Marvelous “Ikki Tousen Extra Burst” Scenario Event “Rejuvenation!? Roll Back to the Past” Second Half!

“Ikki Tousen Extra Burst” scenario event “Rejuvenation!
Ryofu Housen (CV: Akeno Watanabe) appears in a limited costume! You can also get a limited SR Shion by participating in the event! !
Marvelous Co., Ltd. (President: Suminobu Sato / Location:
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) is a new game app for Android / iOS of the popular series “Ikki Tousen”, “Ikki Tousen Extra Burst”, from November 18, 2022 (Friday). We are pleased to inform you that the second half of the scenario event “Rejuvenation! Rollback to the past” has started.
◆Event introduction PV now available!
[Video 2:] [Introduction PV is here]
◆Limited costume “Ryofu Housen” (CV: Akeno Watanabe) is now available! [Image 1

“[Young white wolf] Ryofu Hosen” (CV: Akeno Watanabe) is newly introduced in “The Fierce Gacha vol.2” that started today. In the same gacha, the emission rate of “[Young White Wolf] Ryofu Hosen” is higher than other fighters of the same rarity!
▽ “Heroes of the past gacha vol.2” period
2022/11/18 (Friday) after maintenance ~ 2022/11/30 (Wednesday) 14:00 ●[Young White Wolf] Ryofu Hosen
[Image 2

◆Participate in the event and get an “event limited SR character”! If you participate in the event, you will have a chance to get “[Physical Education Class!?] Shion”!
In addition, the event-only coin “2.5th coin” can be exchanged for items such as [event limited equipment]!
[Image 3

*Event details and duration are subject to change without notice. Please check the announcement for details.
[Official site announcement] ◆Original 4-panel comic “Konoma-demo” is now available!
The latest episode of the usual 4-panel manga will be sent centering on “Ryofu” and “Ryomou” that will appear at the event.
[Image 4

[Click here for the four panels so far]
◆What is “Ikki Tousen Extra Burst”?
“Ikki Tousen Extra Burst” is a game app that allows you to experience the world of the popular series “Ikki Tousen” on your smartphone. “Ikki Tousen” celebrated its 20th anniversary with Yuji Shiozaki’s beautiful girl fighting manga with the theme of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.
It has been developed in various media such as animation, manga, and games, and “Shin Ikki Tousen” is currently being serialized in “Young King Awards”.
[Image 5

-Product specifications-
Title: Ikki Tousen Extra Burst
Platform: Smartphone (iOS/Android), PC (Windows)
Delivery time: Under popular delivery
Supported OS: iOS 11.0 or higher, memory 2GB or higher / Android 6.0 or higher, memory 2GB or higher / Windows 8.1, 10 64bit
Rights notation: (C) 2021 Yuji Shiozaki, Shonen Gahosha / Shin Ikki Tousen Partners (C) 2020 Marvelous Inc.
Official site:
Official Twitter:
[App Store]
[Google Play] [DMM GAMES]
[Official site]
Details about this release:


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