Mapbox Japan LLC Mapbox Japan will exhibit at “FUN MORE TIME SHINJUKU -Smart City Festa-” where you can experience 5G/ICT advanced technology!

Mapbox Japan LLC
Mapbox Japan to exhibit at “FUN MORE TIME SHINJUKU -Smart City Festa-” where you can experience 5G/ICT advanced technology!
A new digital map experience that turns “imagination” into “creation”! Get an original tote bag!

Mapbox Japan G.K. (hereafter, Mapbox), which provides a map
development platform, will hold a 5G popularization event “FUN MORE TIME SHINJUKU-Smart City Festa-” (Friday, November 25th to 27th) where you can experience the future of Tokyo. We will exhibit a booth where you can create and learn about the rapidly evolving digital map at the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Plaza (organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Digital Service Bureau) on Sundays and Sundays. 1. Get an original tote bag using the map design tool “Cartogram”! [Image 1d64236-33-d7628055de04d08b9c60-3.png&s3=64236-33-99f6756df20379948dbd2ae97577bfb6-392x637.png
You can change the color of the digital map with a simple operation like drawing a picture.
By importing your favorite image, you can create an original map with coloring based on the image of characters, landscapes, logos, etc. If you print the map on a tote bag, you will have a “one and only one in the world” “original tote bag”!
2. Experience programming with “Manappu” teaching materials that utilize digital maps!
[Image 2d64236-33-83cf8660bebd63484201-2.jpg&s3=64236-33-64990e2d409ae4dbd5cc0599afae040a-640x480.jpg
At the hands-on corner of Manappu, a programming teaching material provided by Zenrin Co., Ltd., children can have fun using maps while developing their logical thinking and inquisitiveness.
Combine blocks like a puzzle to move characters on the map and clear the given missions!
3. Introduction of future digital maps created with Mapbox
The map development platform “Mapbox” allows anyone to easily customize maps and add information. We will introduce contents that create new experiences using digital maps, such as 3D car navigation systems, regional disaster prevention maps, metaverses, and games. -Reference information-
■ Map design tool “Cartogram”
[Image 3d64236-33-5bb6479d0dc28114eacb-0.png&s3=64236-33-d61f2028c239fb5fd5785319b49673fd-481x321.png
A map design tool that allows you to easily change colors from images. In addition to creating a digital map with original coloring, for example, by uploading a brand logo, it is possible to create a map that expresses the world view of a company or product.
Compared to off-the-shelf maps, it can enhance brand immersion and add new value to digital maps.
■ “FUN MORE TIME SHINJUKU -Smart City Festa-”
As part of the “FUN MORE TIME SHINJUKU” event hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Subcenter Area Environmental Improvement Committee, you can introduce and experience initiatives aimed at urban implementation of services that utilize 5G/ICT advanced technology. It’s an event.
[Image 4d64236-33-aadf92ba811d693eb653-1.png&s3=64236-33-bc54577c9bb72227521dd744207094a6-827x828.png
Date: November 25th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday), 2022 10:00-17:00 Place: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building triangle square
Participation: Free admission
Organizer: Tokyo Digital Service Bureau
■Company profile
Mapbox Japan LLC
Head office: 1-10-5-11F, Ainomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 10, 2020
Representative: Toru Takada (CEO)
Business: 1. Resale of Mapbox Inc. products and services to Japanese customers 2. Map-related platform business that customizes and expands Mapbox products Investor: Mapbox Inc.
    SoftBank Corp.
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