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Lup Co., Ltd. Limited to first-time users! “Trial Ride Festival” held for free rides up to 60 minutes 5 times

Luup Co., Ltd.
First-timers only! “Trial Ride Festival” held for free rides up to 60 minutes 5 times
-Limited to the Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama areas from November 7th (Monday) to November 13th (Sunday)-

Luup Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Daiki Okai, hereinafter “Luup”) is limited to the Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama areas, and those who ride LUUP for the first time can take 60 minutes during the campaign period. A “Trial Ride Festival” will be held from November 7th (Monday) to November 13th (Sunday), 2022, where you can use LUUP for free up to 5 times.
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About two and a half years have passed since the launch of LUUP, and the number of ports and users are growing steadily. LUUP’s electric scooters and electric assist bicycles allow you to move efficiently when you are a little far from the station on foot or when other means of transportation are limited. In addition, you can enjoy the surrounding scenery while riding, which will lead to an opportunity to learn about the new attractions of the city. In order to create an opportunity for those who have never used LUUP to know the experience that can be obtained through such LUUP, we have held a “trial ride festival”.
In the comfortable autumn weather, please enjoy your first ride with LUUP, not only for daily transportation, but also for sightseeing using the current nationwide travel support.
“Trial ride festival” details
November 7, 2022 (Monday) 12:00 to November 13, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59 *Subject to change or cancellation without notice. Please note. Target area
Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama area
Target audience
Limited to those who use LUUP for the first time.
Those who have ridden even once in the past are not eligible. Campaign details
During the campaign period, if you ride LUUP for the first time, you will get a total of 5 rides within 60 minutes free, including the first ride.
【way to participate】
Download the LUUP app and register as a user. If you haven’t ridden before, you can start your ride normally and it will automatically start with 60 minutes free. In addition, although it is necessary to register a credit card for user registration, you will not be charged if you ride within 60 minutes.
If the usage time exceeds 60 minutes, the normal charge (15
yen/minute) will be charged for rides after 60 minutes.
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[Image 3

How to use LUUP
Please read before riding. The video also explains in detail, so if you feel even a little uneasy, please take a look.
● How to use the app
1. Download “LUUP” and register as a member. Download link:
2. If you would like to use an electric scooter, please register your driver’s license and take the traffic rules test from the account settings screen.
3. Find the port you want to start your ride from on the map screen. From the port details screen, you can confirm that the port has an electric scooter and a small electric assist bicycle.
4. When you arrive at the port, press the “Unlock” button to activate the camera and scan the QR code of the electric scooter or small electric assist bicycle you want to ride.
5. Select your destination port and reserve your return location. The destination port can be changed later.
6. When the smart lock is unlocked, the aircraft will make a sound and the speed display LCD will turn on. Enjoy your ride safely.
7. When you arrive at the destination port, please return it within the frame. 8. After sending the return photo, the payment will be completed and the ride will end.
Other Usage guide for electric scooters:
Watch a video of the traffic rules for e-scooters:
[Video 3: ]
● How to ride an electric kickboard
1. Kick off the ground to gain initial speed and place both feet. 2. Slowly press the accelerator to accelerate.
3. You can bend gently while kicking the ground with your feet. *Under this special measure, when walking with an electric kickboard, it is considered a pedestrian. When turning right on a road with a lot of traffic, get off the electric scooter once at the intersection and push the crosswalk to cross.
4. There is a brake at hand, similar in shape to a bicycle. Apply the brakes slowly when coming to a stop. It is also possible to stop on your feet.
Others Watch the video on how to ride an electric scooter:
[Video 4:] If you have any trouble during the ride or have any questions about inviting friends, please contact us using the inquiry form in the app. [About Luup Co., Ltd.]
Luup Co., Ltd. will create a new short-distance transportation infrastructure that will “station front” the whole city through a sharing service for electric, small, single-seater micromobility. Currently, we are providing a high-density sharing service for electric scooters and electric assist bicycles in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Yokohama. We will reduce CO2 emissions through the spread of electric micro-mobility, introduce new electric mobility that even the elderly can ride, and create a sustainable society where everyone can move safely and conveniently.
・ Location: 4th floor, AKIHABARA CENTRAL SQUARE, 3-21-24 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Representative: Daiki Okai
・Established: July 2018
・ URL:
・ App download URL:
* The LUUP app can be used on devices with iOS 14 or later, iPhone 6 or later, and Android OS 8.0 or later.
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