Mandy Sekiguchi Produces the Metaverse World! Produced by Fortnite studio NEIGHBOR

Mandy Sekiguchi Produces the Metaverse World! Produced by Fortnite studio NEIGHBOR
Explore an adventure world full of puzzles and action with your friends and family!

NEIGHBOR Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryu Kawamoto, hereinafter referred to as NEIGHBOR), which produces the Metaverse on Fortnite, has turned the picture book “Opening Tokoro no Miraland” by Mandy Sekiguchi of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE into a Metaverse. We will let you know.
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-Produced by Mandy Sekiguchi “Opening Tokoro no Miraland” Metaverse-
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Picture book “Miraland in the Open Tokoro”
Produced a picture book by Mandy, from drawing to script! The guide “Aijoma” introduces four unique characters of the world in the mirror “Miraland” and spells out the events in the world of “Miraland”. I’m here. With colorful and cute illustrations, it is a book that can be read by a wide range of people from small children to adults! Quote [Image 2d111821-5-1e20716bd95621b2c6c0-1.png&s3=111821-5-9d141d4ee556879e3d86b8fddf653f41-1600x1600.png
Let’s adventure “Miraland” in the Metaverse!
In the Metaverse, you can enjoy adventures in the world of “Miraland”. Solve puzzles along the way and climb huge trees while overcoming obstacles. Simultaneous play by multiple players is also possible. Ruffu’s hat has been blown to the tip of a huge tree. Find Ruffu’s hat and bring it to me. Let’s go on an adventure to the mysterious new world “Miraland”.
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Comment from Mandy Sekiguchi
I am very happy that I was able to team up with NEIGHBOR and express the world view of the picture book Miraland with young creators MNECO, Kenz, and Porue. The process of discussing how to make the content more interesting as a team was fun, and I was deeply moved by the steady progress of Miraland. Even if you don’t know about Miraland, I think you can enjoy it as an attraction as well as the magnificent view of the world. I would like many people to come into contact with this world.
How to play Miraland Metaverse
Title: Opened Tokoro Miraland
Platform: Fortnite (external link: compatible devices)
Map code: 8843-3355-2320
Number of people available: 1 person 4 people
You can play by starting Fortnite and typing in the map code. If you already have an EPIC ID, you can add it to your favorites by clicking “Add to Playlist” from the link.
MNECO @M_neco7
Kentz @YES_Kentz
Poruwe @poruwe_emon
Profile of Mandy Sekiguchi
[Image 6d111821-5-f6d6c26aaf4fbe30e950-5.png&s3=111821-5-140c880f48f413564db762078091483d-756x937.png
In November 2012, he made his major debut as a GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE performer.
In April 2014, he joined EXILE as a new performer of EXILE. While concurrently serving as a member of GENERATIONS, he has expanded his range of activities in various ways, appearing in variety shows as EXILE and HONEST BOYZ (R), and in recent years as an actor.
(*Official page ▶ What is NEIGHBOR
Metaverse production studio specializing in Fortnite. Use Fortnite’s creative features to metaverse cities and develop original games. The first corporate Fortnite creative studio in Japan that can support large-scale development in partnership with world-class creators. * “NEIGHBOR” is not sponsored, supported or operated by Epic Games. Website:
Inquiries regarding this release
Phone: 080-4067-7159
NEIGHBOR company profile
Representative: Representative Director Ryu Kawamoto
Established: October 2022
Capital: 100,000 yen (including capital reserve)
Head office location: 1-8-4 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Business description: Operation of NEIGHBOR, a studio that creates virtual spaces on Fortnite for corporations

Details about this release:


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