Maruyama/Kyosai Group Chance to triple the points during the period of “Black Friday” at casual kimono “Kimono Tosui”!

Maruyama/Kyosai Group
Chance to get triple points during Black Friday at Kimono Tosui, a casual kimono!
From 20:00 on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 to 1:59 on Sunday, November 27, 2022, usually <<5%
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“Black Friday” is the Friday following the American holiday
“Thanksgiving” (the fourth Thursday in November), and from there, big sales are held in the lead up to Christmas. “Black Friday” will be held one step ahead of Kimono Tosui! “3 times the points for the products you want and the products you’re interested in!” ! ! “Don’t miss this opportunity.”
Event name: Black Friday
Implementation period: November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 27 (Sunday) 1:59 Black Friday special site:
Pick-up product 1 << 15% point reduction Popular "Tosui Original Color" Toray Silk Duet Japan Mode Komon [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

Very popular! A Toray Silk Duet with a silky texture. It’s simple and basic, high quality, and easy to put together with good taste, so it’s appealing that it can be worn by a wide range of people, from beginners to advanced kimonos. Please enjoy Silk Duet’s high quality washable kimono for various occasions such as casual outings, theater, dinner parties, and parties.
Pick-up product 2 << 15% point reduction Tosui Original "Washable Komon (Sarasa: Ivory)" [Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

Easy-to-wear, washable komon that is tailored and very easy to care for! You can put it in a laundry net and wash it in your washing machine at home. The material is wrinkle-resistant, so you can keep your clothes neat and tidy. If you are concerned about getting dirty at restaurants, you can wear it on rainy or sweaty days, so you can wear it for a wide range of occasions, such as girls’ night out, walking around town, karaoke competitions, events, lessons, and work. I will turn it around.
Pick-up product 3 << 15% point reduction Tosui Original “Washable Komon (Nanden: Moss Green)” [Image 8

[Image 9

Washable fine pattern that can be worn casually. Once you feel the comfort and usability through the sleeves, many people buy a second or third piece of “washable komon”. This is our original Komon design! “It’s ready-made, so you can wear it from the day you arrive!” Black Friday special site:
About Kimono Tosui
“Kimono Tosui” publishes a “mail order catalog” twice a year that summarizes recommended products for each season. The listed products can be purchased at the official online shop and Rakuten Ichiba. In addition, there is an antenna shop that is spread all over the country, and if you visit, you can directly check the products, so please use it.
Official online shop “Toki – Toiki -”
Kimono City – Rakuten Market
Web catalog public page
The electronic version of the mail-order catalog is available on the Internet, and you can view it anytime on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, so please take advantage of it.
Latest issue: Tosui Catalog 2022 Autumn/Winter Edition
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Business information
This press release is issued by “Kourin Co., Ltd.” (Maruyama/Kyosai Group), the operating company of “Kimono Tosui”.
[Kurerin Co., Ltd.]
Address: MK Group Futako Building 4F, 3-31-3 Futako, Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 213-0002
Main phone number: 044-281-4529
[Maruyama/Kyosai Group]
Company website:
Brand site:
Details about this release:


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