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-Lumine Singapore 5th Anniversary Reception Party Report-
~Aiming for further growth as a curator who promotes Japanese brands overseas~
Lumine Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Makoto Takahashi) will celebrate its 5th anniversary on Saturday, November 26, 2022 at Lumine Singapore, its first overseas store. Prior to the anniversary, we would like to inform you about the progress and future prospects along with the report of the reception party held on November 4th (Friday).
What is Lumine Singapore?
Lumine Singapore is a concept store that opened in November 2017 in a commercial building in Clarke Quay, a prominent tourist area along the Singapore River, as Lumine’s first overseas store. The main target is working women in Singapore who are highly ambitious and full of curiosity.
Overview of the 5th anniversary event
[Date and time] November 4, 2022 (Friday) * Both events will be held in an invitation-only closed format.
Part 1 (for business partners) 15:00-17:00
Part 2 (for our own customers) 17:00-20:00
[Location] Lumine Singapore store gallery space
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Facebook Page:
[Details] Networking with invited guests, implementation of day-only sales for customers
[Event Report]
The event will be held in two parts, the first part will be for business partners such as our business partners, local media, and influencers, and the second part will be for customers of stores that have supported us since opening. A total of about 120 people attended. The party will be held in the gallery space of the store, which is designed in the image of a Japanese botanic garden and surrounded by flower arrangements. Visitors will be provided light meals, sake and tea tasting demonstrations by each sponsor, and an original photo booth. They enjoyed communication at large-scale events such as photo shoots. We received congratulations from a wide range of guests, including not only local business partners in Singapore, but also the CEOs of major business partners from Japan.
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Lumine Singapore History and Prospects
Lumine Singapore opened in November 2017 as Lumine Co., Ltd.’s first overseas store. Located in a vibrant Southeast Asian market, Singapore is an ideal environment to introduce not only popular brands in Japan, but also up-and-coming brands to city dwellers around the world. After the opening of the store and the corona crisis, we were able to resonate with the locals and provide opportunities for fresh collaborations in the fashion industry in Singapore.
LUMINE Singapore now houses more than 45 Japanese brands and 13 Singaporean brands. At the timing of the 1st anniversary in 2018, we started “LUMINE SINGAPORE SELECTION” as a new initiative, and are collaborating with local brands in a wide range of categories, not only apparel, but also food, jewelry, and lifestyle.
In line with the timing of the 5th anniversary this time, three new Japanese brands have started working on in-store pop-ups. Each brand has its own unique concept, which is still new in Singapore, and is well received by local customers. Even for brands that have no experience of expanding overseas, we have prepared a complete sales system through detailed product orders by local buyers, detailed customer service by staff, and a marketing plan that is familiar with designs and approaches that are accepted locally. I’m here. In addition, we aim to expand the market and create synergies by further strengthening cooperation with Lumine Jakarta, our second overseas store.
We will continue to actively introduce brands that have high potential to be accepted in the local market, regardless of the transaction status at LUMINE in Japan or the scale of the business. LUMINE Singapore aims to comprehensively transmit Japanese culture and establish itself as a global platform for Japanese brands to transmit to the world.
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[New] Introduction of Japanese brands
1. Alpaca and flowers
A Japanese accessory brand that makes jewelry from real flowers and leaves. The three-dimensional beauty of nature is expressed with a design that captures the delicate details of plants. In line with the concept of Lumine Singapore’s 5th anniversary event, the store was decorated gorgeously with cherry-colored sake and glasses, along with products of the same brand with a cherry blossom motif.
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Select bags from popular brands that are open at Lumine Shinjuku Lumine 2. The edgy classic silhouette, luxurious feel and bags made of high-quality materials have been well received not only by LUMINE Singapore customers but also by new customers. A burgundy color is also available as a LUMINE Singapore exclusive color.
[Image 11d3279-99-6a3174eaea08e2b6f150-14.png&s3=3279-99-d6010b505ab6fe3d9e9d2ea201fdb327-825x522.png
High quality and modern sandals brand from Nara Prefecture. In Singapore, Lumine Singapore will be the first store to handle it. The sturdy silhouette made of PVC material and the design of the top finished with genuine leather combine comfort and luxury. In Singapore, where the summer is everlasting, this is a must-see brand. [Image 12d3279-99-c9db72ecf6027f675791-12.jpg&s3=3279-99-e6cd48d2c042466bc5d3a7fc1b0789a7-578x867.jpg

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