Machida City Hall Machida City, Tokyo The “Tokyo Machida Open Innovation Program” by the Machida New Industr y Creation Center and Creww will start on November 21, 2022 

Machida City Hall
[Machida City, Tokyo] The “Tokyo Machida Open Innovation Program” by the Machida New Industry Creation Center and Creww will start on November 21, 2022
Nationwide start-up recruitment

Machida New Industry Creation Center Co., Ltd., an industry support organization of Machida City, will launch the “Tokyo Machida Open Innovation Program” (hereinafter, this program) with Creww Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Ten Ijichi, hereinafter, “Creww”) in 2022. It started on Monday, November 21, 2018.
◆ Machida City Industrial Promotion Plan 19-28 ~ If you want to challenge yourself, start from Machida in Tokyo! ~ [Image 1

About “Tokyo Machida Open Innovation Program”
This program utilizes both the diverse and abundant management resources of local companies based in Machida City, Tokyo and its surrounding areas, and the new ideas and innovative technologies of startups (*1) nationwide to create new businesses.・It will be implemented for the purpose of co-creating services and innovating existing businesses.
Along with the start of this program, a dedicated website will be opened on the Creww website, and we will start recruiting
collaboration proposals for startups nationwide. Starting with the selection of collaboration proposals, the promotion of matching and commercialization will be held online (Creww’s platform). After about half a year of the program, we plan to hold a results report meeting in July 2023.
Several local companies are planning to participate in this program, and startup entry by Kazuhiro Co., Ltd., which has decided to participate, has started. In the future, we plan to publish on the same site local companies in the Machida area that are enthusiastic about open innovation (* 2).
*1 A fast-growing company that challenges existing markets by creating an unprecedented business model with unique technologies and ideas. *2 A mechanism for co-creating innovative businesses and services by not only relying on the company’s own management resources and technologies, but also by collaborating with external parties. Outline of “Tokyo Machida Open Innovation Program”
[Image 2

scheme diagram
1 Entry page:
2 Companies eligible for entry:
All domestic and foreign start-up companies. Any industry.
3 Program schedule:
From November to February 2022 Sequentially recruiting entries for local companies going public and startups
July 2023 (tentative) Results presentation
4 Company profile of local company
♦Wahiro Co., Ltd.
Although we are mainly active in railway-related businesses, we are conducting research and development on a daily basis to see if we can apply the technologies and products that we have cultivated to date in other fields. I would like to increase the number of my colleagues and create a manufacturing industry in which SMEs can compete with large corporations. This time, with the theme of “Challenging manufacturing for the new era,” we will take on the challenge of creating businesses that contribute to manufacturing, regional revitalization, and the global environment.
*Until December 9th (Friday), we are accepting entries for
collaboration proposals from startups on the entry page.
5 Organizer:
Machida New Industry Creation Center, Creww
* About Machida New Industry Creation Center Co., Ltd.
At the Machida New Industry Creation Center, experienced incubation managers are available for people of all ages who want to start a business, from consulting on starting a business such as creating a business plan, starting a business, and management, to specialized consultation on market expansion and fundraising. We provide one-stop, meticulous support at all times. There are plenty of facilities such as incubation floors and individual booths that can be used according to the purpose and stage of starting a business. and other research institutes are deepening exchanges.
[URL] *About Creww Co., Ltd.
Creww Co., Ltd. has a vision of “creating an era of great challenges.” offers. Since its founding in 2012, we have implemented open innovation programs with more than 300 companies, local governments and startups, and have realized about 1000 collaborations so far. Currently, approximately 6,500 startups are registered on the open innovation platform operated by Creww. Based on top-class domestic achievements, we are implementing the “47 (Yonana) Cruise Project” to promote open innovation between local companies with management resources rooted in the region and startups.
About Machida City, Tokyo
[Image 3d52170-280-1c0b8338c06e01908788-0.jpg&s3=52170-280-2bf8ace9234c75c7d2fe0c9713f9e0d3-415x507.jpg
Machida City, with a population of about 430,000, is located in the southern part of Tokyo, about 30 minutes by train from the city center. The area around Machida Station is lined with large-scale commercial facilities, and the shopping district that has flourished since ancient times is still alive. If you leave the station a little, you will find a lot of nature, such as satoyama scenery, parks full of greenery, and farmlands where local vegetables are grown. It is a town where you can enjoy both the convenience of the city and nature. ◆ Machida City HP
Machida City Promotion (Machida City official) @machida_cp

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