Manners International Co., Ltd. An ultra-high-resolution sound system “MS5-AURORA” was born in my own special sound Manners Sound.

Manners International Co., Ltd.
The super-high-resolution sound system “MS5-AURORA” was born for my own special sound [Manners Sound].

[Manners Sound] is a sound that resonates with human cells and enhances the original healing power.
With the completion of the super-resolution sound system “MS5-AURORA”, Manners Sound has been further enhanced.
Manners International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Sayuri Hirata), which is the only company in Japan that operates Manners Acoustic and Vibration Therapy, aims to further power up the Manners Sound, which is the sound source of Manners Acoustic and Vibration Therapy. created the super-resolution sound system “MS5-AURORA”.
As the birthrate declines and the population ages, preventive therapy is attracting attention. Preventive therapy is a therapy that prevents the disease from occurring in the first place, rather than starting treatment after the disease has already occurred. The question of how to extend healthy life expectancy has continued since before the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and we recognize that even if we overcome the coronavirus, it will be a major issue for Japan as a whole.
The super-resolution sound system “MS5-AURORA” is the first sound quality “32bit/192kHz” in the history of Manners Sound to contribute to solving the labor shortage due to the increasing demand for medical and nursing care due to the declining birthrate and aging population. Super-resolution sound will be distributed from October 18th. [Image 1d107021-2-0b57125b0a045a19cf66-4.png&s3=107021-2-3ab89fe327aba438175f6dbcb28a8cac-564x317.png
Photo) Manners sound and vibration therapy treatment scene
◎ Basic information about Manners Sound
1) Manners Sound was developed by Dr. “Peter Guy Manners” who was awarded the title of “Sir” by the United Nations.
[Image 2d107021-2-a3e4112b87bc0ab83671-0.png&s3=107021-2-f6130a5717c702beedf5d60ee66d2f7e-186x255.png
Peter Guy Manners (1915-2009) was an English physician and doctor of medicine. He is a leading expert in sound and vibration therapy who developed “Manners Sound” recognized by the World Health Organization. He researches the healing effects of sound vibrations and harmonic sounds on the structure of the human body and scientific aspects, and the importance of the effects of sound and light on our environment. He is also known for being the first in the world to use blue light to treat jaundice in premature infants.
In 1993, he received the “Dag Hammarskjöld Award for Excellence” from the United Nations and was awarded the title of “Sir” in recognition of his contribution to humanity. He has extensive knowledge in holistic and alternative medicine, and has been involved in the founding of many international academic societies. He himself opened the Bretforton Hall Clinic in the UK, where he has many clinical examples of using holistic medicine, including acoustic and vibration therapy.
2) Dr. Manners’ Acoustic Vibration Therapy, which is also recognized by the World Health Organization.
[Image 3d107021-2-f9bfa3d6ac88416162f5-2.png&s3=107021-2-0bbf81093edb3d549978506509ddca0e-239x272.png
Cells in our bodies work together to protect our vital functions. It resembles an orchestral piece in which various musical instruments harmonize to create a single beautiful melody. However, if the tuning of each instrument is out of order and the sound is unbalanced, the orchestra will not be established.
Over half a century of research, Dr. Peter Guy Manners has analyzed and clarified the “sounds (vibrations) that the human body’s organs and cells emit when they are healthy.” I discovered that by exposing a body with disturbed cells to that sound, the cells resonate and return to a healthy state. “Manners Sound” is a special sound created by applying this principle. This theory is based on Dr. Manners’ “Cymatics Acoustic Vibration Therapy” and is recognized by the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the alternative treatments. Dr. Manners named it “Saima Therapy”, but we inherited it as “Manners Acoustic Vibration Therapy”.
◎ Main features of “Manners Sound”
1) The sound of Manners Sound is created by elucidating the vibrations and frequencies that our body cells emit when they are healthy for each organ.
2) When the sound of Manners Sound is applied to the body, the sound of “stomach” is transmitted to the cells of “stomach”, the sound of “liver” is transmitted to the cells of “liver”, and so on. sound and resonate with each other.
3) As a result, if there is an abnormality or disorder in the cell vibration, the cells will regain their original normal vibration by Manners Sound, leading to a healthy state.
4) In addition to the internal organs of the body, Manners Sound has also created sounds that directly affect and regulate the energy, spirit, and mind.
