Market Information Human Resources Market Trend Report (October 2022): The number of human resources increased from the previous month | The number of registered human resources with upstream process consulting and development skills has increased.

Human Resources Market Trend Report (October 2022): Number of human resources increased from last month | The number of registered human resources with upstream process consulting and development skills has increased.
Assign Navi collects and analyzes resume data (personnel information) registered every month to convey the market sentiment of IT human resources (engineers/consultants).

IT business matching service “Assign Navi” provided by LTS Link Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshiyuki Takakura / hereinafter LTS Link), a wholly owned subsidiary of LTS Co., Ltd. ” provides data to grasp the market sentiment for all those who are engaged in human resource procurement and project development (business partners) in the IT industry.
This time, we have analyzed the real resume information (human resource information) held by “Assign Navi” and released the “Human Resources Market Trend Report (October 2022)”, so we will report on the contents.
▽ The PDF data of this report can be downloaded for free from the “Assign Navi” My Page.
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We aggregate IT industry “resume (personnel information)” data registered in Assign Navi and provide insights and industry
information on important trends, issues, and potential business opportunities.
■ Human Resource Market Trend Report (October 2022) Headlines ・The number of monthly registrations of human resources continues to increase, and the number of human resources with consulting and development skills in particular is increasing.
・There was no significant change in the average unit price desired by registrants.
・The number of registered personnel with project management and upstream planning skills in the development area has increased significantly.
▼ Full report with details is provided in PDF format.
* You can download it by registering for free with “Assign Navi”. ■ “Human resource market trend report”, data for grasping the market sentiment for all people working in the IT / consulting industry IT companies and freelance consultants and engineers gather, and based on real project and human resource data, the business matching platform “Assign Navi” navigates valuable encounters in the IT industry. Market information analyzed based on “skill category x unit price”.
1. Ordering company: person in charge of sales and human resource procurement Use scene
・Propose at an appropriate price for human resources procurement requests from customers
・When procuring human resources, know the appropriate unit price to propose to human resources with the necessary skills and experience Usage
Let’s decide the proposed unit price by referring to the “average unit price” and “change rate from the previous month” in each skill category.
First of all, you can increase the success rate of procurement by searching for human resources with “Assign Navi” while sharing an appropriate budget with the customer.
In addition, in order to lead the procurement of human resources to success, this report will continuously keep track of trends in market conditions (human resource side).
Please use it for deciding the unit price and negotiating the unit price at the time of interview.
2. Order receiving company: Person in charge of sales
Use scene
・Propose your company’s employees at an appropriate unit price according to the market price
Before proposing personnel, let’s check the fluctuations in the number of talent registrations and the average unit price in the relevant skill category in this report.
By citing this report, it will be possible to receive orders for projects at a “more correct” unit price based on the market price. *In addition, it can be used for various purposes.
・Internally check the fluctuations in the number of registered human resources in the entire market and the average unit price.
・Judge whether the proposed (or given) unit price setting is appropriate. ・Share market information for regular communication with business partners. ・Check whether recent changes in market conditions (human resource side) are as expected.
■ What is “Assign Navi”?
“Assign Navi” is a business matching platform that navigates valuable encounters in the IT industry based on real project and human resource data. More than 4,500 companies and more than 7,000 freelancers gather to place orders directly.
▼ “Assign Navi” Official Site
[Image 2:] Japan’s largest IT business matching service “Assign Navi”
[About LTS Link Co., Ltd.]
LTS Link Co., Ltd. provides services that solve problems in the consulting/IT industry with the keywords “professional development support” and “optimization”. We will connect companies and human resources in the IT industry from various angles and expand our business to create new business opportunities.
Japan’s largest matching site “Assign Navi” where real projects and human resource information in the IT industry gather and create many encounters
“Consultant Job”, a professional problem-solving support service for companies and local governments
“Growth Company Club”, a membership-based community for IT companies aiming to grow their own companies, customers, and the IT industry
[LTS Link Co., Ltd.]
Representative: Representative Director Toshiyuki Takakura
Established: March 2008
Capital: 30 million yen
Location: Akasaka Center Building 14F, 1-3-13 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo URL:
* LTS Link Co., Ltd. is a group company of LTS Co., Ltd.
[About LTS Co., Ltd.]
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