Marc Jacobs Japan Co., Ltd. “BOOKMARC” commemorating the release of a private photo book “SHORES” by Katsuhiko Kimura, a photographer who spins pure emotions on the beauty of the scenery created by the sea. A photo exhibition will be held at

Marc Jacobs Japan Co., Ltd.
A photo exhibition will be held at “BOOKMARC” to commemorate the release of the private edition photo book “SHORES” by Katsuhiko Kimura, a photographer who spins pure emotions on the beauty of the scenery created by the sea!

A photo exhibition commemorating the release of the private photo book “SHORES” by photographer Katsuhiko Kimura will be held at the bookstore “BOOKMARC” by the New York fashion brand “Marc Jacobs”. It will be held. This work was taken on Kujukuri Sakutahama and Kisami Ohama in Shimoda City with a medium format makina 67. For Kimura, who used to visit Coney Island and Long Beach when he had time when he lived in New York, the sea is a place where he can calm his mind and reset his mind. Kimura’s translucent scenery evokes a feeling of pure emotion and respect for the beauty of the scenery created by the sea, and penetrates the viewer’s heart. In this exhibition, about 30 silver salt color prints will be exhibited and sold. We are looking forward to your visit.
Kimura Kyokuso “SHORES” Publication Commemorative Photo Exhibition Date: November 22nd (Tuesday) – 30th (Wednesday), 2022
■Opening reception: Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 19:00-
Location: BOOKMARC 4-26-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
[Image 1d2922-390-afe0a3c7e574c4dd09dc-0.jpg&s3=2922-390-ba2ebaa31acde42eb96d55269a7819b5-1949x1949.jpg
■ How to sell outside the store
From 12:00 PM on the day after the event, 11/23 (Wednesday / holiday), we will also accept sales of the target books by phone or email. TEL: BOOKMARC 03-5412-0351 (12:00-20:00)
・Shipping and settlement fees will be borne by the customer. Please note that the charges may vary depending on the region and country. ■ Product information
[Image 2d2922-390-157d7382c1e86896f79c-10.jpg&s3=2922-390-397718575528068b402c7e8c709cbcdd-821x921.jpg
Akimune Kimura Photobook “SHORES”
Sales price: 4,950 yen (tax included)
A4 variant, cover upholstered book, color 64 pages, private edition Release date: November 22, 2022
* BOOKMARC complete pre-sale
Akimune Kimura Photobook “SHOHERS” + Special Edition with L version print Sales price: 11,000 yen (tax included)
There are two reasons why I like the sea. One is because I have fond memories of going to the beach with my family when I was a child. And because I am an HSP, I receive too much information about my surroundings, so when I go to the sea, the fog clears up and I feel refreshed.
“SHORES” is particular about being yourself. And I realized that the normal for me is the way I am. Because each person’s normal is different depending on their experience, even if they see the same thing, they will see it differently and feel it differently. My style is straight photography, facing the subject directly, no lighting or retouching.
I use makina67 for photography equipment. Because it uses a large film, it is possible to create delicate and smooth expressions, and it is also possible to shoot hand-held. Draw out the lens attached to the bellows and set it. After that, I measure the exposure with a light meter and set the shutter speed and aperture, so by the time I look through the viewfinder, I am calm.
When selecting photos, I first select photos that I feel comfortable with, print them in L size, and stick them on the wall of my living room for several months, and sometimes for several years. And I leave only timeless photos that do not interfere with my life. Because it’s normal for me and it leads to my personality.
– Katsuhiko Kimura

[Image 3d2922-390-007765c0fddb0f058d28-11.jpg&s3=2922-390-98b28a1c1b92986dcb9c2efeb0116a34-1861x1108.jpg
[Image 4d2922-390-c603d86eeebaf167a622-12.jpg&s3=2922-390-5783b427fd3991238a721ca3c283039d-1860x1184.jpg
■ Works on display
about 30 points
salt color print / open edition / singed
■ Each size
Print only 115 x 142mm: 44,000 yen (tax included) / With aluminum frame 205 x 255mm: 52,800 yen (tax included)
Print only 245 x 300mm: 77,000 yen (tax included) / With aluminum frame 349 x 424mm: 96,800 yen (tax included)
Print only 400 x 490mm: 110,000 yen (tax included) / With aluminum frame 610 x 760mm: 140,800 yen (tax included)
Print only 1,030 x 834mm: 209,000 yen (tax included) / With aluminum frame 1,350 x 1,030mm: 90,000 yen (tax included)
[Image 5d2922-390-40326310f9ef87d67445-4.jpg&s3=2922-390-b31b42b3acd625afeb44ba67c02977e1-1268x1025.jpg
[Image 6d2922-390-b9110e17e6cb2108d2c0-5.jpg&s3=2922-390-308e851453b4d6cfe55eb5c4e09db635-1268x1025.jpg
[Image 7d2922-390-8c474316edd27a445a6a-6.jpg&s3=2922-390-62d3e89b9c612d18a7a401fa0a55d3b2-1268x1025.jpg
[Image 8d2922-390-0f2a2076ec8e3175f685-7.jpg&s3=2922-390-6ccb8a6982b320ce19c3800953341205-1268x1025.jpg
[Image 9d2922-390-a6c4ffb85f385dba96fd-8.jpg&s3=2922-390-853140a3fbfb4e08d24b257446ad82b1-1268x1025.jpg
[Image 10d2922-390-16021bf4a5515b607ac9-9.jpg&s3=2922-390-e221aed2c512ed6bd6863ebf70fe5d5c-1268x1025.jpg
■ Profile
Katsuhiko Kimura
[Image 11d2922-390-dc960f7fc88e07f8dcec-13.jpg&s3=2922-390-f516664c0fbe866d0dd442a965d6e49f-544x700.jpg
Japanese photographer born in 1970. After working as a graphic designer at Buero New York, he learned the basics of photography at The International Center of Photography N.Y. and started working as a photographer. Currently based in Tokyo, I am working on the theme of “harmony with nature”.
solo exhibition
2012 “Dream” exhibition at Gallery Artdish in Kagurazaka.
2019 “LOVE & PEACE” exhibition at Roppongi, Tokyo Midtown and Fujifilm Photo Salon Tokyo.
2020 “DRIFTERS” exhibition at Fugensha Communication Gallery in Shimomeguro. 2020 “SANDSCAPE” exhibition at Skool Komazawa, Komazawa.
2021 “WAVES” will be exhibited at the Fugensha Communication Gallery in Shimomeguro.
・As a countermeasure against the new virus COVID-19, we ask that you use hand sanitizer and wear a non-woven mask when entering the store. ・It may be canceled or postponed due to the spread of the new virus COVID-19 infection or other natural disasters.
・The number of related products available is limited. Please understand when it is sold out.

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