Marui Group Co., Ltd. A large gathering of popular bakeries! The 4th Kichimaru Bread Festival will be held at Marui Kichijoji!                               

Marui Group Co., Ltd.
A large gathering of popular bakeries! The 4th Kichimaru Bread Festival will be held at Marui Kichijoji!
November 23rd (Wednesday) to November 27th (Sunday)

Marui Kichijoji Store (Marui Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Aono) will hold the “4th Kichimaru Pan Festival” for a limited time at the event space on the 1st floor. [Image 1

The theme of this event is “time to smile through bread”, and popular bakeries gather every time. We will soon reach the 4th time. This time, in addition to local Kichijoji and along the Chuo Line, bakeries that are popular all over the country will also appear! We have prepared various types of bread this time, such as white bread, Hawaiian malasada, curry bread, and fruit sandwiches. ■ Introduction of store brands
[Image 2

Moist and chewy steam bread with a new sensation. A lot of luxury to tear off and stuff your cheeks. “STEAM BREAD” is a bread brand that achieves an unprecedented “moist and chewy” texture by baking the dough with steam (= steam). The dough uses 100% domestic wheat, which is rich in flavor. Emulsifiers, fragrances, coloring agents, preservatives, etc. are not used. If you warm it up in the microwave, it will have a freshly steamed aroma and elasticity. The flavor of the ingredients stands out even more, and you can enjoy a more “moist and chewy” texture.
[Luana Hawaii]
[Image 3

Malasadas are popular donuts in Hawaii. Luana Hawaii’s “Malasada” uses white powdered sugar to reduce sweetness and calories. It has a fluffy and chewy texture.
[Kyoto Kotoka]
[Image 4

A fruit sandwich from Kyoto made with carefully selected ingredients by a fruit meister. It features bread with a gentle texture that uses carefully selected whipped cream and soy milk.
[Curry bread specialty store YES!]
[Image 5d3860-3074-a897ac6b47448c60220b-4.jpg&s3=3860-3074-34c9f113cb437d3914ac01ce01ab5beb-2364x1773.jpg
The first store opened in Oimachi in December 2021, and is a popular store that sold 50,000 pieces in three months. We use carefully selected bread crumbs and have several types of curries to match the ingredients. A curry bread specialty store that is particular about the dough, bread crumbs, curry, and ingredients.
■ Overview of the event
Period: November 23rd (Wednesday) to November 27th (Sunday)
Venue: Marui Kichijoji store 1F storefront event space
Business hours: 10:30-20:00
*All images are images
* The contents of the event are subject to change or cancellation without notice due to product arrangement, administrative requests, weather and other reasons.
* The holding period and venue are subject to change. For details, please see the store’s website
*We are taking the following measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
・Staff wearing masks
・Implementation of alcohol disinfection before entering the store and before tasting
・Ensuring adequate social distancing
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