“Mama Nova”, a place where working moms can expand their career possibilities, has over 400 members in a month since the service started! Volunteer activities and events give working moms new insights.

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“Mama Nova”, a place where working moms can expand their career possibilities, has over 400 members in a month since the service started! Volunteer activities and events give working moms new insights.

Operated by mog Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Akie Inada, hereinafter mog), “A place where working moms can expand their career possibilities. ) has reached 430 registered members as of November 25, 2022.
■ “Mama Nova” expands the possibilities of working mothers through volunteer activities and communities
Mama Nova is a service that can be used by working mothers in various career stages, such as volunteer activities at other companies, career counseling, training, and job change support. These days, continuing to work after childbirth has become the norm, and careers and worries are diversifying. By developing the three steps of “broadening your horizons,” “knowing yourself,” and “challenging a new career,” you will be close to the career of working mothers over the long term. [Imaged46870-21-e0fa477a75ee5fca22a8-0.png&s3=46870-21-21a64eac675bc7ee2070768ed96d5c7e-988x340.png
■ Resonance with events for thinking about careers for working mothers and volunteer activities at other companies
Since the service started on October 24, 2022, we have provided various services such as events to think about future careers and volunteer activities at other companies. At the first opening commemorative event, we invited Ms. Kana Takeda of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., to discuss the theme of “a career strategy training for a ‘full-career’ type who wants to work hard at both work and child-rearing.” Consider mom’s career strategy. We received many comments from the participants, such as, “Your child’s situation often changes your career aspirations,” and “I would like you to ask your boss about this.”
In addition, we have received feedback from working mothers who have participated in volunteer activities at other companies, such as “It was an opportunity to think about my future career” and “It was a very valuable experience.” We have also received comments and inquiries from companies that accept volunteers, such as “We can expect it as a new human resources channel” and “We would like to use it in other departments.”
■ Voices of Volunteer Experiencers
・”It doesn’t have to be 100 points” This is my keyword. Training, counseling, and volunteering have changed my work values
S.A (37 years old / 3rd grade elementary school twins, mother of a 1 year and 5 months old boy)
“I had only professional experience, I was also raising children, and I had given up on not being able to do any other work, so I thought that I had no choice but to work steadily at Rice Work for the next few decades. Being able to experience working at another company without having to work as a mama-volan was very attractive.” ・”Mama Nova” is a light of hope for moms who are worried about their careers. I was confident that I could overcome a certain amount of things and that I would be fine.
Mizuho Tanaka (mother of a 5-year-old boy and a 1-year-old girl) “It was a very valuable experience to meet friends with the same aspirations, and I was able to communicate frankly with myself, not as “your mother”, and have deep communication. . Volunteering was also a great experience. I was worried that the skills I had would only work at my current company, but I realized that I could apply them to other jobs and industries. ”
■Voices from companies accepting volunteers
・Authorized NPO Florence
Kazumi Takeishi
“Each of them made good use of their strengths and produced excellent output. They had a broad perspective, and they proposed and
implemented the work that we asked them to do beyond and the post-process. This time, we requested two tasks. However, other departments have also said, ‘I think we can ask Mamavolan to do this work.’ One more talent channel. ”
■ The 2nd “Mama Nova” opening commemorative event! hold
The secret to living and working like me in a healthy way – How to maintain a “work-life balance” for working moms –
Work-Life Balance Co., Ltd. Makiko Otsuka, a work-life balance consultant, was invited as a guest to offer a healthy way to live and work for working mothers who want to work hard while also valuing time with their children. Please talk about the secret for “.
November 29, 2022 12:00-13:00@Zoom (only a few seats left!)
Click here for details: https://mamanova.jp/event/show/id/bp5n5mz923 ■ Held briefing sessions for companies accepting mama-voluns This is a briefing session for corporate customers who are interested in accepting Mamabolan.
・December 6th 11:00-12:00 @Zoom
Click here for details: https://mamavolun-corp7.peatix.com/view ■ For those who are considering participating in Mamabolan
What kind of volunteer do you do? workshop to think together “What kind of things can volunteers do?” “I’m kind of curious, but can I do it?” This is a workshop to think about what kind of volunteers you want to do and are suitable for!
・December 2nd 10:30-11:30 @Zoom
Click here for details: https://mamanova.jp/event/show/id/42ng6b6m93 Volunteer selection consultation meeting
You can consult mog representative Inada about choosing volunteers! If you are lost in starting volunteers, please join us if you are worried!
・ December 8, 2022 14: 00-15: 00 @ Zoom
Click here for details: https://mamanova.jp/event/show/id/wrjcci54sa ■About mog Co., Ltd.-https://www.mog-career.co.jp/-
mog is named after taking the initials of “m (mom) o (work) g (do your best!)”. Many working moms are still struggling with work-family balance, self-fulfillment and reality. I want you to say this to your partner and children and send off the shining back of your mother. “Mom, do your best at work!” This company was born to realize such a society.
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