Majisemi Co., Ltd. “Can information system lead the company’s “strategic data utilization”? Held a web inar on the theme of

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
“Can information system lead the company’s “strategic data
utilization”? Held a webinar on the theme of

Can Majisemi Co., Ltd. lead the company’s “strategic data
utilization”? We will be holding a webinar on the theme.
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■ Importance of data management in DX
In the midst of rapid and dramatic changes in business, we live in a “data utilization era” in which it is impossible to win the
competition without utilizing vast amounts of data to develop business at a stage one step ahead. In order to promote DX, in addition to business data already owned by companies, information that is scattered in various places or has not been digitized, data and logs emitted by sensors, SNS, video, voice, etc. should be accumulated and effectively utilized. is indispensable.
In particular, “data management”, which properly manages data so that it can be used for corporate decision-making, is said to be the foundation of DX success, and is becoming more and more important. ■ Information systems that are not familiar with the business, and the image of data utilization does not come up
In most cases, the department mainly responsible for promoting DX is the information system department.
However, since the main purpose of DX is to utilize data in the business domain, the information system department, which is not directly involved in the company’s business like the business department, does not have an image of how data can be used in business. There are many cases where it does not come out and it is a hindrance to the realization of data management in the promotion of DX.
■ What should be the corporate information system?
As the infrastructure of corporate information systems has migrated to the cloud and software has been replaced by services provided on the cloud such as PaaS and SaaS, the information system department has been responsible for the stable operation of the system as its main task. Roles are also changing.
In particular, the information system of major companies plays a major role in working on business reforms and organizational reforms of companies with an offensive attitude, such as by gathering data that tends to be scattered across departments and utilizing it in formulating management strategies. It is now required as one of the ■ Practical data management starting small
Therefore, in this seminar, Aqua Systems, which has a track record of building more than 500 cases of databases since its establishment in 1998 and has the industry’s top-class database technology, is a company that leads the market as a company that supports the construction of data infrastructure for DX. , We will explain the keys to successful data management, and clarify what to start and how to proceed to promote DX.
Creating an organization is extremely important for achieving data management measures, and we will specifically show the shape and role of a data management organization that can be realized by starting small.
If you are a user company’s information system department who is worried about how to create a data management organization, please join us.
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■ Organizer
Aqua Systems Co., Ltd.
■ Cooperation
Open Source Utilization Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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