M-Force Co., Ltd. “9segs(R)︎ central index NPI and market share research” was selected for the Journal o f Marketing Analytics, an international journal of marketing analytics.

M-Force Co., Ltd.
“9segs(R)︎ Central Index NPI and Market Share Research” Adopted by Journal of Marketing Analytics, an International Journal of Marketing Analytics

M-Force Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yu Cho, hereinafter M-Force) announced on November 11, 2022 about the central indicator NPI of 9segs (R) ︎ and other existing indicators. We are pleased to inform you that a research paper on the explanatory power of market share and practical application has been accepted by the Journal of Marketing Analytics, an international journal of marketing analytics. M-Force will continue to provide support for sustainable business growth through research and development of various theories and software, including the
development of practical KPIs, with the aim of disseminating customer-oriented PDCA.
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What is Journal of Marketing Analytics?
The Journal of Marketing Analytics is an international journal published by Springer Nature, with researchers including Mr. Byron Sharp, who has been attracting attention in Japan in recent years, and practitioners including P&G participating as an editor board. It is also included in both the Web of Science and SCOPUS scientific literature databases of authoritative journals.
https://www.palgrave.com/gp/journal/41270/about/editorial-board About accepted papers
“Selection versus scale: Loyalty indices for brand management”  Takumi Kato, Nobu Takenaka, Rie Ito, Kazuki Nishiguchi
-Translation of title-
“Choice vs. Measure: Loyalty Indicators for Brand Management”  Takumi Kato, Nobu Takenaka, Rie Ito, Kazuki Nishiguchi
・While setting appropriate KPIs is essential for sustainable business growth, marketing KPIs use various indicators such as recognition and favorability. However, in many cases, these indicators are used without adequately verifying their ability to explain business growth. R)︎ (next purchase intention)” and “u-NPI (customer’s next purchase intention)” have been investigated and researched.
・This paper is a joint research by M-Force announced in March 2021 by M-Force and Macromill Co., Ltd., and is a major KPI of 9segs (R), “NPI (R) (next purchase intention)”. based on data that showed market share and stronger explanatory power than traditional KPIs such as “recognition” and “favorability”.
-Released in March 2021: Identified new KPIs effective in expanding market share-
-Follow-up survey release in May 2022: NPI(R) by 9segs(R) confirmed its superiority as a leading indicator of market share expansion- https://mforce.jp/news/519.html
・In addition, in this research, we will discuss the universality and practicality of NPI in depth, and aim to widely share useful knowledge from both academic and practical perspectives. I received the cooperation of Mr.
-Paper URL-
https://link.springer.com/article/10.1057/s41270-022-00191-6 About future development
In the future, with the aim of disseminating customer-oriented PDCA, we will continue to conduct the following research on the development of practical KPIs. 2) Overseas expansion that makes use of the characteristics of NPI, which enables international comparison, 3) We will support the introduction of the 9segs(R) method, including NPI, as a PDCA basis for the entire company.
-Future research topics-
 1. Verification of effectiveness in major markets outside Japan with expanded target countries
2. Causal inference after controlling financial indicators
3. Quantitative verification of the relationship between the amount of change in NPI (R) (next purchase intention) and market share in a specific category
Comment from co-researcher Takumi Kato, full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Commerce, Meiji University
NPS is one of the representative indicators of brand management. However, in Japan, where there is a tendency to avoid both ends of the scale, the NPS becomes a negative value and does not function well. As a result, when comparing the same brand across multiple countries, it is difficult to make judgments because the difference in response trends due to national characteristics rather than the superiority of the brand has a large impact. They also risk losing share while maintaining scores because they don’t provide comparisons to competing products and services. In order to compare with competitors, it is necessary to increase the number of questions by the number of brands, which increases the burden on respondents. Therefore, in this study, we propose an index (NPI) that adopts the format of selecting brands instead of scales, solves the problem of national character, greatly reduces the number of questions, and has high explanatory power for sales share. Indicated.
As pointed out at the time of publication in March 2021, the data used in this research (1) was not controlled by financial indicators such as R&D expenses and advertising expenses, and (2) performance from a long-term perspective. (3) the applicability in other countries has not been verified. On the other hand, the fact that this research was published in the Journal of Marketing Analytics in the face of these challenges is a welcome recognition of the academic and practical value of this research and the validity of its approach. In the future, it is hoped that the above issues will continue to be addressed, and that the index will be developed as a simple yet highly explanatory indicator.
Doctor of Business Administration, full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Commerce, Meiji University. 2012 Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Administration Engineering. 2017 Graduate School of Business Science, University of Tsukuba Master’s Program, 2019 Ph.D. After graduating from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda), and Saitama University Graduate School of Economics and Management, assumed current position. He is a member of the American Marketing
Association, Management Information Society, Japan Society of Kansei Engineering, Japan Design Society, and Japan Marketing Society. He has received numerous awards, including the Japan Marketing Association Journal Encouragement Award, Best Oral Paper Award, and the Artificial Intelligence Society Research Group Excellence Award.
Comment from Kazuki Nishiguchi, Director (Co-Founder) of M-Force Co., Ltd. The 9segs(R) framework centered on NPI was developed while evaluating various indicators in practice, and after that, we were able to achieve continuous business growth at various companies. Since it was released to the public in 2019 in “Customer-Oriented Marketing” (Shoeisha Publishing), it has been used by various companies, and the scope of use has expanded not only to BtoC but also to BtoB, leading to continuous results. . I am very pleased that not only my practical achievements but also my universal value beyond Japan is recognized in such an academic context. In the future, we hope that NPI and 9segs will be utilized all over the world in order to achieve continuous results in more companies.
About 9segs(R) and 9segs(R) Analyzer provided by M-Force
What is 9segs(R)?
9segs(R) is a method of simply breaking down all customers, including your company and competitors, into “9 customer segments” and acquiring customer psychology and behavioral data all at once. It is possible to formulate a customer strategy (WHO & WHAT) (R) based on a deep understanding of the customer and acquire various KPIs including NPI required for PDCA operation. By introducing and operating PDCA of customer strategy (WHO & WHAT) (R) using regular 9segs (R), we will give the organization a common customer understanding and strategic focus, and become a compass for sustainable business growth. increase. [Image 2

What is 9segs(R) Analyzer?
It is an operation tool that facilitates the introduction and operation of 9segs(R), allowing even inexperienced people and organizations to easily create and realize ideas faster for
experienced people and organizations. It has the following features.  Anyone can use it: With simple operation, anyone involved in the business can follow the professional thought process to understand customers, formulate strategies, and penetrate the organization. Time reduction: Significantly reduces the learning and execution time required for 9segs (R) operation, which is easier said than done Idea creation and realization: New ideas are born by “more people involved in 9segs (R)” and “high-speed hypothesis verification”, and the probability of realizing them as an organization without missing them is increased.
Thorough support: Onboarding, including various concepts of 9segs(R) and how to use 9segs(R) Analyzer, as well as various customer-oriented PDCA training will be provided free of charge as needed.
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[M-Force company profile]
Company name: M-Force Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Yu Cho
Address: 18-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Hillside Terrace F-201 Established: January 2019
Business description: Development, provision, introduction, and operational support of “PDCA for Customer Strategy (WHO & WHAT) (R)” support tools that bring about sustainable business growth
Website: https://mforce.jp
Details about this release:


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