Marugi Morikawa Co., Ltd. Aiming for carbon neutrality, released a cooperative board game that incorporates decarbonization actions that can be done at home

Maruyoshi Morikawa Co., Ltd.
Aiming for carbon neutral, released a cooperative board game that incorporates decarbonization actions that can be done at home Maruyoshi Morikawa Co., Ltd. will start selling “CN2050-Decarbonized Board Game-” (reading: Shienu ni one zero go one zero) on December 2, 2022.

It is a board game where you can get the opportunity to know and think about “decarbonization actions in your life” with easy-to-familiar rules using quizzes and Sugoroku to “select actions that can reduce CO2 more”.
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I wanted to know what to do with carbon neutrality as my own matter There are “environmental considerations that were not even conscious about ten years ago” such as garbage separation, drainage and exhaust. Nowadays, it has become a standard, and people are becoming more environmentally conscious.
However, even if we hear about global warming, climate change, carbon neutrality and decarbonization,
I often don’t know what to do,
I felt that I was not able to capture it as my own.
We hope that everyone can enjoy learning about our products
With the theme of “decarbonization in daily life with evidence” I started developing board games.
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Proposing carbon neutrality in daily life
By playing this board game, I learned that paying attention to actions in everyday life also has a decarbonizing effect.
At the same time, you can realize that your past casual actions have been emitting a lot of CO2.
Interested in carbon neutrality from familiar efforts,
By taking action that many families have learned,
We believe that this will bring us closer to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.
Utilization in many educational and training situations
The basic rule is to use a quiz and sugoroku to select actions that can reduce CO2 emissions.
It’s a familiar game design.
It can be played by 1 to 6 people, and the rules are made for ages 8 and up. Play time is about 20-30 minutes.
In terms of time, it is a volume that allows you to explain, play, and review in the first period of school class.
It is also ideal for an ice breaker during training.
In addition, we have prepared a “review sheet” data download after playing from the QR code in the manual,
It can be used for classes, training, events, etc.
[Image 3d112351-1-54067ac72e8be7741f13-3.jpg&s3=112351-1-0e04ce4317188ab26705eab06f17eaad-3900x2600.jpg

Securing evidence
I was supervised by the Kawakubo Laboratory of Hosei University. In order to reduce the burden on the environment while humans pursue a rich life,
From the viewpoint of environmental engineering, in order to explore the ideal future architecture and urban image,
You are conducting research on SDGs in the field of local governments and construction.
In this board game, actions related to CO2 reduction and emissions at home and I was in charge of selecting and calculating the numerical values. Information sources for numerical standards and calculations “CN2050 Manual” is compiled and attached to this board game. Hosei University Kawakubo Laboratory ( ) coexistence of fun
Mr. Toyama from Dig-A-Doo Co., Ltd. designed the game.
Original analog game production for the purpose of playing, laughing, and growing
Plearning (Play+Learning) management and board game haute couture orders. Representative works include “Kana Kana”, “Strawberry Calendar”, “Mr. Series” and many others.
Decarbonization was a bit of a rigid theme as a play theme,
Incorporating a quiz format and sugoroku, while facing decarbonization action selection
We had you devised rule to be able to play with noisily.
Dig-A-Doo Inc. Akihiko Toyama ( )
game flow
[Image 4d112351-1-1fc43c9182fca14dcc37-10.jpg&s3=112351-1-aec05fd7241f3a961d00d3a281596e6c-3900x2600.jpg
~Direct effect of action selection~
Of the actions written on the two cards,
Consider and choose which one is the action with the highest CO2 reduction (or the lowest CO2 emission).
Increase or decrease the cloud-shaped CO2 point chip from the earth board for the CO2 point of the selected card.
The actual amount of CO2 reduction (or emission) is displayed on the card. This number doesn’t affect the game.
You can see exactly how much effect your actions have.
[Image 5d112351-1-e07c10855c81cdda852d-5.jpg&s3=112351-1-22889938a9475bb72f214345fcf70508-3900x2600.jpg
~Simple Quiz and Sugoroku~
It is a cooperative sugoroku where everyone moves one piece. Sugoroku will start in 2022, and when you go around the earth, it will be 2050, and the game will end there.
Mission accomplished if all the CO2 point chips on the earth board are eliminated at the end!
It will be a win for everyone.
[Image 6d112351-1-465c78e1f1361530b6e2-1.jpg&s3=112351-1-e6b8822784e7cc1728aace4901616470-3900x2600.jpg
~ Game quality is improved by luck and trout ~
The effect varies depending on the squares that land on the Sugoroku. There are squares that make the CO2 balance gauge better or worse, and everyone watches with excitement.
Even if you can choose a card with a large amount of CO2 reduction, it may stop at the factory mass that increases CO2.
Even if you choose a card that emits CO2, you may be able to move the gauge in the direction of CO2 reduction by planting trees.
While being influenced by what kind of card comes out and where it stops on the Sugoroku square,
Players will continue to choose cards that can reduce CO2 and cards that will not emit more CO2, aiming to complete the mission. Impressions of people who played
・There was a discovery that there was an unexpected action that was highly effective (female in her 40s)
・I want to play again because I’m curious about the contents other than the cards and capital investment chips I chose (3rd grade girl) ・It is interesting to see the cloud-shaped chips being removed from the picture of the earth (man in his 30s).
・It was good to be able to play in a short time although the contents are deep (6th grade boy)
Product Summary
“CN2050 ~Decarbonized Board Game~”
Price: 3,850 yen (tax included)
Target number of people: 1 to 6 people
Play time: 20-30 minutes
Target age: 8 years old and over
[Image 7d112351-1-a4862150ec5c276de441-12.jpg&s3=112351-1-3fe688e3286cb75cbe334688a87f3c67-3900x2600.jpg
・44 CN cards
・8 disaster cards
・ Blindfold card 1 sheet
・ Disaster judgment chip 1 piece
・Equipment investment chips 13 pieces
・ CO2 point chip 5 6 pieces
・25 CO2 point chips
・Earth board 1 piece
・ CO2 balance gauge chip 1 piece
・Time Machine Sesame 1 set
・Home sheet 8 pieces
・ Blindfold sheet 1 piece
・ Game manual 1 sheet
・ Commentary (evidence of environmental information) 1 sheet Game Design: Akihiko Toyama (Dig-A-Doo)
Artwork: Takamikoto
Planning/Production: A&R GAMES
Production: Banjo Yugi Seisakusho / Maruyoshi Morikawa Co., Ltd. Production cooperation: Kawakubo Laboratory, Department of
Architecture, Faculty of Design Engineering, Hosei University made in Japan
Sales site:
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We aim to create a happy life with paper and processing! We don’t just process paper
By processing paper according to its purpose, we aim to create a comfortable life in Japan – clothing, food and shelter.
Maruyoshi Morikawa Co., Ltd.’s original board game label.
Focusing on artwork, illustrators and graphic designers are appointed. The ingenious components unique to a factory that can produce board games are also attracting attention.
-Inquiries regarding this press release-
Maruyoshi Morikawa Co., Ltd.
TEL: 052-571-3306
Fax: 052-571-3306
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