Markerize Co., Ltd. Digitalization steadily progressing in sales and promotions in the manufacturing industry Approximately 70% of companies have established online meetings Digital division between

Markerize Inc.
-Manufacturing industry business DX survey 2022-Digitalization is steadily progressing in sales and sales promotions in the
manufacturing industry Approximately 70% of companies have established online meetings  Problems due to the division between management and practical staff in digitization

Markerize Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Harumoto Nakano / Representative Director: Masanori Noguchi), which develops the marketing automation tool “MRC” originally developed for BtoB companies in the manufacturing industry, is a sales and marketing company in the manufacturing industry. In October 2022, we conducted a survey on digitalization in sales and sales promotion in the manufacturing industry, targeting sales promotion staff.
■Survey result summary
Approximately 70% of meetings have been moved online, and the trend toward paperless operations and the introduction of customer management databases is also on the rise.
Going paperless will continue to increase in the future
Differences can be seen in problems associated with digitization and future requests between management and those in charge
Approximately 70% of meetings have been moved online, and paperless and customer management databases are also on the rise
[Question] Are there any digital/systematized aspects of your business? [Image 1

Approximately 70% of companies are introducing meeting tools used for business negotiations and meetings. As in last year’s survey, it seems that online meetings have become established.
Compared to last year, the ratio of respondents who answered “paperless” or “introduction of a customer database” generally increased.
■ Paperless trend will continue to increase
[Question] In the future, is there anything you would like to digitize/systematize in your work?
[Image 2

“Paperless” seems to be the key point for documents, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the company. About 25% of both internal and external documents answered that they would like to digitize them. It is believed that paperless operations will continue to advance in the future.
■ There are differences in problems and future requests associated with digitalization between management and those in charge
[Question] Do you have any problems with digitization/systemization in your work?
[Image 3

In response to the question, “It was good to have a digital system in my work,” both the management and the people in charge said, “I was able to streamline my work,” and “I can now hold meetings and business negotiations anywhere.” was seen a lot.
However, with regard to “difficulties with digitalization,” management cited “decline in the quality of internal communication,” and sales and sales promotion staff said, “Management has become complicated due to the increase in the number of tools handled.” There were many answers. It may be necessary to share issues that have become apparent through the actual introduction of tools and systems between management and those in charge.
In addition, regarding “contents that we would like to digitize in our work in the future,” many sales and sales staff answered that they would like to “go paperless with necessary external documents.” There was also a request for a management tool for
Please check the detailed survey data from the following site. In addition, the results of the entire survey can be obtained from the following.
[Survey overview]
Survey period: October 4, 2022 (Tuesday) to October 28, 2022 (Friday) Survey method: Internet survey
Survey target: Sales and promotion staff/management of companies mainly in the manufacturing industry
Valid responses: 155 people
Survey planning: Markerize Inc.
What is the only MA tool “MRC (Markerize Cloud)” developed for BtoB companies in the manufacturing industry?
This is a “completely developed in-house” MA tool that condenses the successful know-how of practicing sales and sales promotion activities in the manufacturing industry for many years. MRC enables one-stop processes from “attracting customers” to “following up/cultivating prospective customers” and “narrowing down promising prospective customers”, enabling efficient marketing measures.
In addition, since it can be introduced by function, it is easy to use even if there is an issue only in a specific marketing process, and wasteful costs are not incurred. After the introduction, we also provide free operation support to produce results.
MRC provides a mechanism for effectively utilizing business cards, customer information, and websites that are not being used, and realizes customerization.
* Percentage of business types and industries of companies that have introduced MRC
It is used by BtoB companies in a wide range of manufacturing industries, mainly machinery, equipment, and parts manufacturers, as well as industrial equipment, electrical/electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food products.
[Image 4

[Markerize Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name Markerise Co., Ltd.
Head office: 1-22-15 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Graphio Nishi-Shinjuku 9F
Established September 2014
Capital 3 million yen
Business description Marketing automation tool (MA tool) planning, development, sales, introduction, operation support
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