Made-to-order frozen cake ‘Shibare Pre’ by ISHIYA from ‘Shiroi Koibito’ Released on Friday, November 25 ‘Gateau Fraise Pistache’ filled with strawberries from Ashoro, Hokkaido

Ishiya Confectionery Co., Ltd.
Made-to-order frozen cake ‘Shibare Pre’ by ISHIYA of ‘Shiroi Koibito’ [Released on Friday, November 25] ‘Gateau Fraise Pistache’ filled with strawberries from Ashoro, Hokkaido
~ Just in time for Christmas! From Hokkaido to the whole country, “deliciousness that can only be achieved by freezing”! ~

Ishiya Confectionery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters / Nishi-ku, Sapporo / President So Ishimizu) will release a frozen cake “Gateau Phrase Pistache” limited to online shops from 14:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022.
We want you to enjoy your time at home and casual moments of everyday life with special sweets. From such thoughts, the frozen cake “Shibare Pre” was born.
Together with “Montblanc” and “Mille-feuille”, which were sold last year and have been a hot topic in the media, we have three products. The “Gateau Phrase Pistache” to be released this time is packed with three delicious commitments, such as jelly, white chocolate cream, and pistachio-flavored dough using strawberries from Hokkaido.
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1. Uses “Sweetie Aman” strawberries from Ashoro, Hokkaido ~Strawberry commitment~
Ashoro-cho, Hokkaido can cultivate delicious strawberries all year round, including summer, thanks to the cool climate of Hokkaido and greenhouse cultivation that utilizes the heat of the local hot springs.
We used plenty of Ashoro strawberries “Sweetie Aman”, which is red in the middle and has a sweet and strong scent.
2. ISHIYA’s original white chocolate cream ~Special attention to the cream~ The white chocolate cream used for the cake is an ISHIYA original. A chocolate cream that contains cream produced in Hokkaido and uses white chocolate from Shiroi Koibito.
I adjusted it so that you can feel the richness of the cream when you eat it with the sour jelly.
3. Pistachio-flavored Duckweed Dough ~Focus on the Dough~
Almonds and pistachios are used for the duckweeds dough, and both frozen and thawed are baked so that you can feel the moist texture. White chocolate cream and pistachio-flavored dough that goes well with strawberries are also carefully selected.
How to enjoy frozen cake
[Semi-thawed: about 3-4 hours]
You can enjoy the ice cream-like texture of white chocolate cream and the crunchy texture of cool “frozen strawberries”.
The pistachio flavor of the duckweed dough and the sweetness of the chocolate cream will spread in your mouth, and the refreshing acidity of the jelly will leave you with a delicious aftertaste.
[after thawing: about 8 hours]
The richness and sweetness of the white chocolate cream and the sourness of the jelly spread in a well-balanced manner in the moist texture of the duckweed dough.
Of course you can defrost it and enjoy it, but ISHIYA recommends half defrosting! Please try to find your favorite defrosting time. Also introduced on ISHIYA official Instagram!
Frozen cake “Shibare Pre” 3 commitments
1. Thoughts put into the brand name “Shibare plaît”
With the idea of ​​“I want you to enjoy the deliciousness of the cake with a texture like ice cream,” “shibareru” means “freeze” in Hokkaido dialect, and “plaît” means “please” in French. It was named after
2. Special home time
We want you to enjoy the casual moments of everyday life with special sweets. I was born from such a thought. For tea time, anniversaries, rewards for yourself, etc., “when you want to eat with people who want to eat”. We will deliver the deliciousness of ISHIYA to customers all over the country.
3. Thoughts on Hokkaido
Since its founding in 1947, ISHIYA has been creating delicious sweets, including Shiroi Koibito, in the low-temperature, low-humidity environment of Hokkaido. Although it looks simple, it is packed with a lot of commitment to taste.
Product Summary
● Product name: Gateau phrase pistache
-Release date: Friday, November 25, 14:00-
● Sales price: 4,968 yen (including tax and shipping)
-Body size: length 150mm x width 150mm x height 60mm
● Sales site: Ishiya Online Shop
[Image 2

[Image 3

●Precautions for ordering and delivery
・A bag for carrying around is not allowed.
・We do not accept wrapping, wrapping, message cards, etc.
・We will deliver by frozen flight of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. ・This product includes shipping.
・Other products such as Shiroi Koibito cannot be included.
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