Make the world healthy with koya tofu!

Asahimatsu Foods Co., Ltd.
Make the world healthy with koya tofu!
~ Challenge of Asahimatsu Foods ~

Asahimatsu Foods Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Iida City, Head Office: Osaka City, President: Hirotaka Kinoshita) will begin full-scale overseas expansion of Koya-dofu. I joined Food Valley in the Netherlands and have been conducting joint research with Wageningen University for three years. As a result, it has been confirmed in Japanese
This health functionality was also recognized by Europeans. The results were published in a paper, “Effect of 4‐week consumption of soy Kori‐tofu on cardiometabolic health markers: a double‐blind randomized controlled cross‐over trial in adults with mildly elevated cholesterol levels. It was submitted to the scientific journal “Nutrients” as a double-blind crossover clinical trial.
President Kinoshita will attend the event “Kori Tofu scientific study” (December 6, see attachment) at Food Valley to present research results and future policies.
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The Netherlands is the world’s second largest exporter of food, and behind this is the Food Valley, a large-scale hub for food science and business. It is a collective name for the area where Dutch
food-related companies and research institutes are concentrated, located about 80 km southeast of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. became. The Food Valley region is home to approximately 15,000 scientists, over 1,400 food companies, 70 scientific companies, and 20 research laboratories.
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Wageningen University is a public university founded in 1676 in Wageningen, Netherlands. Originally founded as an agricultural school, it was officially chartered as a university in 1918. Today, it holds a special position as the only university in the Netherlands that specializes in healthy food and living environments. With the mission of “To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life” and experts in various fields of social science have worked hard to contribute to the world by tackling food problems, energy problems, climate problems, etc. According to the US News ranking, agriculture is ranked number one in the world.

-Company Profile-
Representative: Hirotaka Kinoshita, President and CEO
Location: 3-7-3 Tagawa, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 532-0027 Capital: 1,617 million yen
Business description: Manufacture and sale of frozen tofu, instant miso soup and soups, nursing care food (cut gourmet), etc.
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