Male dancer unit challenging the popularization and new creation of Japanese dance “Konokaism – Ako no Kai Junior Development Project Vol.

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A unit of male dancers aiming to popularize and create new forms of Japanese dance -Ako-no-kai- The second stage of a project to nurture young talent, “Konokaism-Ako-no-kai Junior Development Project Vol.2-” will be performed;

“Ako no Kai Japanese dance performance Konokaiism-Ako no Kai junior development project Vol. It will be performed at 3-26-1).
Tickets are on sale at Confetti (operated by Long Run Planning Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daigo Kurematsu).
Tickets on sale at Confetti
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A unit of male dancers aiming to popularize and create new forms of Japanese dance -Kou no Kai-
The second junior training project!
This performance was called the [Junior Training Project Performance], a project centered on “passing on to the next generation”. It was held in Ginza, Tokyo last year and was very well received. Arc no Kai & Junior Appears! !
“Young Lion”
Arc no Kai, which resonated with the original music of Wakajishikai, a group of young Japanese music musicians formed across different schools, choreographed “Sanbaso”, which is danced while praying for a good harvest and the elimination of epidemics, and “Ombashira”. It has been performed as many times as the festival. Looking to the future of traditional culture, we will dance freshly.
“Two Tomoe”
“Futatsumo” means Kuranosuke Oishi, the family crest of the Oishi family. A Japanese dance adaptation of the famous “Nanth Danme” and “Eleventh Danme” from “Kanadehon Chushingura.” The scene where Kuranosuke indulges himself in entertainment at the Gion Ichiriki Chaya while preparing for the raid and bargaining, and the climax of the raid are expressed through suodori and group dances.
From calm seas to whirlpools. In the lively Awa Odori dance, the dragon god who lives in the whirlpools appears and dances together. Returning to the calm sea, the pilgrimage continues… It was composed by Wakajishi-kai and choreographed by Ko-no-kai, with motifs of various sights seen by pilgrims. This time, the juniors will challenge boldly.
“Onbashira Festival”
A representative work of Ako no Kai with the motif of the strange festival “Onbashira Festival” handed down in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture. The passion of men who put their lives on the line for prayers to the gods and festivals is transformed into a dance using Kodo music. As a creative work of Japanese dance, it has been performed nearly 80 times across the country, and has received a great response.
Japanese Dancers Group Ako no Kai
In the Japanese dance world, where there are many schools with different characteristics, a unit of male dancers who are active at the forefront gathered together beyond the school with the passion of “Let’s connect the splendor of Japanese dance to the future”. . Since its formation in 1998, the group has released powerful new dances one after another based on the “suodori” that only wears a montsuki and hakama. Since last year, he has been actively engaged in a wide range of popularization activities, such as launching the “Arc no Kai Junior Training Project” and starting to train the next generation of Japanese dancers. The direction and quality of its activities have received high praise from various quarters and are attracting hot attention.
Performance overview
“Arc no Kai Japanese Dance Performance Konokaiism ~Arc no Kai Junior Development Project Vol.2~”
Performance date and time: December 27, 2022 (Tuesday) Doors open at 17:30 / Performance starts at 18:00
Venue: Kameari Lirio Hall (3-26-1 Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo) ■Performers
Japanese Dancers Group Ako no Kai
(Tokuyasu Izumi, Shosen Ichiyama, Seizaburo Saruwaka, Senei Nishikawa, Hiroki Nishikawa, Eisuke Hanayagi, Sumizo Hanayagi, Kango Fujima, Shogo Fujima, Hitoh Fujima, Yoshiyu Wakayanagi, Rijiro Wakayanagi) Arc no Kai Junior
(Hirohiro Izumi, Yuki Ichiyama, Senyusuke Ichiyama, Tomoki Imakyu, Mio Okada, Eiki Saruwaka, Kazuki Nishikawa, Hiroki Nishikawa, Saki Hirabe, Rie Maki, Kaho Yoshioka, Wakayanagi) Yuya Yoshi, Motohide Wakayanagi) ■ Staff
Planning, Composition, Direction / Arc no Kai
Stage Director/Artist/Yoshimitsu Taki
Lighting / Masao Hara
Sound / Hiroyuki Miyazaki (predawn)
Organizer/Production/Classical space
Flyer Design/Heaven
■ Ticket price
General advance: 5,000 yen Door: 5,500 yen
Elementary school students to university students: 1,000 yen (All seats reserved, tax included)
[Confetti There are many good seats! ]

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