Majisemi Co., Ltd. Held a webinar on the theme of “Increasing “forced coming to work” and telework secur ity”

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
Held a webinar on the theme of “Increasing ‘forced coming to work’ and telework security”

Majisemi Co., Ltd. will hold a webinar on the theme of increasing “forced attendance” and telework security.
■ Large companies that have abolished telework and started forced commuting With the convergence of the corona crisis, there is a trend of abolishing telework and forcing people to come to work, mainly in large companies.
Is it really okay to abolish telework in the face of the possibility of employee turnover, declining engagement, and the resurgence of infectious diseases following the resumption of work?
■ If you go back to work five times a week, do you no longer need telework security?
It is easy to imagine that even companies and departments that have come to work five times a week will eventually resume telework. In addition, some IT companies and manufacturing industries are consistently promoting telework, as exemplified by NTT East’s “remote standard system.”
In this seminar, we will focus on security issues that are the focus of discussions on “Which is better, telework or going to the office?” ■Telework will not disappear. But while access from outside the company becomes easier, security risks increase
Telework has become widespread, and as a result of being able to work outside the office as if it were inside the company, it is easy to connect to free Wi-Fi at cafes and coworking spaces.
As you can easily connect to the Internet, you will be burdened with various risks such as information leakage and virus infection. How should 2023 be dealt with?
■ Commentary on telework security measures that should be addressed in 2023 in response to the rapidly increasing number of information leaks In this seminar, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the points of effective information leakage countermeasures for PCs used outside the company from the two points of “patch management” and “operation log management” among the telework security measures that IT administrators should deal with. .
In addition, we will introduce the functions and product
demonstrations of MCore, which has a “PC usage confirmation function” and a “network identification function”.
All IT administrators who are worried about whether to introduce or continue teleworking from the next term are encouraged to participate. (Click here for details and application)
■ Organizer
Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd.
■ Cooperation
Open Source Utilization Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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