◎ About the ultra-high resolution sound system “MS5-AURORA”
[Image 4d107021-2-8dadfd14ae72deac015b-5.png&s3=107021-2-4b93771fde4a18d70f1271150561ddb3-193x164.png
“MS5-AURORA” is an ultra-high-resolution sound system that took 7 years to complete through advanced collaboration between IoT engineers who are familiar with the specialties of Manners Sound and audio equipment manufacturers. It is an ultra-high resolution sound system that supports “32bit/192kHz” from generation of manners sound to distribution, amplifier, and speaker sound equipment. “32bit/192kHz” sound sources are generally defined as high resolution, but we call them super high resolution sound independently.
[Image 5d107021-2-e4f08557f335a322d98b-6.png&s3=107021-2-3fd7c8a2d397ab5695a1c2ed281ec7e1-566x367.png
Photo) AURORA operation screen photo
Main features of “MS5-AURORA”
1) First time in the history of Manners Sound. Generates sound directly from 5 frequencies.
Manners sound is a complex harmonic sound that combines five different frequencies. The greatest feature of the “MS5-AURORA” is its epoch-making function that directly synthesizes and generates ultra-high resolution sound of “32bit/192kHz” from those five frequencies. Conventionally, recorded sound sources were output at 16bit/44.1kHz.
With the completion of “MS5-AURORA”, it will be possible to eliminate noise to the maximum, and you can expect the effect of high sound quality for the first time in the history of Manners Sound.
2) Sound source is cloud managed
By managing the sound source itself on the cloud, it is possible to safely operate the information protection and confidentiality of valuable frequency data at a high level. In addition, since the sound source data is stored in the cloud, it is possible to use the high-resolution sound data anytime, anywhere in the world, not only in Japan, as long as it is an area where Internet communication is maintained. .
3) Visualize the effect
Utilizing our unique blood oxygen level (SPO2) and heart rate sensors, your data can be visualized in real time during your treatment. We are also considering an AI (artificial intelligence) system that can suggest the necessary sounds based on blood oxygen levels and heart rate data.
[Image 6d107021-2-ee24a77d879fb2868104-7.png&s3=107021-2-809c332dbb6c4ac06fbcf36eb030407e-229x141.png
Photo) Blood oxygen level sensor
◎ Future development
1) Promotion of home remote therapy and development of applications. At-home remote therapy using a digital distribution system implements the contact-type treatment elements of Manners Sound Salon with an online system, accelerating business in the new normal in the era of COVID-19.
2) Manners Sound is a collaborative project with various fields. Manners Acoustic Vibration Therapy makes it possible to collaborate with all fields, not just the medical, welfare, and therapeutic industries. For example, in the beauty, education and hospitality sectors. By collaborating with those fields and sharing know-how, we contribute to improving productivity. Participation in the Manners Sound project is possible anywhere in the area where Internet communication is maintained. We are also promoting plans for fields and businesses that lead to regional revitalization.
3) Promotion of global projects.
The “32bit/196kHz” ultra-high resolution Manners Sound generated, distributed and played back by the “MS5-AURORA” will become the global de facto standard and will be distributed worldwide. At the same time, we invited specialists in fields such as energy medicine, information engineering, and acoustic engineering to form the “Manners Sound World Project.” In order to aim for further heights, the development of light and magnetic vibration therapy and devices developed by Dr. Peter Guy Manners will also begin.
Corporate information
Dr. Manners fulfilled his destiny in August 2009, and in July 2013, our CEO Ayuri Hirata was selected as the only successor to Dr. Manners in the world. We have transferred the rights to the portrait of Dr. Manners, the right to publish literature, and the rights to the Bretforton Universal Academy founded by Dr. Manners. I believe that it is a major mission of Dr. Manners’ successor to properly operate and manage these licenses and pass them on to the next generation. ● Company name: Manners International Co., Ltd.
●Representative Director: Ayuri Hirata
● Capital: 8,000,000 yen
-Established: August 2005
●Head office location: 1107 Esty Maison Ginza 3-11-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo TEL:03-6278-7920 FAX:03-6278-7922
● Business content
1) Manners sound system business
■ Treatment equipment development and sales
■ Sound and video development, production and sales
■ Management of Manners Sound copyrights and licenses
2) Education business
■ Management of Manners Sound Universal Academy
■ Holding lectures and seminars
■ Therapist training
3) you Re you beauty business
■ Planning, development and sales of original cosmetics
■ Manners Sound and Vibration Therapy Salon Business
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