Luna Doctor Co., Ltd. Business alliance with Luna Doctor and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical “Sarasaty” in the femtech field

Luna Doctor Co., Ltd.
Business alliance with Luna Doctor and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical “Sarasaty” in the femtech field
Aiming to build a simple self-check system for “crishes”

Luna Doctor Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mayu Kinto, hereinafter Luna Doctor) and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President: Akihiro Kobayashi, hereinafter Kobayashi Pharmaceutical) Both companies have the same desire to support women’s self-care and health, and have started a business alliance.
In the future, while utilizing the knowledge of both companies and the technology and know-how related to “pencils”, we will build a simple self-check system for “pencils” and work to support women’s health. Details will be released as soon as they are decided.


About Luna Doctor
Luna Doctor is a health tech company that uses the power of technology to solve problems in the medical field, such as developing an online medical system. The conventional gynecological medical care is often troublesome and troublesome, and the problem is that women’s diseases have been overlooked.・We aim to provide services and products. In December 2021, we will start selling “FemCHECK,” a service that allows you to easily check for abnormal vaginal discharge at home without going to a gynecologist.
About Kobayashi Pharmaceutical
Under the corporate brand slogan of “Giving form to what would be nice to have”, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has provided “comfort” to people and society by creating unprecedented new markets. Released in 1988, Japan’s first housewife sheet “Sarasaty” was born with a focus on the troubles that people are too embarrassed to talk about, and has been supporting women’s healthy and comfortable lives for over 30 years. I’m here. In recent years, we have been working on proposals for self-care for vaginal discharge, such as the launch of the vaginal cleansing gel “Sarasaty Clean,” which cleanses the vaginal environment by cleaning vaginal discharge and vaginal discharge that is a concern. -Related information-
・ Luna Doctor Co., Ltd. corporate site
・Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. corporate site
・ “Sarasaty” brand site

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