Marks International Co., Ltd. Enjoy the holiday season with Miffy! BON TON TOYS, an overseas brand famous for its Miffy items, and Mr Maria’s photo contest!

Marks International Co., Ltd.
Enjoy the holiday season with Miffy! BON TON TOYS, an overseas brand famous for its Miffy items, and Mr Maria’s photo contest!

Marks International Co., Ltd. wholesales and sells interior, kitchen, and lifestyle products with the vision of “enriching everyday life” (Headquarters: 2-21-1 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masato Otani) The company imports and sells “BON TON TOYS (Bonton Toys |”, which is famous for its stuffed toys of the world-famous character “Miffy”, and “Miffy” warm interior lighting is very popular. “Mr Maria (Mr. Maria |” and “BON TON TOYS & Mr Maria Photo Contest” for two Dutch design brand products will be held on November 14, 2022 ( Monday) to December 25th (Sunday) will be held on Instagram, and Miffy items will be presented by lottery from winners and applicants. [Image 1d50227-57-4be57fdea5bdee2efa03-0.jpg&s3=50227-57-23ae0371888b0e3c6e950e5e57e81b39-2001x1501.jpg
“BON TON TOYS” is a historic plush toy maker established in the Netherlands in 1933 with the mission of “bringing happiness” to children. Also, “Mr Maria” is a design studio that makes things based on the concept of “things that are loved by children of all ages.” This photo contest is a plan to enjoy the upcoming Christmas and holiday season with Miffy fans. For all products of both brands, we will present Miffy “Miffy Keychain Velvet” (discontinued product), an elegant collection of Miffy with the glossy velvet material that complements the rainbow colors, to the winners selected from the photos taken by everyone. increase. At Marks International, we actively handle brands such as BON TON TOYS and Mr Maria, which have sustainable designs that wish for children’s future and happy days, as well as returning some of the products that have been discontinued to customers as prizes. By doing so, we are making efforts that are considerate of the global environment. And this time, in order to please everyone in this exciting season, in addition to the 5-point set for the 25 Excellence Awards, 1 point will be given to 50 people by lottery not only from the winners but also from those who applied. Present. We have prepared 175 items as prizes for a total of 75 people. We would like many Miffy fans to participate, so we will not set a shooting theme, but will be able to participate by writing a designated hashtag and following the official account. As Christmas is approaching, we are waiting for gorgeous and fun posts that make you think of the holiday season, and posts that express the world view of Miffy, which is loved by children and adults alike.
■Overview of “BON TON TOYS & Mr Maria Photo Contest”
Name: BON TON TOYS & Mr Maria Photo Contest
Special site: (BON TON TOYS), (Mr Maria) Application period: November 14th (Monday) to December 25th (Sunday), 2022 Application method:
1) Follow the Instagram account “@miffy_marcs_collection”
2) Post a photo taken using “BON TON TOYS” or “Mr Maria” products with the hashtag “#mmc_xmas”. (*We do not have a theme, etc.)
About review and publication:
Photos submitted will be selected through a rigorous screening process. Please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding the screening process.
We will select 25 winners from among the photos submitted during the period and announce them on the photo contest special site and miffy marcs collection official SNS around mid-January 2023. The 25 winners and the 50 winners selected by lottery as participation prizes will be contacted via direct message. Please note that if there is no reply due to the timing of the announcement and the delivery of the product, the right to win the award will be invalidated. The right to win is yours and cannot be transferred or exchanged for money to a third party.
Please note that we will only contact the winners/winners.
・Excellence Award 25 people: Miffy Keychain Velvet 5-color set (Candy Red / Candy Pink / Candy Orange / Ochre / Moss Green) total of 5 gifts ・ 50 applicants will be selected by lottery: 1 Miffy Keychain Velvet (color cannot be specified) as a gift
Please note:
* You can post as many times as you like, but you can only win and win once per person.
* If you post without a hashtag or if you unfollow during the campaign selection, it will be invalid.
*Those whose Instagram account is private, or who changed their account name, etc. during the application period or selection process are not eligible. If the user cannot be identified, it will be excluded from the selection.
*Applications are limited to those who agree to secondary use of the content posted on their own Instagram on our official website and SNS accounts.
*If you want to include a subject other than the applicant in the content of the post, please be sure to obtain consent in advance by yourself and take a picture. The Company will not be held responsible for any troubles that may arise between the applicant, the applicant, and a third party.
*Items can only be shipped to addresses within Japan.
■Gift product details
Miffy Keychain Velvet
Score: 175 points in total
Color: Candy Red / Candy Pink / Candy Orange / Ochre / Moss Green Materials: polyester, polyester fiber, nylon, steel
Size: W8 x D5.5 x H10 cm *There are individual differences
An elegant collection where the luster of the velvet material complements the rainbow colors. The cologne and round form have a smooth texture, and the coloring is bright and pop like a rainbow, yet with depth.
*Miffy Keychain Velvet has been discontinued
[Image 2d50227-57-66339ce7462175507790-2.jpg&s3=50227-57-5914c403cf3bbfa2fd46d5788c5db10f-768x768.jpg

To children around the world
Wishing for happiness and protecting the future
BON TON TOYS, established in the Netherlands in 1933, is a
manufacturer of stuffed animals with a long history. The “miffy collection” was born from the long history of making stuffed animals and the desire to make children happier.
In manufacturing, BON TON TOYS places the utmost importance on protecting the happiness of children and the future. With this in mind, we are fulfilling our responsibilities as a manufacturer. For example, while giving consideration to nature in various ways, we minimize the amount of waste by using carefully selected materials that will last for a long time. We believe that such considerations in manufacturing will lead to a happy environment for future children. Miffy and his friends are particular about materials and quality, such as the corduroy series, which has a wide variety of colors that make it hard to choose, the 100% recycled series, which is soothing to the touch, and the organic cotton series, which is delicately woven. . The “miffy collection”, which is rich in variations, continues to be loved all over the world, and with special thoughts for the “happiness” of all children who have a wonderful future.
I hope that you can find your own special Miffy who will warmly accompany you at any time.
■ About Mr Maria
Mr Maria is a Dutch design brand co-founded by product designers Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker.
I don’t want things to exist as “existence” in the room. We are making things that make you feel that way. This is because we believe that universal design is gentle and pure, even if the times and
environments change, and that people will always come close to us. Mr Maria’s sophisticated and simple design fits well in any space, and brightens up your daily life, your home, and the world, leading you to a daily life full of smiles.
The LED module, which is an independently developed lighting component that considers the energy environment, is a material that can be used for a long time and is also excellent in energy saving. The “FIRST LIGHT miffy and friends” and “Bundle of Light” series, which are Mr Maria’s masterpieces, use BPA (chemical substance)-free soft silicone that is friendly to people and can be used safely in homes with small children. increase.
About marcs STORE
The official online store of Marks International. Focusing on European brands, we introduce items that are fun to visit and that you want to use for a long time, as well as products that add color to your daily life.
About marcs International co., ltd
enrich your daily life.
In our daily lives, we are surrounded by all sorts of “things”. The things we use every day in our casual lives, the things we see every day, we somehow like them, and the designs we like help us feel a little richer in our daily lives. I am thinking.
With that in mind, it is our mission to introduce products that make people feel that they are wonderful.
■Company profile
Company name: Marks International Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-21-1 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021
Phone: 03-6861-4511
Established: January 6, 1997
Representative: Masato Otani
Capital: 20 million yen
Products handled: Interior products, furniture, kitchen and tableware URL:
■ Contact information
Marks International Co., Ltd.:
marcs STORE (the company’s EC site):

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