Management Succession Support Co., Ltd. Hajime Seminar December Online M&A seminar for managers. Professionals in the field of M&A and business succession explain the latest cases as instructors

Management succession support
[Hajime Seminar December] Online M&A seminar for managers.
Professionals in the field of M&A and business succession explain the latest cases as instructors
Online seminars will be held on the theme of M&A and business succession, such as M&A cases by active professionals, the latest trends, family trusts, and retirement support. This month’s theme is “M&A Trends in Kyushu”.

If you would like to view the seminar, please register (free) on the M&A matching platform “Hajime Chat” and we will guide you through the viewing method in the members-only e-mail magazine. You can also watch the seminar video for free.
Management Succession Support Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiyuki Sasakawa) operates M&A intermediary support, M&A matching platform “Hajime Chat” for SMEs, and YouTube channel “Hajime News”.
What is the M&A matching platform “Hajime Chat”?
The M&A matching platform “Hajime Chat” is an M&A matching platform that delivers quality encounters via video. The chat function can be used not only for M&A matching, but also for various purposes such as business matching and expert matching.
Click here for new registration [First members only] Online seminar for managers
In the Hajime Department, we are working on community succession through exchanges between members and YouTube channel “Hajime News”, promoting the selection of correct knowledge and experts regarding M & A and business succession.
First, we will inform you in the December 2022 issue of the e-mail magazine. [Image

Cheer up companies in Kyushu! M&A Trends in Kyushu -Recent M&A Circumstances Based on M&A Data-
In this seminar, based on Kyushu M&A cases, the latest MBO cases, third-party allotment capital increases to venture companies, points to identify cases of business succession type M&A, etc., will be held for one hour. I would like to talk to the two of you.
By watching this video, you can comprehensively learn about M&A strategies that can be used by managers of small and medium-sized enterprises.
MC Management Co., Ltd./Representative Director Masahiko Hirayama Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC / Partner Hiroshi Nagano Hideto Fujiwara, Management Succession Support Co., Ltd.
Scheduled to be distributed after the January 2023 issue
[Lecturer] Yutaka Tax Accountant Corporation Deputy Representative Tax Accountant Kanae Murai
[Lecturer] Cosmos Consulting Co., Ltd. Retirement Advisor Takashi Isomura and others
In addition, when you become a member for the first time, you can also watch videos that are specialized for studying such as “Corporate Value Evaluation”.

how to apply
Hajime Chat will be a member-only seminar, so please register (free) in advance. After registration, we will send detailed information about this seminar and other information to members in a member-only e-mail magazine.
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Company Profile
■Company name: Management Succession Support Co., Ltd.
■Head office location: 3-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013 Kasumigaseki Common Gate West Building 20F
■ Representative Director and President: Toshiyuki Sasakawa
■ Business content: Consulting services for smooth business succession of small and medium-sized enterprises
Friendly M&A brokerage and advisory services that contribute to the continuation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises Services for M&A
■ M&A matching platform “Hajime Chat” ■ YouTube channel “Hajime News”

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Management succession support Hajime Secretariat

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