Marugen Ramen “Marugen Ramen Nerima Sekimachi” will reopen on December 1, 2022 (Thursday)!

Monogatari Corporation
[Marugen Ramen] “Marugen Ramen Nerima Sekimachi” will reopen on December 1, 2022 (Thursday)!

[Image 1d44964-498-eabb6063ff31c707f984-9.jpg&s3=44964-498-25ba9f6a5f6a8a11f8017dea01a1c5d4-1700x890.jpg
“Marugen Ramen” operated by Monogatari Corporation (Headquarters: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture / President: Hiroyuki Kato) will open “Marugen Ramen Nerima Sekimachi Store” on December 1, 2022 (Thursday). (Nerima-ku, Tokyo) will be refurbished and opened.
To commemorate the renewal, we will distribute a 100 yen discount coupon that can be used only at “Marugen Ramen Nerima Sekimachi” until December 11, 2022 (Sun).
“Marugen Ramen Nerima Sekimachi” will reopen on December 1, 2022 (Thursday)! [Image 2d44964-498-302995c2be585ab59ff7-8.jpg&s3=44964-498-4eee759f416a4d8cf7884016b21fbc63-1700x890.jpg
■ Store information
“Marugen Ramen Nerima Sekimachi”
・Address: 5-7-5 Sekimachi Kita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
・Phone: 03-5927-4051
・Business hours: 10:30-24:00 (LO 23:40)
About Marugen Ramen
[Image 3d44964-498-79688b60d41fdfb56bed-7.jpg&s3=44964-498-6f3c5231efe421b0f5009f28f1a62cbb-650x258.jpg
Their signature product is the Aged Soy Sauce Ramen Meat Soba (650 yen before tax/715 yen after tax).
Each time an order is placed, a bowl of pork is cooked in a hand pan and finished with Japanese toppings such as chewy noodles with a lot of water, grated yuzu pepper, and green onions. In addition, the aging soy sauce Gaeshi, which is the key to the soup, is a blend of three types of soy sauce. “Meat soba” that harmonizes all of them is a discerning gem that can only be found at “Marugen Ramen”. Derivative products such as “Ajitama Niku Soba” and “Kariniku Soba” are also popular.
Ramen can be changed to noodles with 50% less carbohydrates for an additional 100 yen (110 yen including tax), and there are many products with plenty of vegetables and healthy menus, which is one of the reasons why customers come here frequently.
[Image 4d44964-498-501d6657d7b3c3a1cd0b-5.png&s3=44964-498-fd534547acf394220d5e07d5ff14318d-750x450.png
[Image 5d44964-498-721036ad9bc034238401-4.png&s3=44964-498-fa57207f8108839b661673e3c6e78cdb-750x450.png
The star-studded side dishes include Marugen Gyoza, Teppan Egg Fried Rice, and Oishii Karaage, as well as the soft-serve ice cream that is popular after meals. In addition, all stores are equipped with parking lots, and the bright and spacious store has counter seats, table seats, and raised seats, so everyone from singles to families with children can relax and enjoy their meals.
*Prices may differ at some stores.
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You will also receive limited coupons! About “Marugen Ramen” official app [Image 6d44964-498-daf8dbf924050fa204bc-1.png&s3=44964-498-f4eb6bf011940fc5f3353fd5bc389981-650x638.png
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About Monogatari Corporation
Representative: Hiroyuki Kato, President and Representative Director Founded: December 1949 Established: September 1969
Location: 5-7-11 Nishiiwata, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture Capital: 2.8 billion yen (as of June 30, 2022)
Net sales: 73.2 billion yen (fiscal year ending June 2022)
* Group sales: approximately 108.5 billion yen (fiscal year ending June 2022) Business description: Direct management of restaurant chains and franchise chain development
Brands: Yakiniku King/Yakiniku Ichiban Karubi/Marugen Ramen/Nidaime Marugen/Aged Soy Sauce Ramen Cabbeton/Sushi/Shabu Shabu
Yuzuan/Okonomiyaki Honpo/Gyokai Zanmai Genya/Shabu Tokani Genji Sohonten/Aged Yakiniku Nikugen/Beef Tongue Lover Yakiniku
Happy/Freshly Baked Karubi, etc.
Store openings: 613 stores in Japan (including 377 directly managed stores and 236 franchised stores), 21 overseas stores (as of October 31, 2022)
Company website:

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