Marugoto Co., Ltd. has started offering a new service “Marugoto Scout” specializing in scouts. Along with th e release, we will publish “The basics of scouting taught by an RPO with a track record of scouting 10,000 per month”.

Margot Co., Ltd.
Marugoto Co., Ltd. has started offering a new service “Marugoto Scout” specializing in scouts. Along with the release, we will publish “The basics of scouting taught by an RPO with a track record of scouting 10,000 per month”.
We will release the service of “Marugoto Scout” specializing in recruitment scouts and the release of materials that condense the know-how of recruitment scouts.

Marugoto Co., Ltd., which operates a monthly recruiting agency “Marugoto Human Resources” specializing in growing companies and a back office agency “Marugoto Management Department”, will start offering “Marugoto Scout” specializing in recruitment scouts. In conjunction with the release of “Marugoto Scout”, we will also release the material “Basics of Scouting taught by an RPO with a track record of 10,000 scouts per month”, which summarizes know-how as an RPO, for free.
Marugoto Scout:
“Basics of scouting”

Marugoto Scout powered by Marugoto Human Resources
Marugoto Scout is a service that performs scouting operations such as “selection of recruitment media”, “creation of scout sentences”, “pickup of candidates”, and “sending scouts” from 200,000 yen per month.
In the course of providing the entire human resources service, we received feedback from customers who said, “I want to request only scouts.”
Marugoto Scout is a new service that was born to respond to the voices of such customers, and it is an agency plan that specializes in scouting.
We have condensed the know-how of the entire human resources that supports more than 10,000 scouts every month, and by focusing on scout work only, we are now able to offer it at a minimum price.
This plan is highly recommended for those who want to start hiring scouts and those who have time to scout for recruiting.
Do you have any troubles like this in your scouting business?
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We, Marugoto Scouts, will solve that problem for you.
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Marugoto Scout:
“Basics of scouting” taught by RPO with a track record of 10,000 scouts per month
Margoto Co., Ltd. has been involved in the recruitment of more than 270 companies and has solved the recruitment issues of various companies.
Among them, we will publish materials that summarize some of the recruiting scout know-how that has accumulated in the company for free.
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If you have such a problem, please download it from the link below.
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About our service
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▼Full personnel
This is a monthly recruitment agency service for ventures and growing companies. Recruitment work other than interviews will be performed on behalf of the company for 350,000 yen per month. Our highly hospitable and professional team will accompany you with the aim of successful recruitment.
・ Contact:
・ Download service materials: ▼ Recruitment pitch production powered by Marugoto HR
This is a pitch material creation service specializing in recruitment. Members who are familiar with the recruitment of ventures and growing companies will act on behalf of the planning, design and production of recruitment pitch materials.
・ Contact:
▼ Recruitment PR Agency powered by Marugoto HR
Recruitment PR service for ventures and growing companies. Based on the knowledge cultivated in the whole human resources, we will act on your behalf from planning and writing recruitment publicity articles to reflecting them in the media.
・ Contact:
▼Marugoto Management Department
This is a proxy service for back office/administration department work that can be requested on a monthly basis. A team of people with experience in the management department will provide a wide range of services from design to practical work, including accounting and finance, personnel and labor, and general affairs.
・ Contact:
・ Download service materials: About Margot Co., Ltd.
With the purpose of “Team for ideal -To fulfill the ideal together-“, an online service that supports the growth of companies, centered on the monthly recruitment agency “Marugoto Human Resources” and the monthly back office agency “Marugoto Management Department”. is operating.
The organization has been operating fully remotely since its establishment in 2015, and as of November 2022, 123 employees are working from all over the country, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south.
We aim to create an ideal environment where each employee can balance work and life and build a career, regardless of place of residence, age, or gender.
■Company Profile
Company name: Margot Co., Ltd.
Head office: Haruno Building 3F, 1-323 Minami 1-jo Nishi 16-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Representative: Keisuke Kon
Established: October 2015
Corporate site URL:
Service site URL:
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