponpon
(15) Japanese Pasta Tobacco Shop
Click here for a map of participating stores in “Ajipon (R) Matsu”
No. 1 is determined by two types of judging methods!
1. Audience Award: Web voting → 2. Mizkan Award: Judging by actual food by Mizkan masked judges Done in 30 seconds! You can win luxurious gifts such as travel tickets by voting.
From the original “Ajipon (R)” dishes of 15 stores, those who voted for the “Ajipon (R)” dish with the most votes in the Audience Award will receive a travel ticket and an assortment of Mizkan products for one person by lottery. To do.
Entry menu: Please check below on this page
Audience Award: Vote → Application deadline: Sunday, December 4, 2022
* Personal information registered in the application will not be used for purposes other than sending gifts. In addition, we will not provide it to a third party. *The announcement of the winners will be changed when the prizes are shipped.
entry menu
● Yum Pong Saeng
[Image 2

Deep-fried root vegetables Ajidashi butter ponzu sauce
[Image 3

●Pon hot soup noodles
[Image 4

● “Ajipon” terrine-style salad
[Image 5

Tuna and salmon tartar salad (“Ajipon” basil dressing)
[Image 6

● Stamina Pon Q Re
[Image 7

Japanese-style Ponpic
[Image 8

Refreshing hot and sour soup (Sanratan) with fluffy eggs
[Image 9

●Wagyu Beef Horpon Tsukemen
[Image 10

Ponzu croquette with plenty of mountain yam
[Image 11

● “Ajipon” is the decisive factor!? Exquisite yakiniku sauce [Image 12

● “Ajipon” Whole fragrant camembert cheese wrapped in bacon
[Image 13

Mackerel “Ajipon” boiled in plum wine
[Image 14

Ropponpon’s oil chicken
[Image 15

●Oil sardine with edible “Ajipon” sauce
[Image 16

“Ajipon (R)” Matsu” entry menu recipe
★ Japanese cuisine ★Western food version ★ Asia version
LOVE FM 1DAY SPECIAL! Congratulations on the birth of Mizkan presents “Ajipon (R)”! !
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