Marc Jacobs Japan Co., Ltd. Launch party at “BOOKMARC” to celebrate the release of the long-awaited first monograph of Andre Saraiva, who is based in Paris in various fields such as street culture, contemporary art, fashion, and nightlife. held!

Marc Jacobs Japan Co., Ltd.
A launch party will be held at “BOOKMARC” to celebrate the release of the long-awaited first monograph of Paris-based André Saraiva, who is active in various fields such as street culture, contemporary art, fashion, and nightlife!

At the bookstore “BOOKMARC” managed by the fashion brand “Marc Jacobs” from New York, André · who is active in various fields such as street culture, contemporary art, graphic design, photography, fashion, nightlife, etc. based in Paris. To celebrate the publication of Saraiva’s long-awaited first monograph “Andre Saraiva: Graffiti Life” (published by Rizzoli), a launch party and autograph session will be held. I’m looking forward to seeing you again here.
Andre Saraiva ”Graffiti Life” Launch Party & Autograph Session Date: Saturday, November 12, 2022, 18:00-
■ Location: BOOKMARC (bookmark) 4-26-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo [Image 1d2922-386-a13828f4c329722e7a4e-0.jpg&s3=2922-386-36116eb412a64764184151a2c1421238-1949x1949.jpg
■ How to participate in the event
・Participation in the event is free. If the venue is full, admission may be restricted.
・The number of books available is limited. Please understand when it is sold out.
■ How to sell outside the store
From 12:00 PM on 11/13 (Sunday) the day after the event, we will also accept sales of the target books by phone or email.
TEL: BOOKMARC 03-5412-0351 (11:00-20:00)
・Shipping and settlement fees will be borne by the customer. Please note that the charges may vary depending on the region and country. ■ Product information
[Image 2d2922-386-19a140e8665142846957-1.jpg&s3=2922-386-62aeaa5903f13bc47298e5fb7479df6a-1810x2700.jpg
[Image 3d2922-386-1199b1613780c937bd09-2.jpg&s3=2922-386-2cf44276ad73e50d7dbde19688b4b74f-1810x2700.jpg
Andre Saraiva: Graffiti Life
Sales price: 17,000 yen (tax included) *Preliminary price
Hardcover / 21.72 x 5.08 x 30.56 cm /320 pages
Publisher: Rizzoli
Release date September 2022
The long-awaited first monograph by visual artist, club creator and nightlife instigator André Saraiva. It showcases his wide range of work, including street art, contemporary art, graphic design, photography, and influences on fashion and nightlife.
Street visual artist and nightlife guru André Saraiva is an
autobiographical look into the world of the chic jet-setter who lives in the world of fashion while living in the graffiti subculture. visual diary. This visual journey is an interactive and impressive object itself, such as a vivid pink or blue cloth cover, foil-stamped Saraiba’s unique handwriting, and seven pop-ups designed by him. When walking around the streets of Paris, London, New York, and Los Angeles, Mr. A’s graffiti drawn by Saraiva may jump into your eyes. Or maybe you’ve seen him in the Banksy movie Exit Through the Gift Shop, spotted him in the front row of a Paris Fashion Week show, or spotted him in a chic nightclub. unknown. This book presents a
never-before-seen perspective on Saraiba, who is active in various fields such as street culture, contemporary art, graphic design, photography, fashion, and nightlife. A book that follows the trajectory of Saraiva’s art and life, including tags posted on Instagram on the streets of Paris, countless silkscreen posters, paintings and sculptures, and collaborations with Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Colette.
[Image 4d2922-386-07798535d40399b86668-8.jpg&s3=2922-386-c9a62639b9c09b707c736586f64de313-560x798.jpg
Andre Saraiva
Artist, hotelier, entrepreneur.
On the street, André is known for his graffiti artist alter ego, the tag ‘Mr.A’, and his concept, ‘Love Graffiti’. “Mr. A”, with a funny round face with a big smile and a wink, followed everywhere and is now all over the world. And it is often pink. – This color is taboo in the world of graffiti, except for André’s monochrome style. “Love Graffiti” is a painting of a person’s name commissioned by a loved one in a pop of color near where they live so that it cannot be
Unlike the street graffiti of the last two decades, street artists tag anonymously for their anonymous peers. Some simply defiled the city’s depressing landscape, others became famous gallery artists such as Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, KAWS, Neckface and, of course, Samo, but André refused to enter the gallery from the street. I hesitated. Rather, I have given my graffiti art a new flair by going beyond gallery walls and participating in club and nightspot openings and promotions around the world. It has actively changed the nightlife of cities such as Paris, New York and Tokyo. He also reinterprets the meaning of graffiti art from an underground dissent into a more intimate and utopian daytime alternative. Andre is one of those rare people who can make things happen naturally. His sheer generosity extends to the romantic utopian nightspots he creates and places where people meet.
His second move, moving from street walls to club walls, is to opt for drawings over classical canvas works. In my quiet time, I like to draw on scraps of paper and notebooks that are always full but rarely shared with others. This is a more personal and intimate activity, far from the commercialism of art.
In André’s world, drawings are a special currency, like little love letters to share love. For him, the only way to escape the suffocation of capitalism, art or not, is the things you can’t buy: love and generosity.
[Image 5d2922-386-de095a89f43a4cbe0a05-3.jpg&s3=2922-386-80ecb364bb1b39a7025efcd326abf8fd-560x798.jpg
[Image 6d2922-386-7e2ef9e98d04f99db3de-4.jpg&s3=2922-386-657c529446d80a9310eb593a5577f467-560x798.jpg
[Image 7d2922-386-3e767aac8cd98f91c3f3-5.jpg&s3=2922-386-375ad27daf3113795cbeedd78e250a1d-560x798.jpg
[Image 8d2922-386-8f0f322df46bf107aab8-6.jpg&s3=2922-386-2e42cc0d8c651479dd29fa023f9df2c9-560x798.jpg
[Image 9d2922-386-a0d8bffce763d7877eee-7.jpg&s3=2922-386-3733c2433d1f0bc47709ef31e4ef9385-560x798.jpg
[Image 10d2922-386-517f64d08df3635f784f-9.jpg&s3=2922-386-682423fbd61370115f03f1dcc24660ca-560x798.jpg
[Image 11d2922-386-f5350c3e365e3c93cc8e-10.jpg&s3=2922-386-df151d89ecdfb3cf149be95d8528cdc1-560x798.jpg

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