Maruzumi Paper Co., Ltd. Hand gel mist containing “Stellafine (R)”, providing opportunities for hands-on p urchases at hands-on select shops

Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd.
Hand gel mist containing “Stellafine (R)”, providing opportunities for experience-based purchases at experience-based select shops

Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture, President: Tomoyuki Hoshikawa) is a scented alcohol hand gel that contains a proprietary cellulose nanofiber (hereinafter “CNF”) “Stellafine (R)”. For the purpose of providing an opportunity to actually pick up the mist and experience a new sense of comfort, from November 1st (Tuesday), the experience-based select shop “newme” Yurakucho Marui store and newme mall (EC site: https
:// for a limited time until the end of June 2023.
* Scheduled to be exhibited at newme Shinjuku Marui store and Fukuoka Tenjin store from early January to the end of June 2023
Stella Fine (R) Hand Gel Mist [YUZU TREE] Contents: 50ml each Open price Sustainable hand gel mist that sticks to natural materials and is kind to the earth and people
Realizing a new sense of comfort with the perfect balance of “moist” and “smooth”
* See below for details on Stella Fine (R) and Hand Gel Mist (*1) Experience-based select shop “newme”
It is an experience-based select shop where you can have a unique purchasing experience, such as realizing a lineup of products that you can not usually get, such as online limited products and D2C brands, and setting up a space where you can actually pick up the products at the store.
We believe that “Stellafine(R)” can expand the possibilities of manufacturing in all fields. With the hope that many people will feel close to its features and Stellafine (R), we have formulated a hand gel mist that anyone can easily use.
Commercialized after the commercialization project at “Makuake”, a support purchase service for things and experiences that was implemented in June this year, and continued on Makuake’s EC site ( and sell it.
(* 1) Press release on June 16, 2022: “The first commercialization project of proprietary CNF “Stellafine (R)”
( 000000012.000062224.html)

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