Magicians gather in Chichibu One-day magic show “Takumi no Magic Show Enchanted” to be held Tickets on sale at Confeti

Long Run Running Co., Ltd.
Magicians gather in Chichibu One-day magic show “Takumi no Magic Show [Enchanted]” to be held Tickets on sale at Confeti
Sanpei Ishiguro, Yonpei Ishiguro, Kraken, etc. From up-and-coming magicians to veteran magicians

“Takumi no Magic Show [Enchanted]” sponsored by the limited liability company T-Box (Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture; representative: Kenichi Kuramochi) will be held on Sunday, February 5, 2023 at the Keyaki Forum on the 2nd floor of Chichibu City Hall (8 Kumakicho, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture). -15).
Tickets are on sale at Confetti (operated by Long Run Planning Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daigo Kurematsu).
Tickets on sale at Confetti
Official homepage
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“Enchanted”, which started in 2021 in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, had more than 200 visitors for the first mobilization despite the corona disaster. This time, we will do a new attempt called a one-day magic show.
A table magic show unfolds in front of you in the morning, and a stage magic show in a hall with a capacity of 300 people in the afternoon will be held at different venues on the same day. From up-and-coming magicians to veteran magicians! There is a different charm, so please enjoy it to the fullest!
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Main guests: Sanpei Ishiguro, Yonpei Ishiguro
Cast: Kraken, Zacky, Toshiaki Tazawa, Yusuke Gomi, Ryosuke
Wakabayashi, Sugiyan, Yoharu Tsujimoto and others
Performer profile

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Sanpei Ishiguro
After studying light theater while in college, he studied pantomime at the Japan Mime Institute for five years from 1983, aiming to become Chaplin.
Since then, he has expanded into a wide range of arts such as magic, traditional Japanese acrobatics, and talk, establishing an original comedy show, spreading laughter all over the country and overseas. [Main appearance]
NHK Rookie Entertainment Contest (NHK)
THE TV Entertainment (TV Asahi)
Ishiguro Yonpei
Currently in the second year of high school and 17 years old. Started working as a professional at the age of 3, and entered the 14th year of his career this year!
More than 100 types of repertoire of tricks with magic with laughter! [Main appearance]
Ravitt (TBS)
Mezamashi TV (Fuji TV)
Request Ranking (TV Asahi)
[Award History]
2020 Tenyo Magic Contest Grand Prix Winner
2022 Japan Cup Rookie of the Year Award, the highest authority in the Japanese magic world
2022 Acquired Heaven Artist and certified as a magician authorized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
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Born in Chichibu City. Born in Minami Elementary School and Second Junior High School, went on to high school in Tokyo, and entered the University of Tokyo at the age of 19. Somehow I met magic there. After graduating, for some reason he went on to become a magician and launched various events.
He is also active behind the scenes in the media, such as technical cooperation for the movie “TRICK” and cooperation in the magic supervision of Heisei Nobushi Kobushi’s nationwide live “Gokonte”. General Incorporated Association Japan Magic Foundation
Director/Secretary General
[Main appearance]
2012 Reverse Kurofune TV! (Nippon Television)
2011 Kin-chan & Shingo Katori’s costume contest (Nippon TV)
2019 Hirunandesu!! (NTV)
[Award History]
2011 Kin-chan & Shingo Katori’s Costume Grand Prix 3rd Place 2011 Kin-chan & Shingo Katori Costume Grand Prix Unforgettable Masterpiece Category 4th Place
2022 Japan Cup Fellowship Award Winner
Supervised and cooperated with the University of Tokyo-style magic tricks (Shufunotomosha)
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Zacky, Toshiaki Tazawa, Yusuke Gomi, Ryosuke Wakabayashi, Sugiyan, Yoharu Tsujimoto
Performance overview
“Takumi’s Magic Show [Enchanted]”
Performance date: Sunday, February 5, 2023
Venue: Chichibu City Hall 2F Keyaki Forum (8-15 Kumakicho, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture)
■ Performance schedule
Sunday, February 5, 2023
10:30-12:00 Tabletop Magic
13:30-15:30 Stage Magic
16:00-18:00 Special social gathering
*Doors open 30 minutes before each performance.
■ Ticket price
Tabletop magic section: 1,500 yen (with reference number)
Stage magic section: 3,500 yen (all seats reserved)
1-day ticket: 8,000 yen
(tax included)
-Canfeti limited-
Stage magic section: 3,500 yen → Confeti seat 2,500 yen!
(All seats reserved, tax included)
Organizer: T-BOX LLC, Chichibu Magic Club
Sponsors: HM LLC, Chichibu City Project Co., Ltd.

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